Chapter 1: Earth

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The Twilight made it's way down the Solar System. Ahsoka sat down and was bored. She couldn't believe that the Jedi Council would send her alone to strange new planet. Captain Rex looked down the out as they passed the planets in the Solar System. Ahsoka noticed the size and shapes of the planets.

"Whoa, this is odd" Ahsoka said "I've only seen four planets so far. Are you sure Earth is here?"

"Easy child!" Captain Rex said "I'm as confused as you are, besides you programmed the Hyperdrive to go to Earth."

"True" Ahsoka mumbled to herself.

Suddenly the computers began to beep out a warning. Quickly both the Togruta and Clone grabbed the ship's controls."

"Asteroids" Ahsoka said.

"This just means that more planets are down there" Rex said.

"Okay, take evasive maneuvers captain" Ahsoka said.

"On it!"

The Clone and Togruta managed to avoid the asteroids and were out of the Asteroid Belt. Soon they were continuing on their journey. Soon a blue and green planet came into view. The ship's computer beeped out a message that they had arrived to their destination.

"So that is Earth" Ahsoka asked "It's beautiful."

"Sure is" Rex stated "It would be bad if the clankers conquered it"

Ahsoka nodded as she got the point "Right...Now let's go down there and ask a few questions."

"Okay" the clone said as he took the ship down.

He flew the Twilight down onto Earth out of range of Earth's radio telescopes. Once outside the Clone and Togruta walked out. Captain Rex walked alongside the young female Togruta.

"Remember Ahsoka..."

"I know..." Ahsoka said "To pretend that you are my father..."

"Right" Rex said.

"This is going to be hard. You know, no offense but your a clone and I'm a Togruta."

"Agreed we don't look alike."

"Maybe we could get away with you being my adopted father" Ahsoka said.

"That would work" Rex said.

The two walked downtown. Minding their own business.

"What is this place?" Ahsoka asked Captain Rex as the two looked at the cities.

"Definitely not like any other planet we seen on Coruscant" Rex admitted out as the two watched as cars drove by.

"The Droid army would easily conquer Earth...with this low of technology" Ahsoka said.

"This could be bad" Rex agreed "Now Ahsoka...In order to blend in...We should take the roles as a family. I should look for a job and after we confirmed your age you might need to go to school and make friends with the locals."

"Shouldn't be that hard" Ahsoka said as they approached a two humans. One of the humans had blonde hair and was female the other was male with black hair. The female wore a blue skirt and white shirt. The male wore blue jeans, a green trench coat and black undershirt.

"Excuse me" Ahsoka asked.

The two strangers looked at the approaching people. The female took a good look at the pair. One looked human but had orange-reddish skin, with strange hair. The other was a white trooper with a little bit of blue on his armor.

"Excuse me" Ahsoka asked again.

Once again the two strangers looked at them then the female answered "Yes, who are you?"

The language over threw Ahsoka and she looked to the Clone whom was trying pressing a button trying to translate the language.

Luckily the male stepped up "Usagi...Let me handle this."

Usagi nodded "Okay."

The male extended his hand to Ahsoka "Hi, I'm Mamoru Chibi."

"Oh, that's good, you know English" Ahsoka said.

"Yes, quite a bit, who are you?"

"I'm Ahsoka Tano. My adopted father and I just arrived here."

Mamoru nodded "Oh, I was wondering about the white armored soldier you had there."

He noticed the blonde female "Oh this is my girlfriend Usagi Tsukino,"

Then Mamoru translated to Usagi every word that was passed down between the two. After which Usagi reached out her hand to Ahsoka "Welcome to Tokyo, Japan"

Mamoru translated for the two.

"Thanks" Ahsoka said.

"How old are you?" Usagi asked as Captain Rex finally found the correct translation and gave a spare translation device to Ahsoka.

"Fourteen why?" Ahsoka said.

Usagi pouted "Um you have to go to school here. Oh by the way, Ashoka's father...Can you take off your helmet?"

At Ahsoka's look the Clone obeyed and took off his helmet.

"They call me Rex. Captain Rex" the clone said.

"Nice to meet you two" Mamoru stated he turned to Usagi "Usagi, you might want to take Ahsoka with you downtown to blend in here."

"Right!" Usagi said.

"W-W-W-Wait!" Ahsoka stammered as Usagi rushed her away.

"Now" Mamoru turned to the Rex "We've gotta get you a job."

The Clone saluted "Right anything in the military here?"

Mamoru laughed "There might be an opening in our defense force. Maybe even in the police department. Come on, I'll guide you threw the city."

Mamoru and the Clone Trooper left to find Rex a job. Meanwhile Usagi had taken Ahsoka to meet her friends. They were all females which was a nice change of pace for Ahsoka. For she had been with her master and all of the other Clone Troopers. The girl's uniforms for the most part looked like each other but they all had different hair colors. One was another blonde, one was a brunette, one had raven hair, and the last one had blue hair.

"Hey, whose this Usagi?" the raven haired girl asked.

"Oh this is Tano, Ahsoka, she and her adopted father Rex just came here" Usagi said.

The girls all reached out for Ahsoka's hand as they introduce themselves.

"I'm Hino, Rei" the raven girl said as she shook hands with Ahsoka.

"I'm Mizuno, Ami" the blue haired girl said.

"I'm Anio Minako but you may call me Mina" the other blonde haired girl said.

"And I'm Kino, Makoto" Makoto said then she noticed Ahsoka's hair "Um...Nice hair."

Ahsoka looked around "I'm not a human. I'm a Togruta. My hair isn't really hair. They are hollow horns called Montrals."

"We'll I guess you can stay here" Minako said as she folded her arms "However people are going to notice your horns. It's not quite common on Earth."

"What do you have in mind Mina?"

"Maybe a hat could work."

"Yeah but what about school?" Usagi asked.

"Yes, school doesn't allow hats on" Rei told her.

"True" Minako muttered.

"Don't worry about my horns" Ahsoka said "I can handle things like people making fun of me because I'm different."

"Really? You look like you won't" Usagi stated.

Ahsoka smirked at her thought You would not believe the power I have girl. I can make the weak minded people forget about my horns.

"Well if you say so" Rei said.

"Well we do have to get her ready for school!" Ami spoke up.

"Right!" Usagi said slapping her forehead "That's one of the reasons I came here"

The girls all looked at Usagi as if asking for a further explanation.

"School starts for you tomorrow...Now let's get you ready Ahsoka!" Ami said as the group agreed on the situation.

The group walked off. Ahsoka turned and looked at the sky expecting the arrival of a Droid ship.

"Coming Ahsoka-chan?" Rei asked.

"Oh yes, I am" Ahsoka said as she walked with Usagi and her friends.

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