Chapter 2: A New Hope

Voyager came out of hyperspace near the planet Tatooine and assumed a standard orbit. According to reports the Tantive IV was transporting Leia to a rendezvous point with Voyager but was intercepted by an Imperial Star Destroyer.

"Captain I'm getting a transponder signal from Princess Organa's personal droids. They appear to be on a ship heading out of the system." Reported Harry.

"The vessel appears to be under attack." Said Tuvok.

"Raise shields, standby all weapons." Janeway ordered.

"Captain, the vessel has jumped into hyperspace." Reported Tuvok

"Stand down red alert. Tuvok did you get their vector?" she asked

"Yes, Captain. They appeared to be on a heading for Alderaan." He replied

"Very well, take us out of the system at maximum warp then make lightspeed calculations for the planet Yavin Four." Ordered Janeway. I just hope Leia made it off before the Tantive was captured.

A few hours later they arrived at Yavin. After debriefing with General Dodonna the vessel landed for regular maintenance and refueling. Three hours later a ship came out of hyperspace near the planet. It identified itself as the Millennium Falcon. Permission was granted to land and Janeway was able to meet the crew of the ship and Luke Skywalker. She was relieved to see Leia unharmed. The plans for the Death Star were given to the General who devised a daring raid on the thermal exhaust port. The Starship Voyager would take part in the battle along with all of her shuttlecraft and the Delta Flyer.

Paris walked into Janeway's readyroom. "Lieutenant Paris reporting as ordered sir."

"At ease Mr. Paris, the Death Star is apparently on its way here and the Rebels are going to launch an attack with snubfighters. I want you in the Delta Flyer to provide support and to recover any pilots who get shot down. All of our armed shuttlecraft will provide cover while the X-wings and Y-wings make for the exhaust port." Janeway said

"Yes ma'am." He replied

"You leave whenever the station gets here and the rebel fighters are launched." Said Janeway

An hour later the Death Star arrived in the system and started to orbit Yavin. The Rebels launched their fighters which formed up with Voyager and her shuttlecraft.

Captain Janeway ordered all fighters to report in.

"Red Leader standing by."

"Red 2 standing by."

"Red 3 standing by."

"Red 4 standing by."

"Red 5 standing by." That was Luke. The new kid.

"Red 6 standing by."

"Red 7 standing by."

"Red 8 standing by."

"Red 9 standing by."

"Red 10 standing by."

"Red 11 standing by."

"Red 12 standing by."

"Tom Paris at your service."

"Shuttles 1-4 standing by."

"Lock s-foils in attack position. Shields to maximum standby all weapons. Transporter rooms and shuttles keep a lock on all pilots, if they get hit, beam them out before their ships breakup."Janeway ordered.

After a string of acknowledgments, the fighters and Voyager passed through the magnetic field.

"Look at the size of that thing." Remarked Red 2 AKA Wedge Antilles.

"Cut the chatter Red 2."

"All fighters, attack pattern Beta 6 (the rebel pilots had taken a quick crash course in Starfleet attack maneuvers) accelerate to attack speed. Tuvok find that exhaust port and fire phasers on the nearest turbolaser emplacement." Ordered Janeway.

"Aye sir."

The fighters broke up into pairs as did the shuttles. The fighters began to strafe the surface of the station, taking out many turbolaser batteries. Voyager took out even more.

"Captain I've located the exhaust port. I am transmitting the coordinates to the fighters now."

"Voyager, this is Gold Leader, we're starting our attack run."

"Shuttle craft two, keep up with the bombers."

"Voyager, this is Base 1 we've picked up a new group of signals…enemy fighters coming your way."

"This is Voyager, we have them on sensors, Delta Flyer, see what you can do, Reds 5-8 give him a hand."

"Roger that."

As the TIEs streaked in the Flyer met them head-on. Two burst of phaser fire and two TIEs destroyed. The rest flashed past him only to be chewed to pieces by the four X-wings behind him. Another group of TIEs had already gotten onto the bombers, the shuttle was helping but it already had to beam out two pilots before their ships were destroyed.

Rebel Command Center (Fourth Moon of Yavin)

"Death Star will be in range in five minutes."

"Red leader, Voyager, this is Base 1, keep half your group out of range for the next run."

U.S.S. Voyager (Over Death Star Trench)

"Copy Base 1. Red Leader through Red four, you may begin your run. Paris and remaining fighters, fly CAP." Ordered Janeway.

Voyager rocked from an impact.


"Shields down to eighty percent." Reported Tuvok.

"Maintain Phaser fire"

Red leader was in the trench and when his computer registered a lock on the port he fired his proton torpedoes.

"Negative, it didn't go in. It just impacted on the surface." He reported.

"I have an idea. Helm bring us to a hover over the exhaust port, then angle down. Tuvok see if you can't put some photons down that hole."

"Aye captain."

Voyager came to a hover and angled down.

"I can't lock on to the port Captain it's too small."

"Fire anyway, we can at least make it a bigger target for the fighters." Ordered Janeway.

"Aye sir."

Four torpedoes rang out. One looked like it went in but it just impacted the side. The salvo made the port and least ten meters wide. Voyager targeted the weapons at the end of the trench and fired torpedoes at them destroying them. Meanwhile another group of TIEs had engaged the rebel fighters. However one was special. A single TIE Advanced 1 piloted by Darth Vader himself. He had already damaged Red Leader's craft which plowed into the trench as the Flyer beamed him out. He then got on Paris' tail when the flyer's aft phasers knocked out his shields and sent him spinning away. Sensing the rebels close to victory Vader stabilized his ship then headed away from the station. Meanwhile it was Luke's turn to make the run.

"We're going in we're going in full throttle that ought to keep those fighters off our back." Said Luke

"Right with you boss." Said Wedge, even though technically he should be next in line

"Luke at that speed you think we'll be able to pull out in time?" asked Biggs

"It'll be just like Beggar's Canyon back home." Luke replied.

"We'll stay back far enough to cover you." Stated Biggs

"My scope shows the tower but I can't see the exhaust port. You're sure the computer can hit it." Said Wedge

"You worry about those fighters I'll worry about the tower." Ordered Luke

"Red five, this is Lieutenant Paris, I show incoming fighters coming in, 0.3 degrees, I make five bogies. I'm a little busy right now I can't help you much and so are our shuttles."

"Roger that Lieutenant."

The TIEs were in the trench with them now. The two in front began firing. Biggs was hit. His shields went down and his ship started to break up, luckily they were still in range of Voyager's transporters and had been beamed out. Wedge was hit next, but he was able to pull out before any more blasts hit him. Then from above a photon torpedo appeared and destroyed three TIEs. It was Voyager

"Captain I am detecting a vessel entering the combat area. It's the Millennium Falcon." Reported Tuvok

From the Falcon came a laser blast that destroyed one TIE, the other broke off. "Yaaahoooo! You're all clear kid now let's blow this thing and go home." Han yelled

Luke fired and both torpedoes and they went in. Luke and the remaining fighters and shuttles took off at maximum speed away from the Death Star. It exploded brilliantly.

"Voyager to all fighters and shuttles well done, return to base. Helm put us in standard orbit."

That evening, an award ceremony was held. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were awarded the medal of bravery, Captain Janeway and her crew received a unit commendation for bravery.

But this was just the beginning of an epic journey.