Horatio climbed into the back of the ambulance, before the EMT closed the doors.

Horatio took a quick glanced at Calliegh and smiled back just as Eric walked up to Calliegh embracing her in a hug.

The doors closed, horatio was left starring at Michaela's body. He gently took her limp hand in his trying to keep the tears back from falling.

~ In the hospital~

"So how's she doing?" Calliegh spoke from the door; Horatio looked up and gave a warm smile.

He was sitting in the chair right against the bed just waiting, watching hoping she would wake up.

"She hasn't woke up yet" he responded wiping the sleep from his eyes.

Calliegh approached the bed and stood at the foot of the bed.

"Don't worry; she's strong like you Horatio. She will wake up" she spoke looking at the young girl. Horatio took notice to Calliegh's expression on her face.

"You okay" he spoke gruffly.

"Yeah, i am I just didn't want her to get hurt it happened so fast horatio, I'm sorry"

"Hey it's not your fault it'll be okay" he gazed at her wiping her tears away.

"Alright" he asked once more. Calliegh nodded her head.

"Let me get you some coffee, you might be here for a while longer" Calliegh smiled.

"Sure sounds good" he agreed as his blue eyes told her he was worried and tired.

Calliegh left the room, and then directed his attention back to Michaela.

He was thinking about what the doctors had told him. She had slopped under from the traumatic experience from getting shot.

Horatio sat with her hours had passed but for him when he looked at the clock when the nurse had came in to check on things. For him only seemed like minutes had ticked by.

Night fell Horatio never left her side. A nurse had brought Horatio something to sleep on. He had just settled down before closing his eyes he stared at Michaela breathing soundly while she slept. Then he drifted to sleep.

Couple hours had passed when horatio had woke up the sound of someone's voice. He got himself up and smoothed out the wrinkles in his white and blue pinned stripped shirt.

"Mr. Caine" the nurse spoke gently at the half a wake Lieutenant. He blinked his blue eyes and smoothed his hair down.

"What's going on?" He asked worried as he stood at the foot of her bed.

"Her vital signs have changed..." as she started to tell.

Michaela's eyes fluttered slowly opening she took a deep breath as she focused on what was around her.

Her eyes stared directly at Horatio silently the looked at each other.

Michaela offered a smile. Horatio walked to the side of her bed reaching her for a hug; gently she placed her arms around his shoulders and whispered in his ear "daddy"

Horatio's heart was full again; tears came to his eyes, happy tears.

"Knock knock, boss" Eric spoke out with Ryan, Alex, Calliegh, Natalia and Frank in tow. Sporting get well balloons and flowers.

"Are we interrupting? Ryan spoke confused shifting uncomfortably.

Horatio turned to see the gang.

"I brought coffee" Calliegh said smiling holding up the Styrofoam cups.

Michaela waved them in. Horatio accepted the coffee from Calliegh. "Thanks pal" he said smiling.

The group came around them, talking all at once. Telling them both story's of what happened over night. Sounds of laughter filled the room.

~Hours later~

The nurse drove Michaela outside the hospital. Horatio pulled up in the hummer, climbed out walked around helped Michaela get in.

He smiled at her as he closed the door then climbed into his side.

Horatio turned the hummer back on, gripped the steering wheel and turned to her.

"Here dad, you need these" she held up his aviator sunglasses.

He placed them on, noticing the Miami glow of the sun going down. The pinks and yellows in the sunset.

"Let's go home" Horatio looked at her. Put the car in drive and drove into the sunset

To the end of the road, he wears his sunglasses.