Chapter 3 – Public apologies and more, lucky me.

It must have been morning because the sun was shining through a window directly onto my face. God I was hot. I looked down and blushed to see Jake sprawled on me, his head resting on my stomach as he snored loudly. This was awkward. Suddenly the sun wasn't shining on me anymore and I looked up to see Renesmee staring down at me and Jacob a small smile on her lips.

"Good morning Leah," she greeted me pleasantly her voice a whisper and I tried so hard not to blush but I was sure that I had.

"Morning Renesmee," I whispered back uncomfortably and Renesmee just giggled. I was surprised she wasn't more upset. If I was Renesmee and Jacob was mine, I would not have been happy to see him draped all over some other girl. That was the beauty of imprinting I guess, knowing that they would never leave or betray you.
"Do you need assistance extracting yourself?" Renesmee asked curiously and when I nodded Renesmee moved behind me and twisted her arms under mine and tugged me out from under Jacob. Jacob murmured in his sleep but then fell silent again.

"Jacob could sleep through an earthquake," Renesmee said shaking her head looking down at Jacob fondly then she looked over at me, "you want some breakfast?"

"Oh no I…" I started to decline but she interrupted me smiling.

"It's no problem, Nahuel is making us breakfast now," she informed me and I shrugged following her helplessly into the kitchen. I was suddenly very conscious that I was wearing a flannel t-shirt and nothing else. Renesmee handed me some clothes before we entered the kitchen and making sure no one was looking I slid the underwear on quickly. I glanced over at Jacob to make sure he was still asleep before pulling off the flannel shirt and sliding on the bra, then the plain white dress that was tight on the bodice and reached just above my knees. Strange they knew exactly my size for everything.

I entered the kitchen and Renesmee sat me down at the table placing a plate in front of me, then she set about arranging cutlery and drinks. She moved so swiftly, she looked like the perfect little housewife. Nahuel turned from the stove and greeted me with a wave of his flipper before going back to flipping eggs. It smelt so good. I watched the two of them interact with each other. They were so comfortable, he murmured to her and she would smile in response, and gently lay her hand on his arm as she would reply. If I didn't know better I would have said they were the ones in love, not Jacob and Renesmee. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't even realize that Rosalie had entered the kitchen. She screwed up her nose at the smell of our food (or of me, I wasn't quite sure) then wandered over to me.

"Hey Leah, how are you feeling?" Rosalie asked looking down at me with concern and I shifted uncomfortably under her scrutiny.

"Much better," I assured her, then said in a soft voice I added, "Thank you for yesterday."

"Don't mention it," Rosalie said offhand and I grinned haughtily at her.

"I won't."

"There's some of that spark," Rosalie commented then tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder, "I'm going hunting, be back soon, try not to fall apart while I'm gone."

I smirked at her attempt at a joke.

"I'll try."

Rosalie smirked back at me then disappeared again and I heard the back door open and close. I rested my elbows on the table only to be tutted by Renesmee and she smacked my elbows with a flipper.

"Jeez sorry mom," I muttered folding my arms across my chest and Nahuel and Renesmee shared amused glances as they placed the plates of food onto the table. I was starving, and Renesmee put two eggs and two pieces of bacon on my plate and I just looked at her until she added more bacon with a sigh. She and Nahuel served themselves dainty portions and the rest was piled onto a plate that I could only assume was for Jacob. Speaking of Jacob, he must have woken up because he came wandering in giving a huge yawn.

"Morning all," he greeted everyone cheerily, stopping to pat me on the head patronizingly, "children."

I stabbed his hand with my fork viciously and he chuckled and sat down at his place at the table. I didn't realize till he sat down that he and I were on one side and Renesmee and Nahuel were on the other. It seemed strange, awkward even, but no one else seemed to think anything was amiss. Jacob practically inhaled his meal, he was finished before any of us but he waited patiently till we finished then tapped me on the shoulder.

"You ready to go?"

"Yup, tell Alice and Rosalie bye for me?" I said to Renesmee and she nodded and said that she would. Jacob leant over and kissed Renesmee on the forehead hugging her tightly, then waved at Nahuel before placing an arm around my shoulders and leading me out to 'The Rabbit'.

"Bye," Renesmee called out and I waved as well.

The drive home was fairly silent, Jacob had the music turned on and he was bopping his head along to the beat. I wondered if maybe he thought what I thought at the breakfast table and maybe it was bothering him. Renesmee and Nahuel. To me it just seemed…like something was going on. I had to have been imagining things. Imprints didn't cheat, it was like some unspoken law.

"Jake, are things all right with you and Renesmee?" I asked slowly and Jacob shrugged.

"Yeah, it's the same as always," he told me staring straight ahead and I frowned but it was clear he didn't want to speak about it anymore.

We arrived at my house and he paused long enough to let me out and I grimaced to see Paul waiting for me, sitting on my porch.

"What is he doing here?" Jake muttered angrily opening his car door and I placed my hand on his arm.

