It was a sunny day in Miami more like the others, it was May, and Horatio promised that he'd stop for lunch to meet his daughter for her birthday lunch…

Sitting outside the Italian restaurant that was his daughters' favorite they sat out on the porch with the the glass tables, and the white umbrellas...

Horatio had placed his sunglasses on the table beside his glass of water, since he was still on the clock he couldn't drink...

But so badly he wanted one, it had been a stress-full and busy week...

His daughter Michaela studied the menu. She looked up at her father about to ask him a question.

She noticed he was staring out into space, or just enjoying the scenery he had been so busy he had hardly anytime to sit down and smell the roses if you get what I mean.

"Dad" she spoke softly nudging him in the arm.

"What's wrong?" she asked studying his eyes. She placed her hand gently on his.

"Nothing sweetheart, been a long day that's all" he lied looking at her trying to hide that he was lying.

"Yeah, i'm sure it has been" she agreed nodding her head taking a sip of her soda.

"So I was thinking... for the main course we can share the calamari?" she asked pointing to the menu.

"Sure, sounds good" he responded to her.

"So..." she started to say as she playfully took his sunglasses and placed them on her face.

Smiling back at her dad she said coolly "how do I look?" she said giggling.

"You look… good" he said grinning "not as cool as you though huh?" she asked looking over the sunglasses like his dad did. Her green eyes shined from the glare of the sun making them greener.

She kept a big smile on her face trying to get a rise out of her father.

"Almost, but you have to have the right look" he said to her gently removing the sunglasses from his daughter and placed them on his face.

"This is the oration Caine look" he said as he pulled his serious face. The same one he had when he was staring down criminals or talking to suspects.

"And also you do this as well" he told her as he gazed over his sunglasses like his daughter had mocked seconds before.

"And this is the most important key of the whole oration Caine look" he guided as he swiftly took them off.

Taking his expression from serious to a bright smile. Placed them back on the table.

"Yeah, not as cool as you dad" she said laughing "you're my hero, really" she said seriously to him

He nodded at her remark "I know so" he looked at her.

Seconds the waiter had returned.

"I'm Sean, and I'll be your waiter today, are you two ready to order?" he asked taking his pen and pad out.

"Sure" Michaela jumped in "one dish of the calamari fritti...Were going to share it" looking at her dad.

"Yes, and I'll order the spaghetti" he told him not really feeling hungry at all.

Michaela's face feel from a smile to a disappointed face "yeah" she let out a sigh "fettuccini Alfredo, for me" she told the waiter as she handed over the menus.

Without warning shots started to fire.

Horatio got in defensive mode and pulled her down under the table. She noticed people running, chaos and people screaming.

Horatio noticed the shots were being shot from the building across the street.

He pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and called for backup.

"Dad" she yelled over the noise clinging onto a piece of his clothing.

"Don't move, I'll come back for you" he got up and pulled out his gun. "Dad, no" she screamed back pulling at his arm.

"Don't worry, stay here" he took one last look at her. She watched as her father ran into the crowd.

Within minutes his team and back up had arrived.

Within minutes the team of armored police had flooded the building subsiding the firing.

Horatio walked in after the building had been deemed clear.

"So what do we have here?" he said amusing himself. Staring at the faces of a few men.

"Horatio, we found these guys with a couple guns, looks like they are the ones who were causing the chaos" frank Tripp filled him in.

"Alright, book them, I'll deal with them back at the department" he told as he turned around walking back out.

He made his way across the road back to the restaurant they were at, he searched for his daughter. He looked under the table where he had left her.

Looking around, he called out for her. He waited a few seconds nobody had answered.

"You looking for the girl" the man spoke standing at the door of the restaurant.

"Yes, the one I was with, where did she go?" He asked stepping towards him.

"She's okay she's in here" he pointed as he let oration run through.

Horatio looked around and noticed the patrons on the ground holding onto anything or under anything that would protect them from a stray bullet.

He noticed her in a booth a few seats down and the back right wall. He walked towards her "sir, I saw her outside all alone, I couldn't just leave her there" the man explained to oration as he followed him.

"You okay honey" he said in a light voice. "Yeah" she reached out for him hugging him.

"Let's go, you can't be here" he lead her out of the restaurant stopping to thank the man "thank you Mr..?"

"I'm Mr. Da Ross, Giovanni Da Ross" he introduced himself shaking oration's hand. "Well, thank you" Horatio nodded as they both walked out onto the street.

"Here" Michaela pulled something from her pocket. "You'll need your sunglasses" she told him and she handed it to him.