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With Casey

Casey walked down the hallways; a manila envelope in hand. He chin had been high, the tears had been wiped off her cheeks. She knew that today would be the day the start of the rest of her life.

She walked into the room, immediately looking at the man fully casted in a white cotton ball.

She saw the mans eyes looking at her; following her into the room.

"I told you I would get my revenge; and today- today im getting it. I hope your ass has a good time in jail." She turned away but turned back remembering the folder in her hand.

"Oh and by the way, you've been served. I'm going to sue your fu***** ass for all its worth." She smirked before turning to leave once more. As she walked out her eyes caught the man's medical chart. Her eyes glanced over it, looking vigorously for the name.

She lunged backwards.

"You have got to be kidding me."

With Derek

She was taking too long. Who was he kidding? This was Casey he was talking about. He would be lucky if she came back in the next fifteen minutes.

Ring, Ring.

He gently pulled his cell phone out of his coat pocket slightly grimacing at the pain. He looked at the number; unknown caller showing up.

"Hello?" He said.

"Derek Venturi?" The voice didn't sound familiar. How would someone get this number?

"This is he." He answered showing no emotion in his voice. Whoever this was didn't sound like they wanted to sell him something.

"I'm going to ask you to do something; do it right and no one gets hurt; do it wrong and consequences will be issued." Derek slightly smirked. Who was this guy? Do wrong and suffer the consequences? That didn't sound scary at all.

"Suffer the consequences? What do you mean?" He asked trying not to sound cocky.

"Anyone you knew anyone you love; I swear I will kill them all."

"And what is it you want me to do?" He asked. He definitely wasn't falling for what this guy was saying.

"If you are to ever find out who put you in the hospital, you will not try and contact them. You will not threaten to sue, you will not confront them. You must forget about this." He slightly smirked again.

"That's it?" Who was this guy kidding?

"That's it." The voice was bland, stripped of any emotion.

"And what if I don't do this?" Derek began playing with a loose piece of string from his jacket.

"Then ill kill her." The sound of whimpering came from the other side of the line.

"Derek? De-rek!"

Derek immediately shot up from the wheelchair. Even the pain in his leg couldn't stop him.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HER?!" Derek yelled into the phone. He so desperately needed to talk to her. Where was she?

"Now, now Derek; lets calm down. I wont hurt pretty little Casey if you just follow what I say." Derek was furious. He did everything in his power to keep the curses down.

"Touch one hair on her head and ill kill you." He said in a low whisper. A growl slightly escaped from his lips.

"I have your word on this. Go back on your word and I will find her and kill her." Derek paused for a minute. Something about that sentence didn't seem right.

"Wai- The other end of the line went dead. He immediately hung up before dialing Casey's number. She had to be okay. After all they had been through; she needed to be okay.

With Casey

Ring; Ring

The phone sat clenched between her fingers. She was unable to move, unable to speak. After all of this, how could he have done this? After all they had been through, how could he have done this?

Ring; Ring.

She didn't bother pick up nor look at who had been calling. They would have to wait. This was too much information for a person to know. This was too much for a person to handle.

Part of her wanted to kill him; get her revenge on what he had done to her family, what he had done to her. The other half of her wanted to rip up the paper and see if he was okay.

No. She takes that back. He deserves all the pain and suffering he is going through. He deserves to be lonely.

She slightly looked back at the bed. He knew that she knew who he was. The atmosphere in the room had changed. Fear; revenge; hatred. They all mixed making the air thick.

Casey walked out of the room, her heels clicking down the hallway.

With the Man in the Cast

She knows who I am. The words rewound over and over again like a broken record.

He watched as Casey walked out of the room, listening as the click of her heels faded.

With Derek

He slammed his cell phone closed before redialing it.

Where the hell was she? Why wasn't she picking up?

"The person you are trying to reach right now is currently unavailable; please leave a message after the beep." He waited for the tone.

"Casey, its Derek again; where are you? Are you hurt? Call me as soon as you get this message." He hung up again. He slightly began pacing though his leg dragged along. The pain was gone; adrenaline was now replacing it; numbing his body.

"Derek?" Derek turned toward the door.

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