"I'll take care of him," I said, I didn't want Jacob to be starting fights with the other pack. I was a big girl, and I could look after myself. Jacob hesitated for a moment then pulled his door shut again.

"I'll come see you later okay?" Jacob said still eyeing Paul and I nodded sliding out of the seat then turned to face him.

"Yeah okay."

"Love you Lee," Jacob said like usual and I gave a small hint of a smile. Every time he said that to me, even though I knew he meant in a platonic way, it made my heart jump.

"Me too," I replied then I shut the door and watched him drive away before turning and making my way to my house.

All I wanted to do was go inside and hide out for the next couple of hours, but first there was the big, fat, mean, stupid problem sitting on my porch. Paul stood up as I approached.

"What are you doing here Paul?" I asked, my voice not having the bite I wanted it to. I just sounded tired instead of rude. Darn it, I'd have to work on that, couldn't have Sam's pack thinking I wasn't a bitch still.

"Jake told Rachel about what happened, she said I had to apologize or she wouldn't let me in to the house," Paul said grimly and I rolled my eyes. He was such a child. I knew by the resentful look in his eyes that any apology he made to me wouldn't be real. I don't know why he even bothered.

"Go home Paul, I'll tell Rachel you apologized if she asks," I said moving passed him towards my door and Paul grabbed my arm turning me to face him, his face surprised.

"Why would you do that for me?" he asked and I wrenched my arm free and glared at him. There that was better, nice and bitchy.

"I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it so you get the hell off my porch," I spat getting more fired up as the conversation continued. This felt much better.

"Don't you want me to apologize?" Paul asked frowning and I gave a dry laugh.

"You won't mean it so why waste your breath?" at Paul's dumbfounded expression I just pointed away and said, "Just get off my porch Paul."

He gave me a confused look before doing as I asked and I turned and finally entered my house. No one was home. There was a note on the fridge from Seth. It was simple but it warmed my heart.

Gone to Quil's cos Embry's a jerk. Love you sis.

I looked around unsure of what to do. I hadn't had the whole house to myself in a long time. Since mom had left Seth and I in the house alone Quil and Embry were always over. Embry. It hurt to think about him and the way he just let those other boys talk badly of me. My first thought was a nice long bath. Yeah, that was a good plan.

I was resting on the couch after having my bath wearing one of Seth's old t-shirts and a pair of tiny shorts only suitable for home use when I heard a male voice yelling from outside my house. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"I am Embry Call and this is my apology to my friend, Leah Clearwater."

I slowly walked to the front door and stepped out onto my porch. There was Embry Call standing naked in the middle of the road, holding a piece of paper in his hands that he was reading from. When he saw me standing there he grinned at me before continuing.

"Leah Clearwater is my friend, she is loyal, sarcastic, loving and above all she is the best 2nd in command I could ever have asked for, and even though I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes she always looks out for me. She's my sister; my family and I love her and I am sorry that I hurt her," he called out loudly and I ran towards him keeping my eyes focused on his head. Our neighbors were standing on their porches watching Embry make a fool on himself.

"Embry you didn't have to do this, Jake wasn't going to kick you out of the pack," I hissed at him as I got close enough and Embry shrugged.

"I know, he came and told me this morning," Embry replied still standing there in the buff proudly and I wished I had thought ahead to bring something to cover him in but honestly, how the hell was I supposed to know he would be naked in the middle of the road?

"Then why did you do this?" I asked in confusion and Embry placed a hand on my shoulder, his face apologetic.

"Because you're my friend Leah and I owed you an apology for not being a good friend to you," Embry said, and I was shocked. He was doing this for me? The sincerity of his eyes made tears start to build up in mine. Not from sadness but from the joy of knowing that he did care.

"Embry Call you are ridiculous, now come inside before someone calls Charlie and he has to arrest you for nudity and public disturbance," I managed to say before grabbing Embry's hand and dragging him into my house.

Once inside I grabbed the nearest blanket and threw it to him and he wrapped it around himself then reached over and pulled me into an awkward hug.

"You forgive me?" he asked in a small voice, as though he were worried that I wouldn't and I grinned at him cocking my head to one side,

"Don't I always?"

"Are we friends again?" Seth asked bursting into the house and when I nodded he, Quil and Embry high-five'd each other excitedly before running up to Seth's room. I rolled my eyes as they went, Embry still swathed in the blanket.

My cell phone started ringing and I ran to pick it up.

"Leah its Rachel," the voice on the other end said.

"Hey Rachel," I greeted her and I could hear someone bellowing in the background. Probably Paul trying to get into the house. That thought made me want to giggle but I restrained myself.

"I just wanted to check if my oaf of a husband has apologized to you yet," Rachel said her voice getting louder at the end of the sentence to emphasize and I smiled at the thought of tiny little Rachel locking Paul out of his house all because of me.

"Yeah he came by, you can forgive him now," I told her, keeping my end of the deal and I heard Rachel breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thanks Leah, and I'm sorry about him, he's a pig at times," she said the last bit loud again, to make sure that Paul heard and I chuckled.

