After first period I went to my locker to find Edward leaning against it. He gave me my favorite crooked grin and said "hells bells you know I love you right?" Even though I knew that there wasn't a hidden meaning under them it still made my heart stop after I shook off the feeling I glared playfully at him and said "nuh uh you are NOT getting my notes mister"

"but hells bells you know I'm already failing History please, please"

"nope that's to bad for you I hope whatever you did was satisfying enough to fail another day of history" rolling my eyes at the whatever since we both knew what he did.

"oh trust me it was plenty satisfying" he said with a smug look on his face.

I laughed "EW perv" he laughed back.

Right then I got a text from Jacob.

"hey baby r u ok? U want 2 ditch w/ me?"

Right then I knew the perfect way to piss off Edward.

I looked up at him and said I will make you a deal I will give you the notes from history if you give me the notes from trig"

"but we have trig next couldn't you just get them yourself?" looking at me with a confused look.

"yes but since I'm not going to trig I kinda can't"

Then he got a look of realization "Your ditching with that mutt?!"

"Oh come on Edward, Jake isn't a mutt he's just a puppy" goading him on.

Right then Rose decided to add her two cents I was shocked because I didn't realize that the group had gathered around us.

"Actually Bella I'd have to say he's a mutt a puppy has to have at least a semi bit of cuteness in it but I mean Jacob EWWW!"

I rolled my eyes and looked at Edward so do we have a deal.

"No we do not have a deal! I refuse to help you sneak around with that ass!"

"And yet when you ask me for notes your basically asking me to help you sneak around with skanks that probably have more STDs then Alice has of clothes." I shot back.

We just glared at each other until the 3 minute warning bell rang.

"Well either way im ditching so you can either help me and yourself out by accepting the deal OR just get each other in shit. Your choice." I spoke firmly towards him.

"Fine I will take your damn notes" Edward growled turned around and walked off then the group dispersed as well.

I texted Jacob saying "Where are you?"

"r u serius your ditchin w/ me"

"yep now tell me where u r b4 I find sumthing bettr 2 do!"

"im down by the library"

"if u r ditching the the library?"

"lol nvm where r u?"

" my lockr"

"k b ther in a sec"

5 Minutes later Jacob comes up to me and says "come on lets go"

Nervously I follow behind him scared of where he was taking me we went down a hill and went a lil into the woods. "Um…. Jacob where the fuck are we going?"

"the library of course"

I just follow him timidly. About 2 minutes later we come across a bar with a neon sign above it saying "The library"

"Jacob you mind telling me whats going on?"

"Oh right I forgot this is a bar/ nightclub called the library that way if your parents ask where you are then you just have to say the library and your technically lying."

"what the hell you brought me to a bar after you know what happened to me with Renee"

"Oh come on bells it wa 2 years ago get over it" he snapped at me.

"get over it? GET OVER IT?! I was raped by a group of Renee's friends for 5 dollars each and you expect me to get over it?!"

"Duh of course I do"


I quickly turn away and start running in a random direction after what felt like days which was probably only about thirty minutes. I dropped to the ground sobbing my eyes out. Curled into a little ball and let the tears that never came before finally fall from my eyes. After a while I finally fell asleep… in the middle of the woods not even realizing I had no idea where I was.

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