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Title: Love Story

Monday –Attendance record for:

Name: Watashi Yuuki

Class: 3-B

Status: absent

Tuesday – Attendance record for:

Name: Watashi Yuuki

Class: 3-B

Status: absent

"Ahh," again yelled Hana for the second time to the same secretary who showed her the attendance record for her friend Watashi Yuuki. "Come on Hina let's go, it seems Yuuki won't be returning for awhile. I just wish I knew for what reason." Grabbing her cousin, and in the process, startling her Hana and Hina let the room.

"Hana, why don't we just go to Yuuki home's to find out what's wrong, maybe he's sick." Hina replied, she didn't like seeing her friend like this.

Though Hana's answer was through a hug, "That's the greatest idea, after school we can go to his house and see what's up. And we better do it quick before those fans of Yuuki get the same idea."

The two then walked to there second class both in a better mood.

After school


When the two girls heard the bell ring that ended the day they both looked at each other and stood up, but then sat back down. "Hina do you know where Yuuki lives?"

"No, I don't know, do you?" asked Hina.


"Hey Hana, remember the last time we saw Yuuki?"

"Yeah, he yelled at us to leave so he could talk to.. the.. HOST CLUB! You're a genius Hina, why didn't I think of that myself, let's go to the source. And even if they didn't have anything to do with Yuukin not attending school I'm sure Kyoya-sempai knows where Yuuki lives."

Host Club

The Host Club, got all there customers back on Monday and Tuesday, but for the fact that Watashi Yuuki or who they just figured out to be Watanabe Yukiko, J-pop star masquerading as a boy did not come to school.

"All my beautiful princesses have returned back to me, their king!" said Takami as he sung for joy, the Host club was full.

"Yes it the customers have returned, but not for the fact of us, if we want to keep it this way, we'll have to do something about there infatuation with Yuuki." said Kyoya.

"Oh Kyoya, we just wanted to talk to you about the same subject." All the boys of the Host Club turned to the sound of the voice, what they saw were, the girls from before that came with Yuuki/Yukiko. "I'm Hana, and this is Hina were good friends to Yuuki," she glared at the other girls when she said this, "and we just want to know what you last said to him, you were the last to see and talk to him and that could of resulted in him not coming to school for the past days. So what's up?" asked Hina.

Kyoya stepped forward to take charge in this matter, "What we said has to do with nothing that concerns you. What we said to Yuuki was a private conversation between the two of us."

"So you're admitting you guys are the reason why Yuuki-kun isn't in school today!" Hana said as she twisted his words.

All the girls in the room gasped. Haruhi took this time to step in.

"Hana-san, Hina-san. Yes we were the last to speak to Yuuki-san, but are words, may have been negative, but if he perceived it the wrong way, then he was the one to make to decision to stay home."

But it was too late the damage was already done.

"I can't believe you could lie to us!" yelled the president of the Yuuki fan club. A few more girls yeahed in agreement. "Not only did you lie, you hurt a fellow classmate, a new one. Bringing a bad look on Private Ouran High School. In protest I'm leaving, if you girls are true Yuuki club members you would join me. Once the President left it wasn't long until all the girls in the room left except for Hana and Hina.

"Well you guys really know how to clear a room; I thought you knew how to do the opposite." Snickered Hana, as she looked across the now empty room.

"However," said Hina stepping in, "We didn't come to rid you of your customers we came to asked for a favor."

"A favor! You just made all or customers leave! Why would we do you anything?" Said the twins (I was wondering when they were going to talk, Hunny and Mori too.)

"Hikaru-chan, Koaru-chan don't be mean we are the Host club, we help pretty girls when they need our help. Ne Takashi?" Said Hunny (yay).


"Yes! Hunny-sempai is right, we are the Host Club, and what is it that we can do for you?"

Hina and Hana looked at each other and nodded. "We want the address of Yuuki-kun. And before you say anything this could be profitable for you. I Yuuki-kun came back your customers might come back too." Said Hina.

"And we know you know Yuuki's address," chimed in Hana, "Kyoya-sempai know everything about everyone."

The Host Club looked at each other and nodded and Kyoya stepped forward. "Here." He said handing Hina the card.

"Thanks." The two girls said and walked out of the door.

