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(Inuyashas POV)

Why? Why did this have to happen?

She told me she loved me, she told me that I was special, she told me that she never was going to call me "Hanyô".

I trusted her.

I am furious. I don't care if I hurt the people in the village. It serves them right.

I break into the shrine where it is. The shikon no tama.


I take it.

It is strange.

I should be happy, right?

I am soon going to become a great youkai.

So what is this hole in my chest?

I hear her shout my name.

"I never had any reasons not to trust you. But still, you..."

I am jumping in front of tree when I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my chest.

I yelp and drop the jewel.

My whole body starts to go numb. I can barely stay awake.

The pain in my chest is killing me, but the arrow isn't the thing that's hurting the most.

It's the feeling of being betrayed.

My world is turning black, and no matter how much I want to hate her, I can't.


My world is black.

I'm alone and I can't move.

I can't even open my eyes or twitch my ears.

I can't smell anything.

It's dark and empty and I'm afraid.

I've always been alone, but that was until I met her.

The seed of hate in my heart is growing and I hate her much, but I still love her.

I can't understand!

I want to hate her with my whole heart!

But I can't.


Then suddenly, I can move my hand!

My ear can twitch and I can smell.

Her scent is filling the air and I'm opening my eyes.

"Here I go, Kikyô"

But it wasn't Kikyô.

She looked like her, but her scent isn't the same.

But she helped me.

Out of the dark and in to myself.

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