I'm just going to say real quick that both dragons are female; you'll wonder how that will turn out wont you? No matter though this story will remain an ExS. I haven't decided on what to name the green dragon still I was given some names but I think they were all meant for a boy… lol either way thx for the names but I don't think they'll be used as both dragons are female. No this dragon most likely won't be the Green egg from Galbatorix. But it is green, but note the golden tips on each scale? Now I hope everyone understood the two dreams Eragon had in the last chapter because they are very important for this story! One was a nightmare the other a dream, I wonder what they meant? Lol we'll see!

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Fire once again appeared around the barren landscape as Eragon stared at the destroyed buildings surrounding him. Bodies once again littered the floor around him but there were a few he now recognized.

Eragon stared with shock down at the impaled, bloodied corpse of none other than Roran; he watched the unmoving corpse until he heard the shrieking roar of the large black beast again. Glancing up he prepared for the inevitable death that approached until another pair of roars filled with rage sounded over to the side.

Staring wide eyed at the two large dragons flying into view he watched as the Sapphire and green dragon flew head on into the larger black creature he assumed to be a dragon aswell. He watched as the black dragon's rider muttered a single word as both dragons shrieked in agony and plummeted to the earth below.

Watching as the mass of bloodied scales hit the ground he let out a cry of pain and rushed towards the dragons that now lay motionless on the ground. He did not know why but he felt a strange connection to both as he ran with all his might towards them, the Sapphire dragon looked up at him with pain before her eyes rolled up into her head as she drew her last breathe.

Eragon heard the rider on the black dragon cackle madly as the beast plunged down at Eragon and dug his claws into him once again throwing the world into darkness…

Eragon gasped as he shot up in surprise, he heard two squeaks of protest as he looked over at the little dragon hatchlings staring at him from the ground. Glancing around Eragon struggled to remember the events in his dream as he gasped for breathe. Despite all futile attempts Eragon could not remember what occurred, sighing he looked over at the two hatchlings that stared at him with concern and what he thought was a hint admiration.

He continued to stare at them until he heard footsteps in the hallway; grabbing the hatchlings he put them under the bed. "Wait here" he whispered as they stared at him and curled up to watch what happened

"Eragon are you finally awake?" Garrow asked with concern as he walked into the room "Oh thank goodness you had me worried there son."

"What were you worried about?" Eragon asked as he thought about the strange dreams

"You've been extremely restless in your sleep of late, is everything alright?"

"Fine" Eragon muttered as he glanced out the window, frost was beginning to accumulate on the window in a big thick blanket making it hard to see outside. "How's the harvest coming?"

"Good, we could use your help to gather up the rest of it if you're feeling alright." Garrow said as he turned towards the door

"Ok I'm coming" Eragon said as he glanced at the two hatchlings again, they began to squeak when they saw him leaving the room. Eragon glared at them swiftly and they fell silent immediately.

Eragon had relished in the labor of the farmland, his muscles tensed as he worked to gather the remaining crops from the fields. He had slept for most of the past two days feeling strange and having vivid dreams he never remembered as time flew by. He grunted as he swiped a drop of sweat off his forehead, staring at the sun as it again began to set.

Eragon had been working harder than ever before, much to the surprise of Roran and Garrow, when asked why he simply grunted and returned to his work. In truth Eragon did not know what was wrong but something was bothering him in the back of his mind, so he did the only thing he knew how to do in order to relieve his thoughts, he worked and worked without end until he could not go on.

Eragon was about to return to his work when Garrow stopped him

"Eragon is something wrong? You've been acting strangely of late and barely speak to either of us, your working yourself to death." Garrow said as he stared his adoptive son in the eyes

"I'm fine, just need to get something off my mind." Eragon muttered as he attempted to return to his work. Eragon reached down to pick up his tools again when a sudden burst of pain shot through his palm and spread throughout his body, crying out in pain Eragon collapsed onto the ground. Unconscious.

"Eragon!" Garrow exclaimed as he reached down to check his temperature, sighing with relief that he didn't have a fever he gently picked him up and walked towards the house. As he walked he noticed a strange mark on Eragon's hand that astonished him, the emerald, sapphire glow of the mark amazed him to no end. Making a note to bring this up with Gertrude the town herbalist he quickly walked inside.

"What happened to Eragon? Is he ok?" Roran asked worried for his cousin's welfare

"I'm not sure, he doesn't have a fever maybe he just over did it during the harvest." Garrow muttered in reply as he walked over to Eragon's room, turning the knob he walked in and placed Eragon on the bed. He was about to leave when he heard a squeak and saw a glimmer of sapphire in the corner of his eye. Turning towards the noise he looked around the drawer but found nothing "It can't be….can it?" Garrow questioned himself

"What do we do now? The harvest is almost done but we still can't collect all of the crops before winter." Roran asked as Garrow left the room and closed the door still murmuring to himself

"All we can do is collect what we can, don't worry about it for now just go get some rest. We'll finish up tomorrow. Afterwards I have some, business to take care of." Garrow muttered before walking back to his room and shutting the door.

Eragon awoke once again from a fit of strange dreams, as usual he could not recall exactly what occurred but he was beginning to recall small things from each one. He pondered some of the things he could remember before noticing the sleeping forms of the sapphire and emerald hatchlings laying besides him. When he rotated to look at them they book lifted their heads to stare at him for a moment, growl at one another and curled up to go back to sleep.

