Disclaimer: I don't own them the characters of Jane Austen's Persuasion.

What if modern day Frederick Wentworth met Anne Elliot eight years after she broke up their engagement but it seems that she's now married to Charles Musgrove?

Frederick: (rings doorbell, adjusts tie)

Loud noises heard from inside. Door opens. A dark haired woman appears, stunned.

Frederick: (startled) What are you doing here?

Anne: I live here.

Frederick: Oh... I see...

Anne: What are you doing here?

Frederick: Charles Musgrove invited me for dinner. Am I at the right address?

Anne: Yes you are. So, you're the mystery guest?

Frederick: Huh?

Anne: Never mind. (steps aside to let him in) Let me put it away (takes his coat, puts it in the closet)

Both stand in the foyer awkwardly. Enters a young boy, about 3 years old, running to hug Anne's legs.

Walter: Help! A monster is chasing me! He's going to eat me!

Anne: Nobody's going to eat you, Walter. My cooking is a lot tastier than you.

Enters an older boy. He is wearing a monster mask and gloves that look like big claws.

Junior: Haargh! I'm going to eat you. You cannot run forever! (teasing Walter)

Walterscreams, burrying his face deeper into Anne's legs.

Anne: Shh, it's ok. It's just your brother. (kneels down to hug Walter) Let's go to the kitchen. You can help me put up the table. (turns to Junior) Junior, take off your mask and gloves. Show our guest the way to your father's study.

Junior: (takes off mask then stares at Frederick)

Frederick: (offers right hand, shakes Junior's gloved hand) How do you do, Junior. Nice to meet you. I'm Frederick Wentworth.

Junior: How do you do, Mr. Wentworth. Dad's this way. (grinning, walks out of the room)

Anne: (murmuring soft words to Walter, nodding a little to Frederick, walks out of the room, one hand holding Walter's hand)

Frederick: (stares at Anne, turns to follow Junior)

Junior: (shows mask and gloves to Frederick) These are my birthday presents from Dad. But Mom doesn't like them. Especially because Walter is scared of them. (chuckles) She always scolds me when I make Walter cry. What do you think?

Frederick: (clears throat) I think they are interesting. But maybe your mother is right about not frightening you little brother.

Junior: (shrugs shoulders) Maybe. This is Dad's study. (opens door)

Charles: (looks up from his newspaper) Well, hello there Wentworth. You're early. (walks over to Frederick, shakes hands) I see you've met my oldest son, Charles Musgrove Jr.

Frederick: Yes. I also met your younger son. Walter, is it?

Charles: Yes, that's him. Please take a seat.

Frederick: Thank you, Musgrove.

Charles: Ah, no need to be so formal. Just call me Charles. You don't mind my calling you Frederick, do you?

Frederick: It's ok. (sits)

Charles: So, Frederick, how do you like this little town of ours so far?

Frederick: I haven't got a chance to go anywhere yet. But actually I've already known this town a little.

Charles: Oh? How so?

Frederick: I spent a summer here eight years ago. Helping my brother in his small electronics shop.

Charles: You have a brother who lives here? What a coincidence. What's the name of his shop?

Frederick: He no longer lives here. He moved to another town the next year, to be with his wife who got a job as a nurse there. (picks up newspaper from a table)

Junior: Dad, I'm bored. I'm going to my room. (stands up from chair)

Charles: Ok. (pats Junior's head affectionately)

Frederick: (looks intently at both)

Junior exits.

Charles: (turns back to Frederick) If you were here eight years ago it means you're familiar with my father-in-law, Walter Elliot?

Frederick: (drops newspaper)

Charles: He was the mayor here. (looks expectantly at Frederick)

Frederick: I met him once. (retrieves newspaper)

Charles: Lucky you. I have to see him at each family gathering. Although he didn't really pay any attention to me, he insisted on my coming because that would look good for the press. What nonsense.

Frederick: (looks amused)

A blonde woman enters.

Mary: Charles, I saw a Mercedes SL in our driveway when I returned from the Bennets next door. Since you always prefer British cars, I'm certain that's not yours. Anyway you would have told me if you bought a new car. Has our guest arrived yet? (turns when she sees Frederick) Why hello, is this our mystery guest, Charles?

Charles: He is. Mary, this is Frederick Wentworth, a partner in the firm Croft, Croft and Wentworth. He's going to help us in the acquisition of Hayter Inc. Frederick, this is my wife, Mary Elliot-Musgrove.

Mary: Nice to meet you, Mr. Wentworth. (shakes hands with Frederick) Charles told us that a very important guest is coming for dinner today. He didn't say who. (turns to Charles) You never told me you're going to take over Hayter. (puts both hands on her hips)

Charles: (laughing) It's going to be a surprise.

Frederick: I thought that A... that the woman with dark hair was your wife, Charles.

Mary: You must be talking about my older sister, Anne Elliot. She came to stay with us for a few months as her appartment is being renovated. I'm glad she came. She's wonderful with the boys. Kids can be a headache sometimes. I have migraines, you know. That reminds me, I must make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

Mary exits.

Charles: I also love the fact that she's a wonderful cook. Anne's lasagna is superb. I hope you like Italian, Frederick.

Frederick: (smiles broadly) Yes I do.