Chapter 7: Sparing Match Usagi vs. Hotaru

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Ahsoka and Hotaru were busy training, well Ahsoka was busy teaching Hotaru the ways of the Force. Ahsoka was already admazed of how fast her Padawan was learning. It was at least one hour ago that she had completed her own purple bladed lightsaber. Now Ahsoka had been watching Hotaru train with her lightsaber against a remote droid. Ahsoka admired the young girl's remark of how these pesky remotes were getting on her nerves.

"Don't these things have any weaknesses?" Hotaru asked.

"Easy Hotaru" Ahsoka reminded her "I know how you feel about those things, they can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it these serve as easy Jedi excurises."

"Did you ever get this down your first time Master?" Hotaru asked as she tried to deflect an energy bolt back at the remote.

"Nope, I remember my first time, one got me in the hindquarters. Right in front of five Clone Troopers including Captain Rex..-"

She was caught off guard when she heard Rex snicker at this comment.

"Which" Ahsoka sweatdropped "Rex has never let that memory slide."

Hotaru then managed to deflect an energy bolt back towards the remote. The two were being watched by Haruka, and Michiru whom were looking over to a terribly chuckiling Captain Rex.

"She sure wasn't expecting that from a remote" Rex finally stated.

"I'd say being shot in the hide quarters is embarrasing but by one of those circling remotes...That is just insulting" Haruka said "I mean I know what it's like being shot there."

"Hotaru is improving" Michiru said "She learned the basic force push with ease."

"Hmm, not bad Hotaru" Ahsoka said as she picked up a helmet and placed it over Hotaru's head.

"I can't see a thing with this helmet" Hotaru protested.

"This will be your second part of your excurises" Ahsoka told her "Sight can be deceiving Hotaru. You shouldn't always relay on what you don't see."

"Hmm" Hotaru muttered "Okay,"

"This is the test that I was struck in the hide quarters" Ahsoka muttered.

"I can see why" Hotaru said "If you can't see a thing, you don't know where your enemy is."

"Remember this is to prepare you to not alway relly on what you see" Ahsoka told her.

"Right Master" Hotaru said as she activated her lightsaber.

Hotaru couldn't see anything but she used the Force and her hearing to listen to the remote. The remote twisted and turned for a while before firing, Hotaru heard the blast and lifted up her lightsaber. The two objects collided and the blast was sent back towards the remote.

"Good job" Ahsoka said.

"Thanks Master."

"Right now let's get some sleep, I got that homework assignment from Obi-Wan due tomorrow" Ahsoka said.

"Right Master"

The two seperated and went to do other things and prepare for school the next day.

In space

General Grievous was in the Seperatist Command ship. He was preparing for the Earth Invasion, however at this time he was speaking to Count Dooku and Ventress.

"So the Jedi have sent a mere Padawan to defend the Earth" General Greivous said "And to make it worse Anakin Skywalker's Padawan...I have fought against her before and nearly had another lightsaber for my collection."

"She is more powerful than she was before" Ventress said "And Earth isn't alone, they have their super heroes such as the Sailor Senshi."

"Hmm...They wouldn't survive one battle against me, it is them that will fall to me, and If they are so powerful, I'll take whatever weapon they may have as a trophy."

"General" Count Dooku began "Do not under esimate the Sailor Senshi, or that one Jedi. I'm counting on you to conquer the Earth...Do not fail me."

"I assure you Count Dooku, they will be the ones that will underestimate me."

"And that was what you said before the Malevelence was crippled by Anakin Skywalker" Ventress reminded Grievous.

"He caught me off guard" General Grievous stated "Besides these Sailor Brats as you tell us about are nothing compared to the Jedi."

"How long is it till your invasion?" Count Dooku asked.

"I'm one Earth Day away" General Grievous said "Earth will not know what hit them."

"See that you don't fail us" Count Dooku stated before fading away.

"I will not fail this time" General Grievous said.


The girls had gathered up at the beach where they watched Usagi train what Hotaru had been doing the night before. Usagi had the same experience as Ahsoka had done, she was shot in the butt. And then after this started to complain.

"Hey! Those things shouldn't be aiming there" Usagi complained rubbing her behind.

"What do you expect of Battle Droid then my Padawan?" Obi-wan quizzed.

"They'll fire there?" Usagi asked.

"You bet they would" Obi-wan told her "Those Battle Droid will fire on even an civilian.

While Usagi was training, a young pink haired girl walked down alongside Mamoru. The pink haired girl saw Hotaru also doing the excurises but with much more grace.

"Hotaru-chan!" the young girl shouted.

Hotaru was lost for words at first as she turned her attention back to a remote. Just as the remote fired, Hotaru managed to dodge the blast. Ahsoka managed to stop the training remote further.

