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Sands of Time

Together we'll dare the silence of the night

Past the sands of time...

And as we cross the seven seas,

And unfold its mysteries,

Our footprints, we'll leave behind...

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Lovers' Promise and The Sky's Breeze

By looking at the thing Silhouette was holding, Shadow had remembered that they haven't eaten anything from the saliva-drooling feast that the owner of the mansion set for his daughter's debut. They went in under the guise of two lovers who was invited by the debutante's mother. Alternately, they talked, chatted and danced with other guests while the other one was innocently strolling around the place for anything that would help them when they have finish what they came for. And when the debutante and her family told them that it was time to retire for the night, they grabbed the opportunity to stay and execute their plan for the night.

When they made sure that all of the members of the household were fast asleep, they went out of their respective room and walked towards the certain room where it lays. They had managed to gain access to the controls of the cameras and securities to make sure that anything won't go off and they won't go to jail. It took a quarter of an hour before they found the safe that was keeping the thing they were looking for. It was in the drawer that acts as a bedside table. And it took another ten to make sure that the safe doesn't have a security trap. It doesn't, what a naive fool to think that no one would steal it..., Silhouette thought, smirking. She opened it and found the pendant that holds a pear-shaped ruby and an elegant diamond of first water. Shadow glanced at Silhouette who was peering down the drawer that works as the metal shelf; they found a diamond watch, a bracelet of a heart-shaped emerald and, the thing they were looking for: The Lovers' Promise.

His partner hummed and took the ring out of its white velvet cushion and took a closer appraisal. It was made in three-stone setting of fancy diamonds.

"Pink." Silhouette droned, agreeing to the three pink diamonds sitting atop of the rosy gold circle. She turned it and the ring was illuminated by the clear moonlight from the small window pane of the room, allowing them to see the scripture inside the ring.

Till Death We Part.

She tsked and Shadow gave her a silent grin under the gaze of the moonlight. She blew out some air through her nose and chucked in the ring to her pants' pocket and gave him a thumb up that signifies their job has been completed.

Shadow nodded and started towards the door with her on the rear and out of the room full of treasure.

The shrill noise of the alarm broke the peaceful and starry night. The guest started groaning out of their rooms and conversing with each other about what had happen. From the east wing of the mansion they could hear the hysterical cries of the Skypia mother and the booming voice of the father while the daughter was trying to apologize for the hysteria caused by the former.

"I'm sorry for troubling all of you in the middle of the night! Please, stay inside of your room and wait for the words from my father." The newly turned eighteen year-old daughter of the family, Conis appealed at the guest who hounds just outside of their ballroom area.

"What happened, dear child?" a guest, who looked haggard enough to be thought drunk, inquired.

Conis turned to him, pale hands in front of her as if using it to stop everyone who wanted to go inside and asked her distraught parents. "Ah, see...sir..." but she was cut off when her mother's distress wail bounded out of the room. All of them look at her.

"Oh, no... not that!"

"Dear, it's just a ring..."

"But it's the first jewellery you bought for me as a gift. They could get the diamond watch or the emerald bracelet, why all of the things that could be found there, why the small gold ring?"

Conis' face turned upset, to tell that that her mother was upset was understatement. She had the very right to be this hysterical if that ring has a sentimental value to her. She sighed, who would do this? And why so picky?

"Shadow and Silhouette."

Conis looked up from her thoughts. "What?"

"Shadow and Silhouette. The Twin Thieves of the night. They always know what to steal from the hidden cases that everyone from this level owns."

"I'm sorry, you are?"

"Ace. Portgas D. Ace, mineralogist from the Oro Jackson Corporation." The man introduced himself. "I was invited by your mother. She and my father, the head of the corporation had a business transaction tomorrow but he couldn't come, so he forced me here as a replacement and was supposed to be having a meeting with your hysterical mother tomorrow." He took a glimpse at the mother that was now sitting on the floor crying. "I think it would be delayed, right?"

Conis blinked. "Ah, yes, it would be. I'm sorry for the trouble." She bowed.

Ace waved it away. "It's okay."

Then the siren that indicates the arrival of the police was heard outside of the Skypia mansion. Conis turned to him and excused herself to receive the police inside the mansion on behalf of her distraught parents. Ace smiled at her as an answer and let her pass through, looking at her back. He turned when a voice called him back to their room.

