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Title: Love Story

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"Welcome back to Bunkyo Pop Culture News channel 22. I'm Inoue Akio and we have just gotten confirmation that singer of j – pop, Ai, or Watanabe Yukiko has been admitted into the prestigious and private, Ouran High school. Her identity will be hidden; but we do know she will be attending the school when the new semester starts along with the other new students. There will be no new access, this is to protect the school and students-"

The TV was turned off by an angry woman, "I thought that scum of a manager said that he wouldn't leak this information out to the public. You were going to start living a normal life, but no that ass must be pissed that he lost his money ticket.-"


"-All I asked was for you to be able to finish your third and fourth year of high school normally, not a tutor to come along with you on tour, but to have a real high school experience. I met your father at high school and look; we're happily married with you, our lovely daughter. And now how do you expect to-"



"Its okay mom I'll still going, this will just make it more like a challenge. You know I love me a challenge, and anyways weren't you and Dad in an arranged married set between your Obaa-samas and Oji-samas' company?"

"That's besides the point. Anyways starting tomorrow you will begin your new school and you'll have yourself a new respectable manager, one that understands the value of honor and blah, blah, blah, blah…"

The girl tuned out her mom and look back at the course catalog book of Private Ouran High School, "Wow, I'll be going here tomorrow…"

(Yukiko's inner fantasy)

'I'll make friends, I may even have a crush, OR A BOY FRIEBD! I'll eat in a cafeteria with my friends; we'll do homework together and have sleepovers at each others' houses. Maybe, and maybe I can tell them the real me singer, Ai…'

(Yukiko's inner fantasy end)

"Yes. That's whet I do I'll be a normal girl have friends and then maybe if I try hard enough… I'll be able to tell them. This is my goal!" she thought.

-Ding Dong-

"Oh, that must be your uniform that I asked to be delivered at the door. Matsuri-san can you be a dear and get that for me." Yukiko's mom said to the awaiting maid.

"Yes Watanabe-sama... Here you are Watanabe-sama. Do you need anything else?"

"No, that's all for now I'll call you when I need something."

"Yes ma'am" With that Matsuri left the box on the table in front of the two.

"Now let get this uniform on you to see if any adjustments need to be made. Here try it on."

"Mom why is it a boy's uniform?"

"Well I thought it would be expected. I mean the media and public know you will be attending Ouran right? So I thought that if you dress up as a boy you or the school wouldn't be harassed, since people will be looking for a girl. You don't have to worry or thank me, I set it up with the school all your paperwork will say that you are a boy. Your new name is Watashi Yuuki, aren't I so clever? Now try on the uniform!"

"Alright I'll be back…" While Yuuki a.k.a. Yukiko was trying on her new uniform she was having an internal battle, all her dreams of having any friends, or sleep-overs, and all that stuff that comes with being a high school girl was over for her.

"How does it look?" she asked.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We need to do something about those breast of yours, you won't be convincing anyone that your girl with those things in people's faces. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes I know what to do!"

"What- Ahhhhhhhh stop that mom!" Yukiko said this as her mom took off her Ouran jacket and ripped off her shirt under that.

"I'm doing this to help dear, now stand still so that I can wrap these bandages around you… Now lift your arm… Let me place this here- and there! I'm done, put on your shirt so I can see what you look like."

Yukiko stood in front of the full length mirror in her uniform and all. What she saw in front of her, wasn't her at all, what she wanted to do was tear this off and yell at her mother for making her do this, but she knew she shouldn't. Her mother was doing this to give her some sort of normal life. Yukiko knew it was her fault to begin with; she wanted to pursue a life as a singer, making her parents be apart for years so she can go on tour with her mother. Even now her parents were in different countries her father on business while her mom waited for her husband to come back.

So now looking in the mirror Yukiko saw Yuuki, the boy that would be perfect son, never having to spilt up his parents again. Watashi Yuuki was her chance at a normal life. Yukiko stood smiling at the mirror as Yuuki smiled back her.

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