Eddy-Poo! Was heard shouted across the cafeteria and my whole table cracked up. Edward just rolled his eyes and turned around to say hi more like show it to his latest conquest Lauren Mallory the dumbest bimbo I think ever in the history of cheerleaders.

After about 5 minutes of making out and making me lose my appetite I coughed and made them aware of their surroundings.

"Hello Bella." Lauren replied with obvious distain towards me laced in between.

"Hey Lauren" I just replied I could have been a real bitch and commented on her over powered make up but hey I feel nice today.

Edward of course smiled oblivious as always. Here let me explain my name is Bella Swan. My best friend is Edward Cullen a.k.a the biggest playboy at Forks high school I don't think there is a girl he hasn't fucked in this school except for 3 Alice his sister of course I mean ew incest, Rosalie and that's because she's his brothers girlfriend and me.

Edward hasn't always been my best friend it started freshmen year and he tried to make me his another conquest I being well of course I refused every try until finally I wore him down so much he gave up and then decided he wanted to be friends with me.

"Oh my god! Bella look at these shoes we have to go shopping this weekend!" my other best friend Alice. I laughed and replied with "Alice to you we have to go shopping every weekend actually everyday."

"Oh could we Bella please please please?" She begged.

I look at Edward hoping he would save me and he didn't disappoint.

"alice knock it off leave hells bells alone" Edward snapped at alice I smirked at my nick name and I could tell it made Lauren jealous he gave me that nick name when he was trying to get in my pants because I gave him such hell.

Right then before alice could say anything more the bell rang fore class.

"Bye babe" Edward said to Lauren and started kissing her before it could escalate to anything more I pulled him away and started walking to biology. Edward threw his arm around my shoulders. As we walked in the teacher glared at us I could just imagine what he's thinking about our class.

Edward and I sat in our usual seats and my phone started to vibrate with a text.

"hey babe you in class?" Edward looked at my phone and glared at the text he hated Jacob with a passion and doesn't mind showing it I don't know why, I tolerate all of his girls and Jacob isn't even my boyfriend.

"yeppers peppers" I replied seconds later it started to vibrate again.

"damn I was hoping u would ditch" I rolled my eyes and Edward growled I glared at him and mouthed to him to chill already.

"I cant u kno tht I would miss too much"

"oh come on ditching is healthy every once in a while" I rolled my eyes and shut my phone to find a note lying in front of me. I quickly grab it before the teacher sees.

what did HE want? written in Edwards elegant scroll.

Like u don't know u read it! I quickly wrote back

So doesn't mean I cant pretend I didn't

O whatever u r such a pain in my ass I smiled though when I passed it to let him know that I was joking.

u know u luv me

Only god knows y

As soon as he read my note he laughed out loud and got the teachers attention.

Mr. Cullen would you like to share with the class what's so funny. As soon as he asked that I knew we were in trouble because Edward's famous smirk grew on his face.

"Nothing is funny but I do have something to share with the class"

"Oh really and what is that?"

"Bella and I are madly in love and are going to Vegas to night to get married she is the most wonderful creature alive other then Alyssa Milano of course then the worse thing possible happened he started to sing of course not really sing but fake sing .

Tonight I celebrate my love for you It seems the natural thing to do

Right then Edward grabbed my hand and twirled me around making sure I didn't trip an hurt myself I started laughing as he continued to sing the song his parent loved dancing too.

Tonight no one's gonna find us We'll leave the world behind us When I make love to you Tonight I celebrate my love for you And hope that deep inside you feel it too Tonight our spirits will be climbing To the sky lit up with diamonds When I make love to you tonight

Tonight I celebrate my love for you (ooh) And that midnight song is gonna come shining through Tonight there'll be no distance between us What I want most to do Is to get close to you tonight

Edward leaned in close to as if to kiss me then pulled away

Tonight I celebrate my love for you And soon this old world will seem brand new Tonight we will both discover How friends turn into lovers When I make love to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you (ooh) And that midnight song is gonna come shining through Tonight there'll be no distance between us What I want most to do Is to get close to you

Tonight I celebrate my love for you

Then Edward bent me backwards across his arm then pulled me back up and took a bow the whole class started laughing and burst into applause. I blushed a deep red that made me feel like an apple. (a/n sorry I don't like the phrase like a tomatoe seriously there disgusting. Blah gag me plz) I rolled my eyes and sat back down. The teacher just rolled his eyes and continued teaching by this time all the teachers know that no matter what they do they could never put a stop to these outbursts.

Once biology was over I quickly walked to gym changed then I walked in when I saw we were playing tennis I nearly fainted I walked up to the teacher.

"Um, mr. Kennedy I cant play today"

"Why not swan?" he said in a gruff voice.

"and don't give me that your too clumsy I don't care" he added rudely

I quickly thought up and excuse "well you see im having some women troubles you know its that time of theā€¦."

"OK I get it I get it" he stuttered out interrupting me

"go ahead and just change then I will mark you here go to the nurse or something" he quickly said not able to look me in the eye. I quickly turned away and smiled that excuse always works.

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