Chapter 11 Superstructure Chase and Aftermath

Meanwhile in orbit the space battle raged. A pair of rebel fighters made a run on a shield dome of the Executer. The captain ordered "Intensify foreword firepower I don't want anything to get through."

"Too late!" yelled his XO

He saw an out of control A-wing spinning toward his bridge. The pilot screamed as he was about to hit but disappeared from his cockpit thanks to a nearby Flyer. The pilotless A-wing smashed into the bridge taking out most of the controls the Executer dived into the Death Star and exploded on impact.

"The shield is down; commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor." Ordered Ackbar

"We're on our way. Delta lead to squadron set course for the Death Star, full impulse." Ordered Paris.

"Voyager to all rebel fighter groups, re-group and converge on remaining Star Destroyers, try to disable them. Target their engines and weapons. Tuvok initiate beaming of Rebel boarding parties when ready." Said Janeway.

"Transports in progress." He replied

Since the boarding parties weren't on Voyager there was no need to lower the shields. Several boarding parties appeared on the bridges of several Imperial Star Destroyers. Some appeared in the hallways. They immediately took over vital areas such as engineering, the hanger bays and the bridge. Other boarding parties were onboard via boarding craft which had docked and forced their way aboard.

Meanwhile Paris and his Delta squadron flew over the Death Star's surface. The entrance to the superstructure came into few, Paris and the other flyers rolled and dove in. "Here goes nothing." He said.

Four TIE fighters followed them in. "Paris to Deltas, form up, stay left we could run out of space real quick."

The fast fighters stayed in formation around a turn but the first TIE to round the corner bounced twice between the walls and exploded. The next opened fire on the last Federation craft. The Flyer-class fighter fired its aft phasers obliterating the fighter. As the squadron came to a split he ordered most of the squadron except the flyer piloted by Seven of Nine to break off and head back to the surface and to get a few TIEs to follow them.

"Copy Delta lead."

Eleven Delta Flyers broke right at the junction and the other two headed right, towards the strongest power source which would be the power generator. But two TIEs were still on them although they weren't shooting…yet. Soon the generator was in view "There it is" said Tom "Alright Seven, go for the power regulator on the North Tower."

"Copy that, initiating attack pattern Beta-4." Replied Seven

Her Flyer pulled up and two quantum torpedoes shot out at the regulator. The Flyer rounded the generator and headed back out. At the same time Tom put a long burst from his pulse cannons into the generator. It exploded and started to collapse as Tom rounded it and headed out as well. A single TIE was left following the Flyer out of the Death Star with a wall of fire not too far behind.

Seven's Flyer shot out of the Death Star's superstructure and micro-jumped away from the doomed station. Then Tom's ship nearly consumed by the fire also performed a micro-jump.

Meanwhile Anakin Skywalker had redeemed himself by killing the Emperor. But it may have cost him his life. Luke dragged him to a shuttle and not stopping to check on his father, began the launch sequence. As the hanger filled with fire the Imperial shuttle zoomed out. As the shuttle got farther away the Death Star exploded. Luke checked on his father. Still alive…barely.

"Skywalker to Voyager, I have a medical emergency."

"Standby Luke we're beaming you aboard now."

"Acknowledged I have one other with me. He's the emergency"

"Standby to transport."

The two figures disappeared in blue light. Luke reappeared in Voyager's full sickbay, standing upright. Anakin appeared on a bio-bed. The Doctor scanned him. "Severe electrical shock. Who is he?"

"My father."

"I see. Go to holo-deck one they can treat you there." Meanwhile he had several other patients to attend to. The Doctor began operating on Anakin and repaired the electrical damage. He also healed the age old burns in the lungs and healed the scars. He was able to remove the suit that had kept him alive for more than twenty years but the severed left hand could not be repaired, he just scanned the right hand, reversed it, and then replicated it as a left hand. He then called an engineer to come and reattach the hand.

Luke entered holo-deck one to find a fully equipped and staffed sickbay bigger than the real one. He was scanned and given a hypo by a holographic nurse then ordered to the bridge. (The Doctor came up with the idea of the emergency holographic sickbay after reviewing the casualty estimates from the battle. A fully equipped sickbay from a starbase complete with medical staff. With the holodeck safeties offline medical tools and medicine would be as good as the real thing. Using both holo-decks on Voyager they could treat many more wounded then just the regular sickbay.)

Luke walked into the Captain's ready room, Janeway was already there. Luke was debriefed on the events on Endor then on the Death Star. Janeway in turn debriefed him about the space battle.