This was one journey she would make alone. This idea came to me in English when my teacher was going on about... Well I don't remember now. But she said the word journey, which prompted this. It's a sad one-shot. Please leave a review. I love all feedback!

It had just started out like any other day of the week. Groaning when the alarm went off – to early but that's what time it had to be set to go of if Nikki wanted to get to work on time.

Nikki had a shower and got ready for work, before she walked downstairs, thankful for technology. She now had an automatic coffee machine and she set it to make coffee for her early in the morning, and so she could come down after having a shower and getting ready for work.

That's when she realised that something was wrong. The smell of coffee made her feel sick. Dumping her stuff, she raced to the bathroom, and only just made it in time.

After spending half an hour in the bathroom, Nikki called in sick. She could tell Leo was upset that she couldn't make it in, because they were a lab tech short and were completely over worked at the moment, but he couldn't rick having her in sick and contaminating any evidence. Not that he ever said that. Nikki apologised again and then hung up, calling her doctor and making an appointment to see her later that day. There was a bug going around at the moment and Nikki wanted to check that that wasn't what she had. She just hoped it was a twenty four hour bug.

"Congratulations. You're pregnant!" Doctor Amanda Green announce to Nikki as she walked back into the exam room with the test results. She had rushed them and they had come back within a relatively short time.

Congratulations. You're pregnant. That was not what Nikki wanted to hear right now. Not now. She smiled shyly and Amanda and thanked her. She left the doctor's surgery and drove straight home, her mind going over everything in her mind.

She got home and made herself a cup of tea, seeing as she couldn't drink coffee. She sat down on the couch, nursing the cup of tea as she made a decision about what to do. She finally came to a conclusion.

This was one journey, she would make alone.