"Thank you Master Ahsoka" Hotaru said to Ahsoka for her actions.

"Master?" the pink haired girl asked she turned to Ahsoka "Who are you? And what did you do to my friend Hotaru?"

Mamoru chuckled "That means teacher Chibi-Usa, this is Ahsoka Tano, she's in charge of protecting the Earth from the Seperatist."

"Oh, so you are the Jedi, Usagi and Mamoru keep on talking about" the girl said "My name is Chibi-Usa."

Mamoru turned to Hotaru "So how is your training going?"

"Fine" Hotaru smiled "Master Ahsoka has been teaching me the basics, I can already preform Force Push."

"Hmm. Soon you'll know all of the basic Force moves" Ahsoka acnowledged.

"What's Force Push?" Chibi-Usa asked.

"May I Master?" Hotaru asked.

Ahsoka nodded "Sure."

Hotaru turned to a huge bolder this caused Obi-Wan and Usagi to stop what they were doing and watch Hotaru. Hotaru lifted up her hand and without any effort sent the bolder hurling into the deepest part of the ocean.

"That was Force Push" Hotaru said.

"Wow!" Chibi-Usa spoke up "If Usagi could do that...She wouldn't be a clutz!"

"What was that?" Usagi asked "I'm no clutz!"

"Technically you are" Rei whispered silently to herself luckily the ones that overheard her were Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The two Jedi's response was simple sweat dropping.

Mamoru looked embarrassed at this as well as the Chibi-Usa and Usagi fought.

"My Padawan...Don't be embarrassed due to the fact that people refer you as a clutz, however the Force is no laughing matter."

Couple hours later Usagi had succeeded in actually defeating the remotes and even learning Force Push. With a nod to each other Ahsoka spoke up.

"Alright, you two, it's time to see your skills with a lightsaber."

"We already did that. Please no more remotes" Usagi pleaded.

"Those will be your execurses Usagi" Obi-Wan said "But this next test is what many other younglings do in order to become Padawans."

"Hmm?" Hotaru asked looking at Ahsoka who nodded "He's right I had to do this. Just because your a Padawan now doesn't mean that sparing is out of the question.

"Sparing!" Usagi shouted "Who am I sparing against one of you. I mean I think I can take you on Ahsoka."

"Don't jinx yourself" Hotaru said to her "Master Ahsoka has fought against Ventress at least three times, she's fought against this General Grievous and survived. She's even been nearly sucked into space."

The sucked into space part caused Ahsoka to blush and Hotaru continued "Ahsoka has survived an encounter with the deadly Blue Shadow Virus. Then she helps us defeat two Youma. So by experience with a Lightsaber, my master Ahsoka wins with ease."

"But is it you Master Kenobi?" Usagi asked turning to her Jedi teacher.

"Not right now my dear" Obi-wan told her "It could be later on but your opponnet shall be Hotaru."

Usagi turned to Hotaru "Why her?"

"In the Clone Wars," Ahsoka began "Some of the Jedi Padawans ares siding with the Seperatist, and others you would call friends might join in, this sparing match is to prepare you two for such a time that might happen."

"That makes perfect sense to me" Ami admitted.

"Well we've been friends for so long" Usagi said turning to Hotaru "But I don't see her turning to the Darkside."

Haruka had to sigh Oh Hotaru did, remember she had Mistress Nine in her.

Hotaru nodded as she drew her lightsaber handle "The Masters are right, Come on Usagi, they are preparing us for the upcoming battles."

Usagi sighed as she drew her lightsaber handle "Okay."

The two Jedi Padawans turned their lightsabers on. One purple blade shot out of Hotaru's while out of Usagi's lightsaber shot out a white blade."

"Nice lights" Chibi-Usa said.

"Yes," Ami told Chibi-Usa "But they are not ordinary lights, those are lightsabers, only Jedi can weild them."

"Alright you two...Get ready" Ahsoka said to them.

Hotaru and Usagi got ready.

"Bow" Obi-Wan stated.

The two girls looked at them strangely but Ahsoka answered them "Normally during the Seperatist you wouldn't be bowing but since you two are Jedi, it's good self esteem to bow to each other."

The girls bowed to each other and Obi-wan then stated "Make sure your lightsabers are on low power cause since this is a sparing match we don't want to kill each other, but once during the Seperatist, have your Lightsabers on high power."

The girl did was they were ordered and Ahsoka shouted the words to begin the sparing match "Begin."

The two circled one another but Usagi struck first, years wielding her Silent Glaive, Hotaru easily repealed Usagi's blade.

"Knew that wouldn't work against Hotaru-chan" Chibi-Usa said "After all she wields a big glaive."

"And deadly one too may I add" Michiru said "Usagi is going to have a hard time in finding a way to defeat Hotaru."

