Three years

That's how long they've been in this galaxy. When U.S.S. Voyager came through the transwarp aperture, they didn't arrive at earth. Instead they arrived at Naboo. After the first few hours of investigation it became clear that they probably won't be able to get back to earth. Captain Janeway initiated first contact with the queen of Naboo, who graciously offered shore leave to the entire crew.

"Thank you your highness. If it is alright with you we would like a place to set down. Normally a ship this size would stay in orbit but we have the ability to land." Said Janeway.

"Of course, Captain Typhon, please find a suitable location for their vessel and prepare a speeder I wish to meet you in person." Replied the Queen

"I would be honored."

"The royal hanger should be able to fit your vessel, but if not you can land in the plaza just in front of the palace at least temporarily until we find a better landing area or larger hanger."

"Thank you Captain Typhon."

"My pleasure, Captain Janeway."

Channel closed.

"Mr. Paris take us down."

"Bridge to all crew members, we are going to land the ship. Go to blue alert and report to code blue stations." Said Tuvok.

The ship landed and Captain Janeway met with the Queen. In a private meeting, Janeway outlined Federation history up to the point Voyager was taken to the Delta quadrant. The Queen replied with a short history of the Clone Wars finishing with the rise of the Empire and a suggestion to visit Alderran, she also arranged for galactic maps to be transferred to Voyager. In addition she suggested that their ship be outfitted with a hyper-drive. Janeway accepted the offer and schematics were given to B'Elanna Torres who was briefing the crew on the hyper-drive system.

"I think I know why the Quantum Slipstream drive didn't work. Because we didn't have accurate enough maps of the quadrant to calculate the gravitational masses. If we had a Navicomputer when we made that attempt, we'd probably be home now." Said B'Elanna

"Interesting. How long before we can install it?" asked Janeway

"With help from some Nubian technicians I think I can get it up and running in a few months but we'll still be able to use our warp engines for a quick getaway." Replied B'Elanna

"About our warp engines. How much anti-matter do we have left?" asked Harry

"We still have plenty but from what I've heard, this galaxy has plenty of antimatter. Plus the hyper-drive runs on a completely different fuel source. A source which is easily procured in this galaxy. Given enough time I could probably rebuild the Quantum Slipstream Drive with improvements from this galaxy." Replied B'Elanna.

"Let's hold off on the Slipstream Drive for now. Tuvok where do we stand tactically?"

"I have spoken with the Royal Naboo Security Chief and from what I've heard most weapons technology depends on lasers and missiles with proton warheads. Our shields should sufficiently protect us however I do suggest we obtain a tactical database of weapons and warships we may encounter in this galaxy." He replied

"See to it. If there is nothing else than we're dismissed."

Chapter 1 A New Galaxy

One month later with the hyperdrive installed Voyager made a trip to Alderran. Janeway spoke with Senator Organa and he arranged for Janeway to meet with some other Senators.

Meanwhile Imperial intelligence was watching them but so far the strange, new ship seemed to pose no threat.

Due to the need for a place to service the ship, the need for credits became apparent. Janeway asked if there was anything they could do for the Senator. As a gesture of good will the senator ordered a set of military grade shield generators for the starship. As a result the vessel now had primary and secondary shields.

"My daughter needs a personal transport and the Tantive IV is too small to defend itself from anything short of pirates."

"We'll take it."

"Ok then I'll my daughter contact you."

For three years the Starship Voyager served Leia Organa well but it was about to become part of a galactic conflict.