Yukiko's House (before school)

"Ugh! I can't believe I got sick, -achoo- now those Host bastards are going to think that I was scared of 'em –achoo-."

"Watanabe-sama, I am to make you better as soon as possible, I can't do that if you are out an about." Said Matsuri (if you don't remember, that their personal live-in maid look to chap. #1)

"Yes, your right, but why did I get sick now!"

"Well Watanabe-sama in my opinion it was when I stayed outside in the garden and would come inside, and then when you fell asleep there."

"Nahhhh, I think it was because the Host Club –cough- cursed me! That's it, they wanted –cough- to get –cough- me –cough- out of the picture! –cough-"

"Yukiko-sama please! Stop with this chatter the more you speak the worse you get, here drink this and sleep. I'll come by later with some soup," said Matsuri as she left.

-Present time- Yukiko's house

"Okay here we go. You ring the doorbell." Said Hana.

"Why do I have to ring it?" Hina asked.

"Because I said so, and I'm older."

"No your not." Hina replied.

"Yeah, I know, but now I am officially known as the older one in this group."

"Okay," sighed Hina, "I'll press the doorbell."

"No need, I could hear your argument a mile away. What is it that you want?" replied the woman.

Hina stepped forward with a bow, "My name is Nakamura Hina and this is my friend Nishimura, we are both classmates and good friends of Yuuki-kun and were wondering if we could see him?"

"Sure come in, though wait right here,"

"Thank you miss…" Started Hana.

"Oh, how rude of me my name is Watanabe Keiko, Yukik- Yuuki's aunt."

"So does that make you mother of Ai, the famous singer?" asked Hana.

"Yes I guess you could say that. Well I'll go see if Yuuki is up for company."

"Okay." Said the two girls and thay obediently waited.

Yukiko's Room


"Who is it?" Yukiko said weakly.

"It's your mother I'm coming in." Yukiko's mom came in with a bag of supplies and then through them on the bed.

"Wha-, Mom!? What are you doing?"

"Your two friends, Hina-san and Hana-san is waiting down stairs for you, so lets put on these bandages to make you look more like a boy."

"Wait, mom, I don't think I want to hide my secret from them anymore, I want to tell before they hear it from somebody else."

"Why would they here about your secret from somebody else dear?" Yukiko's mom asked.

"Well, the Host Club,a bunch of boys sort of found out my secret and is using it against me." She said softly.

"Who are these boys that are doing this to you; they are going to hear a word from me."

"Well there's…

-Hitachiin Koaru and Hikaru,

"Oohh, their mum, makes the finest clothes, see this skirt, made by her."


"Oh, yes dear they hurt you. Now go on."

-Haninozuka 'Hunny', and Morinozuka Takashi their cousins.

"Dear we're friend with that family and I've met Mistukuni and Takashi; they're wonderful boys."

"You're right they actually weren't the offenders."

"Well keep on going dear."

-and then finally there's Souh Tamaki and Ootori Kyoya. I hate them the most."

Yukiko's mom's mouth dropped.

"Those are the boys that now your secret, the ones that are harassing you?"


"Well, I'm not sure I can to anything now…"

"What why?" Yelled Yukiko, followed by a coughing fit.

Yukiko's mom handed her a glass of water, "Well, I'm not sure you know this but your father's company, the one working on stem cell research are going through the process of merging with the Ootori's medical company. And for there to bet a dispute between us two may lead to your father losing the deal. And I know you don't want that? Right honey?"


"So I think the only way for you and the Host Club to handle this is to direct talk with them. And you have to make it quick. Ootori-san and his family will be coming over for dinner here on Friday, and you will have to attend this."


"No buts you will go. Anyways I'll send your friends if your so adamant in them knowing your secret." With that Yukiko's mom walked out the room while Yukiko prepared for the worse.


"Come in?" The door slowly opened to reveal…

Masturi escorting Hana and Hina inside.

"Watanabe-sama," Matsuri started, "I'll outside if you need me."

"Thank you." Matsuri then left.

Hina and Hana were awe struck, "Why'd she call you Watanabe-sama?" started Hina.

"Hina, Hana," Yukiko said, as she looked at the two, "There's something I have to tell you."

Well that's end for now. See you all again later.