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Wizard of Kitsune

Prologue: The Tale Begins

An old man leaned over the table he was sitting at, as sunlight streamed through a glass covered window. The only noise was the gentle noise of the calligraphy brush, as he wrote something down on a scroll. He sighed as he sat up, and moved the scroll aside, dragging a new one to him. He switched to an eagle feather pen, and after dipping it into the ink, he started to write on another scroll, in a different language.

The door slowly opened behind him, and a young boy with red and blonde streaked hair came in quietly. The boy moved next to the old man, and looked at the scrolls which littered the desk.

"Ojii-san? Are you ready?" The old man smiled at his grandson.

"Of course. I promised you I would tell you a story, didn't I?" The old man chuckled, as he turned away from the desk. A long white beard matched the snow white hair on his head. A few of the locks were spiky, but most lay flat on his head. He slowly picked his grandson up with a grunt, and sat him on his lap.

"Now. This story is very important. It started long before you were born. It's about the 4th great Shinobi War, and the one man who prevented the Shadow of Evil from taking a hold on the land. It's about the Wizard of Kitsune."

It is said in the height of the Fifth Age of the Sun, Morgoth the Accursed slipped in secret and stealth past the leager of the Valor, into Arda. Though he succeeded in this deed in spirit form only, the Lords of Valinor were greatly troubled, for it seemed that Morgoth should not be loosed upon the realm of Arda until the ending of the Sun, which had not yet come to pass. Manwe, Chief of the Valar sent then Olorin, who is named Gandalf by mortal men, to Tol Fuin. For if it was as some of the Ainar feared, then end of ages, then the Tomb of Turin would lie empty on the Lonely Isle. But Olorin returned in guarded joy and great confusion, for Turin still slept in his tomb, and his black sword still lay upon his breast. At the tidings of Olorin, all Valinor was set to tumult and unrest, for could they just leave Morgoth uncontested, weak in power though he was now?

And Earendil stood at the Council of Valinor, and spoke for all free men, as he had done five ages before. "Mighty Ainur of Illuvatar, we must not forget that much of Morgoth's dread might is in the shadow he hath sown into the very being of Arda, and that shadow has not diminished in his absence. If we ourselves may not pass the sundering sea, and enter Middle Earth, let us send out hunters of great skill to bring him back to the Doors of Night."

At this, the Valar were humbled, for none among their high race had the clarity to perceive such a choice. Orome was first to recover from his shock, and spoke, "Yea, Earendil, savior of men twice now in time of need, as you suggest, it shall now be so. For I shall send from the halls of Valmar great hunting beasts that shall stride the lands of Arda in vigil against Morgoth." And Tulkas the Mighty replied also, "And upon these hunters, I shall grant a gift of strength, each according to their station. That mighty they should seem to men and beast, and be raised above their kin." And Manwe rose and lifted his hand for silence, and he turned to each Vala and each Child of Eru in turn, before at last, he spoke. "As my kin Tulkas and Orome speak, it shall be so. But Illuvatar has spoken to me in my thought, and has deemed to send back from long sleep of death, one of Orome's hall to lead these Farofaerun. Huan of Valinor he sets as their chief, and he shall be the greatest of them. Nine has Illuvatar set as their number, and their tails shall mark their station."

And so it was that the Farofaerun, the nine hunters of Valinor departed as spirits of wrath and fury to Arda. And long was their hunt, though it ended for many, ere they succeeded. For the men of the Fifth Age knew them not as messengers of Valinor. Indeed, the Farofaerun were named the Biju, the tailed beasts, and were feared as demons of wrath and evil. But Huan long eluded capture, and sought out ever news of Morgoth, or men of great evil who might be in his service. And it is said that Huan chanced upon a battle between two warriors over leadership of their land. And he perceived the taint of Morgoth upon one of them. But the cursed man had gained a vile power from his pact with Morgoth, and enchanted Huan to attack the other.

Now of old, Huan had been in the form of a great hound, but as the law of Illuvatar, when a Maia is returned from death, a new form he must take, ad so Huan was now gird in the form of a great fox, and his tails numbered nine. So it was the pure hearted warrior faced the nine tailed fox ensnared by his foe, and acting perhaps on a message of thought from Illuvatar, he bound the beast in the boughs of a mighty tree. At once, Huan was freed from the spell, for the power of Yavanna touched him through the tree, and the beasts of Orome take pleasure and peace in the beauty in the gardens of Yavanna Vala of nature. In that act, the dark warrior was laid low, though he was destroyed not. Huan looked at the man who had freed him, and spoke in the elder tongue of Valinor, which by its nature is heard and understood by all.

"Great is your strength, Man of Arda, and a shadow of fire I see in your eyes. Be content, but wary, for I am Huan the Hunter, and we may yet meet in battle if your valor fails you. But for the present, I must hunt the one who ensnared me. For he is my only clue to my true prey. The will of flame imperishable be your guide, Child of Eru." So it was the warrior named Senju took the epitaph given to him by Huan the Hunter as the title of his office. In his own tongue, "Hokage", and the "Will of Fire" he called upon as his patron.

For long years, Huan hunted the dark warrior, and many times they fought, though never again could Huan's mind be ensnared. And Huan's foe was named Madara, and at length, Huan lost all trace of Madara, and wandered for many years in the lands of Arda, learning more of changes in the land. At length, rumor reached the great leader of the Farofaerun that Madara had descendants in a village called Konoha. And not knowing that this was the village of the warrior who had freed him years before, he descended upon the walled city in wrath. And when they tried to slay him, he bellowed in pride, "Foolish sons of the Edain! I am Huan, Hunter of Valinor! From death I have been returned, and none of mortal blood can slay me!" And this was true, as Huan was a Maia of great power, returned from death by Illuvatar. But Huan's luck failed him that night, as the new leader of the town, fourth to bear the title Huan himself had unknowingly granted, gave his life to seal Huan away in the body of his own son. Huan worried not, as he lay inside the boy, for Illuvatar had spoken to him as he bound him to the boy, and these were the words of Eru to Huan the Fox-hound of Nine Tails. "Be at peace, faithful canine, as these are not servants of Morgoth. For of the line of Telcontar of the Dunedain is your captor, and your jailor will be the first of an even greater line, the house of Ribigaer. And with his help shall you complete your mission. Sleep now, until Olorin comes." And sleep Huan did, until the day Olorin came.

Okay, this was just a prologue. The real story begins next chapter.

For those of you who are scratching your heads, going "What the heck?", I'll try to clarify. This is the tale of how Kyuubi and the other biju came into existence. And yes, it sounds like it came out of the Bible. This is actually fairly close, if not perfectly matching, to how Tolkein wrote Lord of The Rings. It will all make sense has the story unfolds. And don't worry, I'll finish Legend of Naruto as soon as me and Allan fix the problem we're having with the chapter.

Valmar= City of the Valar in Valinor

Farofaerun= Hunting Spirit Animals

Ribigaer= the sea rises in torrents (elvish for winds and waves, or Namikaze)

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