Chuckling he looked over and noticed a bandage on his palm, he sat there thinking about who put it there when he heard a knock on the door. Pushing the two hatchling under the pillow despite their protests.

"Who is it?" Eragon asked as he sat up

"I don't know who else would I be?" Roran laughed from the other side of the door

"What are you doing?" Roran walked into the room and gestured outside

"You managed to sleep another day nonstop, only a few hours before sunset" Roran sighed "the harvest is mostly finished but we can't get all of it."

"Where's uncle?" Eragon asked as he looked at the bandages on his palm

"He went to town said something about talking with old Brom, I don't know why he'd talk to him but he sounded urgent so it must be important. I also have no clue why he bandaged your palm, what did u do? Stab it with a knife? It looks like he tied it pretty tight." Roran gestured towards his palm as he spoke the last part

"No I didn't do that if that's what you're thinking, frankly I don't know why he put it on either" Eragon lied as he thought about the mark on his palm

"Whatever, anyways I had to come check up on you to see if you were ok and if you were hungry" Roran pulled out a loaf of bread, a few strips of meat and a slice of cheese as he tossed it to Eragon

"Thanks Roran" Eragon picked up the food and set the strips of meat aside when Roran wasn't looking and began to eat the cheese and bread

"Well I have some business to take care of myself so ill cya later Eragon" Roran grinned and walked off quickly, seeming to be in a rush to get to town.

"Wonder what that was about" Eragon muttered as he removed the strips of meat and lifted the pillow to see to irritated hatchlings glaring at him. The hatchlings grinned and nodded to one another before tackling Eragon.

Due to their size they couldn't do much but the tackle still caught Eragon off guard and he fell on the floor, as he fell the hatchlings jumped on top of him and began to crawl around. The sapphire one walked over and squeaked loudly before it began to snuggle up against Eragon and nuzzled his cheek causing Eragon to chuckle.

The emerald hatchling became jealous and leapt at the other, leading to them rolling around the room wrestling on another. Chuckling again he walked to the bed and picked up the strips of meat he had dropped, as soon as the hatchlings caught the scent of the dried meat they squeaked and ran towards Eragon.

Eragon ripped the strips of meat into equal sized pieces and split it between the hatchlings, this however caused them to steal each other's pieces resulting in another brawl across the room.

"You to just jump at any opportunity to attack each other don't you?" Eragon chuckled as the two hatchlings glanced at him before returning to their fight

This went on for quite a while; every now and again one of them would try to run over to Eragon only to be tackled by the other. Eventually they both just stopped and walked back to finish their meals, once finished they jumped onto Eragon's lap, pushed one another off a few times before getting bored and falling asleep.

It wasn't long before Eragon finally lay down and joined them in a deep sleep; he began to dream once again about skies filled with dragons.

Eragon opened his eyes and found himself inside a cave, he lifted his head to look around but as he did he realized it was much heavier than usual craning his neck he looked around. Everything looked odd to him; he looked over at a large breathing mass next to him. He inspected to is closely when he realized it was a dragon. The color of its scales a beautiful sapphire color.

"I must be dreaming again…" Eragon thought to himself, he curled around and looked at his tail swishing it back and forth around "Wait… I don't have a tail…" blinking he inspected himself and realized he was covered in scales. Each scale glimmered a deep black with silver outlining; he blinked as the dragon beside him raised her head and blinked at him before yawning.

Eragon watched as the dragon rose up and stretched slightly only to lie back down and look at him with concern. "Is something wrong Eragon?" the dragon asked in a soothing voice through his mind

Eragon blinked at the sapphire dragon not knowing what to do when the dream began to blur and he woke up.

Garrow walked through the village as he sought out the story teller Brom; he trudged through the streets past the buildings until he reached a small grove of trees where he was told Brom lived. He walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

Garrow heard a clattering sound followed by a short curse, he watched as the door flew open and there stood Brom staring at him with a mixture irritation and curiosity "What do you want"

"I came here because I noticed something… strange and I wanted to ask you about it" Garrow said

"Unfortunately I'm busy right now so you'll have to come back at a different time" Brom began to close the door when Garrow stopped him

"There is a strange mark on Eragon's palm, it is a mixture of sapphire and emerald colors with a silver outlining and a silver line going through the middle. It looks nothing like an injury and it was oddly shaped, like a dragon marked onto his palm in a curved motion."

Brom stared at Garrow for a moment before speaking "Did you see anything else?"

"he's been acting strangely of late and collapsed yesterday, and when I took him to his room I saw something that appeared to be a sapphire lizard in the corner of my eye but it moved to quickly for me to see it properly. I also heard squeaking noises coming from in his room."

Brom stared at Garrow as if waiting for him to say something else, when it was clear he was done Brom answered "I'm sure it's nothing, but if you want ill have a look at the boy later. My advice, leave him alone for now. Now I'm going to bed good-night"

Brom closed the door as Garrow left and he ran inside and walked over to a large cabinet, reaching inside he removed a scroll and unraveled it, on the scroll there was a picture of two marks. One silver and the other a sapphire, emerald mixture. Reading the scroll he slipped it back into the cabinet and locked it swiftly.

"This changes everything…" Brom muttered as he grabbed his cloak and walked out into the cold air.

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