Hey, so some of you may know me as the author of 100 Songfics, but now I'm going to do a real Clique fic. I'm obsessed and in love with these books so I'm really going to enjoy writing this. I do not own any Clique characters, but I wish I owned Derrick Harrington, but no. This is actually based on a true story. I hope you enjoy it! Here's the prolouge:


It was a chilly morning. The clouds were up and the sun was hiding. The sky's normal blue color had been dyed gray. The wind whipped around, trying to slap cold air in people's faces. The grass was still filled with dew from the previous night. The bare trees were dancing with the wind, mournfully. The animals were safe in their homes, hoping not to come out. Yes, it was another one of those days.

The large Range Rover pulled into the parking lot and maneuvered into a parking spot. Although the car was parked, the car was still on. It was merely another day of dropping off the girls at school. The front door opened to reveal the chauffeur dressed in his uniform. He shut his door and then opened the back door. From inside, five girls gracefully exited the car. The last one kissed the driver's cheek and said goodbye.

Her name was Massie Block, the diva of BOCD. She was their alpha, their leader. Leader of whom? Well, the Pretty Committee of course. The five girls that belonged in the committee were high society in Westchester. Massie, with her brunette locks, caressing her face and her flickering amber eyes, signaled the girls to stand in a line. She inspected them all from top to bottom.

"9.7, Alicia. Good job." She said as she passed on to the next girl.

The girl, Alicia, squealed with delight. She was happy to be rated so high, but no she wasn't surprised. She was always rated the second highest. Some people would argue that she should be the alpha of the school. She was beautiful. She had long tan legs and dark long hair. Her brown eyes matched her personality and her curves matched her body. She was partly Spanish, but the girls like to call her Fanish, because they found out her European blood was fake.

"Congratulations Dylan. You're a 9.4." Massie said as she pointed at Dylan's sandals and shook her head.

The girl Dylan blushed with embarrassment. The sandals Massie didn't approve of were gift from her mother, who forced her to wear them. She was going to take out her low nine rating on her mom. Dylan was the most laid back one of the five. Although she was always worried about her weight, she loved food. Not to mention, burping, her "bad habit" as Alicia calls it. Her red locks matched her piercing green eyes quite nicely.

"Kristen, sporty and trendy. I like it. You're a 9.8." Massie said as she applauded her. Soon all of the girls applauded, even if they didn't like her high score.

Kristen twirled and grinned. She wanted to soak up the spotlight as much as possible. It wasn't every day she received such a high rating. Her short blond hair and her brown eyes matched her pink Juicy Couture sweat shirt with True Religion Jeans. It really was sporty and trendy. Massie smiled and then turned to look at the girl living in her guest house.

Claire Lyons was her name. She had medium length white blond hair and blue eyes. She and her family lived behind Massie Block. Today she was wearing a gap blue hoodie and black Target jeans. Massie wagged her finger at Claire and sighed in frustration.

"The gap sweatshirt is one thing, but keds too Kuh-laire? You're killing me. Claire, 7.4, can't walk with us today, sorry." Massie said with shrug as she and the PC started walking to the beat of Womanizer. Claire waited till they were on school grounds, before following them. Claire was actually happy that Massie didn't let her walk with them today. She had purposely picked out Massie's un-favorite things, so she could walk with her boyfriend Cam.

Claire watched as the PC had all eyes on them. They walked inside the school building with the soccer guys trailing after them. Standing right by the door, waiting for her, was Cam Fisher. He was watching Claire make her way to him. His green and blue eyes flashed with joy when Claire finally reached him. A big grin crept on his face as Claire hugged him.

"Hey Claire Bear." He said happily as she laughed. Their hands intwined together as they walked inside the school.

The couple walked through the hallway searching for their algebra class. Whispers and stares followed their movement. Everyone was talking about Cam and Claire lately. Next to the PC, they were the hot topic of the month. Everyone was pretty sure that their cuteness would not last. Especially after Josh and Alicia's relationship didn't last. And everyone thought that relationship would last, so Claire and Cam didn't have a very good chance. Some people were still hopeful for the couple of the year.

Cam and Claire walked into their algebra class. Claire took a seat right next to Dylan. She motioned for Cam to sit at the desk next to her. He smiled and walked over to desk next to Claire. He sat down and gazed over at a smiling Claire. Soon he gaze pulled off her and looked at the teacher approaching his desk.

"Now students, get out your homework from last night." He said as he pushed up the frames on his glasses. The door opened and the Spanish beauty rushed into the room. She ruffled her hair and smiled softly at the teacher.

"Miss Rivera, nice of you to join us."

"Sorry." Alicia mouthed to him as she walked towards the lines of desks. She gazed at every student, but her look lingered on Cam longer than it should have.

Cam gazed back at Alicia, and offered her a smile. She grinned wickedly back and winked at him. She took the seat in front of him. Cam stared at the back of her head. He was confused as to why Alicia winked at him and he was curious. He knew he shouldn't be so he stared over at Claire instead. Claire was too busy grabbing her homework to notice.

"Miss Rivera, collect everyone's homework." He ordered.

"Yes, Mr. Coleman." She purred out.

She got out of her seat and twirled a finger in her hair. She walked around to collect the papers. After she collected Claire's paper, she walked over to Cam's desk. Cam stared up at her and watched her as her lips curved into a smile. Cam realized he had gazed a little too long, so he cleared his throat.