Usagi smiled as she thought Hotaru won't be able to keep up with me, I know for a fact she can't run around much."

Usagi tried her plan in action but Hotaru's swift experiences with her glaive caused her to block everyone of Usagi's attempts. After about a while of fighting Hotaru showed no signs of surrendering.

Strange Usagi thought Hotaru would've gotten weaker by now but it's like her stamia rose.

Another half an hour passed but Hotaru still didn't seem to be weakening and Ami even noticed this as well Does being trained by the Force help you out athelicly?

However towards the end of the match, Hotaru kicked Usagi in her chest forcing Usagi away and she sparred against Hotaru. She managed to avoid Hotaru's lightsaber blade by ducking aside.

"Impressive" Obi-wan said to Ahsoka "According the Luna, Hotaru would've been tired out by now."

"Yes, that's one of the things I trained her last night to do" Ahsoka said "Interestingly she's using the Force to help her out."

"I see, she's using the Force for defense while also allowing it to help her out with her atheltic ability" Obi-wan said.

Ahsoka nodded "So what has Usagi accieved?"

"She's at least improved on her grades" Obi-wan said.

"Manly because you asked her to study more" Ahsoka snickered.

"That and maybe I had Luna help me" Obi-wan replied.

Luna and Artemis were watching the fight.

"Hotaru is becoming a powerful Jedi" Artemis said.

"I appluad Usagi for her thoughts" Luna admitted "She figures that if she can last long enough, Hotaru will ware down."

"Hmm, however it's not working" Artemis said.

"I see" Luna said.

The two cats watched the sparing match. In the end Hotaru managed to kick Usagi in the chest, swipe at her Usagi jumped up avoiding the lightsaber but Hotaru kicked out again once Usagi's feet hit the ground. This time the kick caused Usagi to trip and fall onto her back. Then Hotaru put her Lightsaber at Usagi's throat.

"Give in?" Hotaru asked.

"Y-y-yes I do" Usagi said.

Hotaru smiled and wiped sweat from her head "Not bad Usagi..."

She then knelt down onto the ground "And not a moment too soon."

"Now you're tiring" Usagi muttered rubbing her swollen chest "If I would've waited an extra few seconds."

"Usagi you had an excellent plan in defeating Hotaru" Obi-Wan Kenobi said "You knew that Hotaru might not beable to keep up with you...However Usagi you didn't count on Hotaru coming up with a way to solve her weakness."

"Thanks Master" Usagi said she rubbed her chest "Man I'm going to feel that for a while. Hotaru-chan couldn't you have punched me?"

"Could've but I had my hands full" Hotaru answered "And it would've been too obvious."

Ahsoka smiled "You did well Hotaru."

"Thanks Master Ahsoka" Hotaru said but that is when Captain Rex and Commander Cody ran up and reported what they saw "Generals Clankers!"

Ahsoka and Obi-Wan Kenobi looked up at the sky and sure enough Battle Droid landing ships came into view.

"Each ship contains thousands of Battle Droid" Obi-Wan Kenobi said.

"But it looks like three ships are landing" Ami calculated.

However Ahsoka felt something.

"Master Ahsoka...What is it?"

"I sense a deep disturbance in the Force...He is here" Ahsoka said.

"Who?" Makoto asked.

"General Grievous" Ahsoka said.

"She's right" Obi-Wan Kenobi said.

"Oh-man now the invasion of Earth is coming to a start" Usagi said.

"Get ready" Obi-wan Kenobi advised his Padawan "Ahsoka, take your Padawan, Captain Rex, and half of the other Clone Troopers, Usagi, Commander Rex, and I will try to ambush them on their back flanks"

"Right Master Kenobi" Ahsoka said "Come on Hotaru."

"Right with you Master Ahsoka" Hotaru said to her she took her transformation pen but Ahsoka stopped her "Don't transform just yet, I don't want Grievous to know that you are also a Sailor Senshi."

"Good Idea" Ami said "Now that Hotaru and Usagi have the means to defend themselves from attacks, they shouldn't just transform into their Sailor Senshi forms or else General Grievous will figure things out."

"But what do we do?" Makoto asked Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"You girls split up" Obi-wan told them "Half of you are with General Ahsoka, the other half are with me."

"The Sailor Senshi that don't have weapons can transform" Ahsoka told them and Obi-wan nodded.

"Now let's get going, we don't have time to waist" the two Jedi said.

The girls made their decision easily, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto went with Obi-Wan Kenobi saying that they would be the most useful in defending Usagi, while Sailor Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Chibi-Moon went with Ahsoka. The groups split up and went in opposite directions.

Who will win the first ever battle. Will The Sailor Senshi survive General Grievous or will he cut them down to size? Find out in the next chapter. Chapter 8: General Grievous.