"No argument here."

"Well ok I better unlock the door then," she said in a resigned voice and I laughed at her theatrics. Back in school Rachel had been the queen of the drama club. It was nice to see that imprinting left a part of the old her behind.

"Bye Rachel."

"Bye Leah, and come visit sometime ok?" Rachel added on the end of her goodbye and I smirked on my end, knowing I would never go over if Paul was in thirty feet of the place and since he was a lazy slob he was always there.

"Sure sure."

Rachel hung up and I stared at my phone. And then it started ringing again, a number that I didn't know showing up on the screen.

"Hello?" I answered the phone hesitantly.

"Alice wanted me to ask if you wanted to come shopping in Seattle with us and Renesmee," Rosalie said shortly into the phone, her voice musical as always and I immediately tried thinking of an excuse to not be able to go.

"Oh umm…" I didn't get very far with my excuse before Rosalie interrupted me, her voice bored.

"She also said to tell you that she had already seen that our futures disappear this afternoon, so we know that eventually you will say yes so please don't make this more painful for me than it has to be."

"Fine," I snapped in to the phone annoyed at having been tricked and Rosalie chuckled down the line. Well I'm glad I amused her.

"We will pick you up at one at the border, be waiting on the road," Rosalie commanded and I rolled my eyes. Did these vampires think they owned me now? Were they going to get me a leash and a doggy bed? Call me Fido?


"Ciao," Rosalie drawled into the phone then hung up before I could respond.

I stood there staring at the phone then my eyes drifted to the clock. It was ten to one. Damn vamps.

I was standing on the side of the road at the border when the silver Volvo came careening around the corner and came to screeching halt in front of me. I quickly got into the back seat with Renesmee and Alice turned from where she sat in the passenger seat to inspect me critically. Her face twisted into one of disgust.

"That outfit is awful," she said bluntly and I looked down. Yeah it was. I was wearing Seth's jean shorts and his old t-shirt. But to be fair; all my nice clothes had been ripped to sheds by accident in the early days of phasing and it didn't feel right asking my mom for more clothes when she was barely earning enough money to feed me and Seth. We couldn't get jobs, we had to stay in La Push and be the 'protectors', so even though mom was living in Forks with Charlie, she brought all our groceries every week and gave us spending money. As much as she could spare, which wasn't much, thus the lack of feminine clothing.

"I know," I sighed downheartedly and Alice held up a credit card.

"A new wardrobe is totally on me, I'll get you new clothes and we will get something done with your hair," Alice announced grinning happily and my body automatically rejected the idea. Let a vampire buy clothes for me? There was no way.

"And maybe after that I can get your name tattooed on my arse," I muttered in a high pitched girly voice and while Alice looked confused Renesmee and Rosalie chuckled.

"Would you like to get my name tattooed on you bottom?" Alice asked slowly, and I knew from the look on her face that she probably thought I had some strange, stalker crush on her. It was too much, I started laughing.

"Alice, Leah was being sarcastic, she doesn't really want your name tattooed on her backside…or do you Leah?" Renesmee finished the explaintion with a question and looked at me quirking her eyebrows a smile on her face.

"Alice your name tattooed on my body would be my greatest treasure," I said with mock seriousness as I rolled my eyes and Alice gave me a funny look then looked over at Renesmee.

"She's being sarcastic again isn't she?" Alice asked and Renesmee nodded.

"Yes Alice."

Alice narrowed her eyes at me, obviously someone didn't appreciate sarcasm.

"Doesn't matter, be sarcastic all you want Leah, you are getting a new wardrobe at the very least."

"I couldn't let you do that," I said shortly now deadly serious, and Alice pouted.

"Think of it as small compensation for all your days of puppy dog guarding," Rosalie said dryly from where she sat in the drivers seat, then she looked at me in the rearview mirror and added, "Please just accept that it is happening or Alice will bug you forever, and I personally don't want to hear her whine for the next couple of hours."

I sighed deeply with defeat and grudgingly accepted that today I would be a vampire's little puppet and personal Barbie doll.


"Don't sound so excited," Alice muttered pouting prettily, offended at my lack of enthusiasm and Renesmee giggled.

"I'm glad you could come today Leah," Renesmee said to me earnestly and I shrugged looking out of the window.

AN: So Chapter 3 is done. Hope you like it, not to OOC etc. Please love Embry again, I have mini plans for him. He really does adore Leah. And I know it was a bit weird she forgave him so easily, I know she should have made him suffer, but this grown up Leah isn't about making people suffer, not anymore. Grown up Leah is like Embry described her, she is really into loyalty and family, and counts the pack as her family, but she is still sarcastic, she still has a spark about her. The fact that her 'brother' spoke about her like that was why she was so devastated about what he said.

Also I know Renesmee seems a bit weird, but she is like that for reasons which will probably become clear in later chapter. She really likes Leah and has plans for her.