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The only difference between

The saint and a sinner

Is that every saint has a past

And every sinner has a future

-Oscar Wilde


Sanji hated this hotel room very much. But he hated waiting more than anything else. Zoro called him last week for an informal meeting about their subjects for three years. Ah, yes, Zoro. A thief who did an about-face about five years ago. Who stolen every jewel his eyes foretasted. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds; every gem here and there. Impatiently, Sanji lit himself a cigarette and inhaled. 'Where's that, idiot?' he asked himself. He sat down on a love seat that was in this room and contemplates.

For about ten years, he and his men chased Zoro when he was still a thief. 'Well, he is still a thief.' he corrected. Always leading them into every blind alleys and dead ends with his deadly fast speed and agility. Fought some of his men with athletic grace of a fighter. 'He started…' he remembered. 'As pickpocket for a child. And evolve into a full-fledge thief. Then turned himself with clemency and works as an associate.' The reason for him stopping was still a mystery to Sanji. His pondering was shattered by the abrupt opening of the hotel door.

"Don't you know how to knock, marimo?"

Marimo scowled. "Why would I, princess?"

Sanji still didn't know why he made him an associate of his. "Where have you been, stupid? I've been waiting here for about three hours." he grumbled.

"Here and there."

Sanji exhaled a smoke. "So, any information about our dear subjects?" he asked and stood up to make way to the balcony. He waited for an answer but when nothing came, he looked to the other and attempted to ask again. "Oi, I sa~"

"I heard you, cheese-head." Zoro retaliated. He turned to look at Sanji and stated, "I have a proposal to you." He looked so serious and Sanji couldn't help but to listen. "I know two thieves who want to be associates. Would like to meet and take them as one?"

Sanji stared at him for a minute or two and blinked. "Two?"

Zoro nodded. "They're excellent."

Sanji has a suspicion about these excellent thieves Zoro was talking about. "Don't tell me it's the Shadow and the Silhouette we're talking about?"

"The one and only." Zoro closed his eyes calmly as if they were talking about a long-time friend of theirs. And that would be impossible because Zoro is not a friend of his and he's a thief and him an investigator. Or at least that was what he was telling himself. Sanji gawked. Shadow and Silhouette. The so-called twin thieves of the night, Shadow and Silhouette. He couldn't take it so he went back to the seat and sat down.

"You're kidding, marimo."

Shadow and Silhouette. Two faceless thieves who steal only jewels and gems. Million zenny worth of diamonds and pearls, bags full of rubies and sapphires with glittering emeralds. Some people say that the thieves are, literally, twins; some say both of them are boys and there are friends. Who could tell the truth, they don't know unless they know the faces or names of those two thieves. Their motives and reasons behind the focus of their thievery are unknown. It is as if they are practicing or preparing for a grand robbery or a dangerous thievery that soon will happen. The subjects of thievery were very random and these two thieves are very careful about their profiles and they're very enigmatic to boot.

"No, I'm not, dartbrow." Zoro twitched. He must do this for that person. Just for that person. Because he promised of a place of no suffering. "I'm serious."

"You knew them, didn't you? Shadow and Silhouette?" Waves of fury flooded Sanji's head; he stood up and stalked towards Zoro. "If you have the faces, show me. If you have the names, tell me!" he hissed.

"It's just a small proposal, so answer it first." He continued as if he didn't heard Sanji's hiss. Resulting to Sanji's face to have a profound scowl.

"Small? Those two stole a hundred million worth of jewelries and gemstones. And you call that small. And now you want them to be associates." Sanji snorted while circling in his space and turned to Zoro. "What are they to you?"

Zoro didn't answer.

"I will have them as an associate after I hear the story first!" he said tenaciously and sat down on the seat and waited patiently as possible. He must hear the story. No matter what!

Zoro, seeing that Sanji wouldn't budge from his resolute, sat down on the floor and started to think as to how to say the story without him giving Sanji a hint of who are Shadow and Silhouette. When he did, he heaved a sigh and alleged, "I wouldn't tell you their names or show their faces now, but you'll meet them soon enough. After they became associates of you." he stated and stressed the last sentence.

And the story begins…

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