Mr. Koi remained silent. "You seem upset. I thought you'd be relieved-" "We both know what I'm upset about." "Now now, don't forget how all of this came about…" Mr. Yamahara stood up, his steps seemed rather arrogant, and his tone of voice of no consolation, despite his words. "I know Zhang." "If the contents of that list were made public, it wouldn't just be your reputation that would be destroyed. So many others-" "I said I know, Zhang!" Mr. Koi removed his head from his palms and sat back in his chair, removing his glasses and pinching his glabellas*.

"And yet when I'm forced to remind you of the facts like that, you always give me that look." He leaned over Mr. Koi's shoulder. "You're starting to hurt my feelings." "Because this was all your scheme! You told me you would have the money to repay those Yakuza scumbags by now! I can't keep lying to her anymore!" Mr. Yamahara snarled. "What you SHOULD be doing is what I TELL YOU!" With that, he smashed Mr. Koi's solid, wooden-and fancy looking-desk in half with a single handed smash. "The whole reason so many people got hurt at the ZTV station was because YOU hesitated to kill the head of the family when they attacked!"

Mr. Koi rose but a single eyebrow. "I don't think I need to say how INSANE that sounds. You could hear it right? In the back of your throat, did-" There was a moment of kind of awkward silence. "…Continue. And please make it quick; it's not healthy for someone my age to be kept up this late, Zhang." It was seven p.m. The knowledge of this caused Mr. Yamahara to face-palm quite fiercely. "You want a simple solution to this whole, 'yakuza' business, don't you?" "Nothing would makes me happier." "Well then, why not use those kids from earlier?" "Because that would be putting them in danger from the money WE borrowed from them!"

"We're the one's in danger; from your indecision!" And with one backhand, Mr. Koi was knocked to the floor. "We're using those kids to deal with them, END OF STORY!" He picked Mr. Koi up by his hair, his glasses slipping off the front of his face. The force of Mr. Yamahara's blow bent one of its arms. "I'll call for my sister in the morning. Until then, you keep your damn mouth SHUT!" As he walked away, Mr. Koi struggled to get back to his desk, propping up his swivel chair, and retrieving a spare pair of glasses from one of it's drawers. Mr. Koi lay motionless for a moment until moonlight once again shined from his glasses. "…I'm sorry, ZuZu…"

We all slept soundly enough-once Washu put a force field over Tenchi's door, and the yelling stopped. The girls all shared a room-divided to separate Ayeka and Ryoko-while I slept in the parlor. But whilst I snoozed, I also dreamt. But it was more than that. I know dreaming can be an extremely emotion thing sometimes, but this felt… different. What I was seeing wasn't clear, but I understood it despite how murky it was. Almost inaudible, yet every sound seemed to be resonating from within me, as if it were simply locked away. Everything was just so… familiar. It WAS familiar, and yet also terrifying.

Nothing but wreckage as far as the eye could make out, most of it still smoking. "No… NO! This isn't what I wanted!" I buried my face in my hands, but they were wet. …With crimson. "I just wanted things to get better! Y-you lied!" I could tell it was my voice, just a lot younger and incrediblely strained. "You said you'd make things better! I didn't want everything to go away!" Everything began to blur again, and new voices became clear through the thousands that all seemed to be yelling at once. It was defeaning, but the new voices were finally clear enough to shut the others out. "Incredible… How'd this kid get so lucky?"

I was looking down, so the voices didn't have a face. But there were a lot of sirens and crying. "Not sure, the kid hasn't said a word. Looks like he saw hell though, and from where we found him-" "Is he… …Is he a mutant?" "We'll check him once we get him to the hospital. Just make sure they're extra careful with him. After all the poor thing just lost everything." And as if my own mind hated me, the voices all started up again at the same time, seconds going by like monnths. I knew I was asleep, but I couldn't wake myself up. My subconcious was trying to get me to remember, but all at once. Like it was rushing me, trying to get me ready for something.

All that ended up happening was me waking up to a massive headache.

-Author's Notes: Yes, this took me years and yes, this is short. Mostly due to me not being able to escape my own head anymore. Got my GED, still looking for work, not enough money to even VISIT my girlfriend... Plus I write while "blocking out" whatever's around me. If I'm in my comfort zone, I can't focus. But yes, I'm back to putting my fingers to the keys because I want this to be the ONE THING I can actually CREATE in my life.

tl,dr: Mysterbyg is BACK!