I'm hoping to give you guys a few chapters for this story, yes I know I know…. It's been a VERY long time… But over time I've received comments saying for me too update… so I want to try too

Just to say it now… This isn't a chapter. I just wanted to get your attention. Now.

I have been away, working on school, programming, creative writing (other stories I hope to actually get Published) And I feel I've made A LOT of progress in improving my writing skill… My teacher even wants me to publish some of my work in some kind of book… we'll see. Anyways, the point is I feel bad for making you guys wait… This was a fun little fic and... a few people liked it. So here's the deal.

I'm gonna need help getting caught up, I want YOU yes I'm talking to YOU, to help me. I'm going through a lot of crazy stuff, and just need some help getting this fic going again…. So I want you to tell me in a comment, what the impression your getting from this story is. Where do you see this going? What do you think might happen? Relationships, tragedies… etc I am not saying I will Use these ideas… as I do remember some of my original ideas…

but I want you guys too tell me what you think is going to happen, so I have an idea of how the storyline has developed up till now. Obviously you don't have too… But if you want an update it would REALLY, really help

And as an added note… I will not be using anything from WoW as I originally had hoped too.