"Coming, Nojiko."

Sanji blew out some smoke from his cigarette before bending to analyse how Shadow and Silhouette manage to open the door that was full of security laser and traps. According to the investigators that he talked to, there were too many guests and workforce to track down the suspect but too little cameras to protect the people, let alone a room full of jewelleries. Sanji's curly brows met each other in the middle of his smooth forehead and gave out a frustrated sigh. He stalked towards the nearest chair and sat down, pondering the different scenarios that could have happen before, after and during their robbery. The crease on his forehead deepens when too many scenarios pop out and gave him more to brood over. He should be somewhere, preferably with his Miss Nami and pleasing her in different ways. His demeanour changed from a professional investigator to a love-sick puppy.

His daydreaming, however, was shattered when his partner asked about a something weird. "Cheese-head, are the Red-Haired siblings one of the invited?"

Sanji's eyes narrowed. "No. Why would they be here? This is the Skypia family's debut to the Upper Level Society. The Red-Haired family was one of the richest and most prominent figures in the Society; they won't just simply be invited." He fully turned his attention to Zoro. "Why are you asking?"

He was answered by a shrug.

Zoro thought deeply. If Luffy and Nami wasn't invited to this gala, then they're innocent of all of the things he was thinking of them. He grimace, but why his instincts tell him otherwise?

Shadow and Silhouette was happy that they have acquired the rosy gold ring from the Skypia family who was originally from the Middle Society and with the help of the father's discovery of the biggest Tahitian pearl; they step up the ladder of Society. When the daughter, Conis, went out three days ago to check her university certificate, they saw the thing that she would love the most: the rosy gold ring.

They have done whatever they can to make sure that they would acquire that ring and it took a little sacrifice of their time to plan and execute it. The Skypia family was new to the air of Upper Level, so it was easy as pie for the professional robbers like them. They didn't care about the diamond watch (he wouldn't want it), or the emerald bracelet (she had one with more class and much more beautiful) or the other things that they would deem as unworthy.

After removing the scripture at the back of the ring, she would love it.

Now, it is time to acquire a gift for him.

The crystal armband of the Shandora family was selected by the Twin Thieves to be gifted for him.

The armband was made from pure sterling silver to make sure that it would be properly fashionable and durable. The two carat diamond was in pure crystal white and was designed in a seven millimetre Asscher cut; the sapphire, on the other hand, was one point five carat, in a medium-dark tone and was cut into six point four millimetre Princess design.

The crystal armband was named The Sky's Breeze.

And it fits his personality.

The Twin Thieves gave each other sly grins.

Shadow heaved himself out of their room, hanging from the rope they tied at the foot of the queen-sized bed. He slid down the wall on the way to the beautiful garden behind their gracious Skypia hosts' mansion. Descending, Shadow crutched down to make sure no one would see him. Silhouette followed his example. He directed their way to the very back till they saw a five feet tall wall which they crossed by doing some acrobatic movement. And they made their way in the direction of their next victim.

The two-storey mansion was magnificent in design and decor, Silhouette mused. She was just looking at the interior all while Shadow was figuratively wrestling with the security traps. She noticed that the study room was also the library and one of the bookshelves was actually a door towards the treasury room. Why do people put everything in a very obvious place? Silhouette shook her head.


She turned around and looked at Shadow.


"Your turn."

She sighed and made her way in front of the vault. Kneeling, she opened her pick-pocketing tool kit and started to work. She first picked the odd-looking padlock within seconds and the second was within a minute. She met a setback at the third lock where it should be opened along with the fourth. Wrong move and the alarms that the vault had will set off.

Shadow looked at her and nodded. He must like this one or they would kill him, she be damned. It took them approximately ten minutes before the two locks opened and simultaneously fell downwards, thank God for reflex.

Silhouette shook her hands to fend off the numbness. Shadow let out a shaking sigh.

The vault opened, they ransacked its contains. The sounds stopped when Shadow found the armband.


Once again they gave each other grins.

"Dammit!" Sanji cursed. "Two burglaries at the span of three hours!"

Zoro granted him a snort. "The Red-Haireds?"

Enough of another headache, Sanji gave him a glare. "No!"

Something's wrong, Zoro scowled. With this events.

And as we go,

Never to come back...

The waters will be turbulent,

The wind will blow hard and long,

And the tide will wash our dreams clean.

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