"Are you just gonna sit there and stare or are you going to give me your homework?"

"Oh." Cam murmured. He mentally slapped himself. She wasn't just randomly there. He pulled his homework out and handed it to her. She winked at him before she walked up to Mr. Coleman and gave him the papers. She studied him before sitting back in her seat.

"Cam? Are you listening?" Claire asked sweetly.

"Oh, um what did you say Claire?"

"I asked if I could borrow a pencil." She said as she laughed slightly. He smiled at her and handed her a pencil. She smiled and thanked him before taking the pencil.

"Today's lesson is all about geometry." The teacher said as he wrote out a problem on the board.

"Class dismissed." The teacher announced. All of the students got up from their seats.

Claire handed Cam the pencil back and collected her bag together. Claire found Cam looking distracted. She waved a hand in front of his face and chuckled.

"Earth to Cam. Still here? It's only been one class." She said as she giggled into her palm.

"Oh yeah Claire. Let's go." He said as he grabbed her hand. They both walked out of the room in silence.

"Something on your mind?" Claire asked him when they were in the hallway.

Cam was staring directly ahead of them. He didn't even seem to notice Claire talking. Claire yanked her hand from Cam's grasp. He kept walking on. Claire stood behind, a bit surprised.

'He's probably just a bit spaced.' Claire told herself as she walked in the other direction, until she was out of sight.

"What did you say Claire?" Cam asked the space next to him.

He realized she was no longer with him. He looked around and couldn't find her. He should have been worried about her, but for some reason he wasn't. He felt a tap on his back. It was Claire, probably, playing a trick on him.

"Hey Cam." Alicia said as he turned around.

"Hey Leesh." Cam said nervously. He was wondering why she was giving him so much attention lately. Cam had never really hung out with Alicia. So this was new.

"Walk with me?" She asked him. He nodded as they walked down the hall, in silence.

"Cam, I think there's a piece of paper in your hair." Alicia said as she reached up to grab his hair. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled back to see a flushed Cam. She smiled and raised an eyebrow.

"Guess not. Sorry." She said.

"Leesh! I need help!" A voice called from behind her.

"Coming Dyl. See ya 'round Cam." She said before leaving him.

Cam shook his shaggy hair and ran a finger threw it. What was wrong with him today? He found Derrick at his locker. He walked over and bumped fists with him.

"What's up man?" Derrick asked me.

"Nothing much. I'm just really confused." I told Derrick. I didn't know why I was going to tell him, but I needed to tell someone.

"About what?" Derrick asked me.

"Alicia. I think she was flirting with me."

"And where's the problem?"

"I like it when she flirts with me and-." Cam tried to explain to Derrick.

"What's wrong with that?" Derrick interrupted.

"I'm with Claire." I said flatly.

"So? Maybe you're just not that into Claire anymore."

"But Claire is my girlfriend." Cam made sure he empathized girlfriend.

"She is? Well I guess you're going to have to dump her soon." Derrick said with a shrug.

"I gotta figure this out. Later man." I told him as I walked away.

"Don't be late for our game!" He called after me.

Claire walked into the classroom and piled her stuff on the nearest shelf. The classroom was empty and the teacher was missing. That was exactly what Claire was hoping for. It was lunch time, but she didn't feel much like eating with her friends. Especially when Cam was acting a little distant. Claire grabbed a pencil out of her back pack and walked over to the easel with her name on it. She sat on the stool and made sure there was a piece of white paper. She grabbed her pencil and started to sketch. After she took up photography, she felt as if she could contribute more to art. She took up painting and figured out she was a natural born painter. Whenever she was sad or happy, or really anything, she would paint.

She pulled her pencil back and nibbled on it. She viewed her drawing so far and smiled with content. She was happy with what she had just drawn. She stood up from the stool and walked over to where her backpack was laying. She slung the backpack, neatly, over her back and she placed her pencil in the backpack's pocket.

She walked out of the room and made her way to her locker. School was almost over and she couldn't wait. Today was Briarwood's first game this year and Cam was going to play. She was starting to appreciate soccer. She got to see her boyfriend sweaty. And that was definently fun. She smirked to herself and let out a chuckle with the thoughts of Cam playing soccer. Speaking of Cam, she wondered where he was right now.

Oh well, she thought to herself as she shrugged. She would see him soon enough. Only one more period.


The students in the classroom cheered as the bell rang. They all ran out the door without giving the teacher a signal glance. Massie rolled her eyes as she watched everyone push to get out the door. She slowly got up from her seat and motioned for Cam and Derrick to follow. They stood up immediately and followed her out the door. People stared at Massie Block, who happened to be walking with the two hottest guys at BOCD. Her friends.

"Good luck you two." Massie said as they both entered the boy's locker rooms.

"Thanks Block." Derrick said a wink as they both walked in. God, they were both so annoying. JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY!

Massie smiled and walked out the door. Waiting for her outside was Kristen, Dylan, and Alicia. Massie linked arms with them and all four started walking towards the fields where the boys were playing.

"Where's Claire?" Massie asked.

"Conferencing with Mr. Stewart." Kristen said swiftly.

"She is coming though, right?" Massie asked them.

"She said she would." Dylan reassured her. Massie smiled warmly at her red headed friend.

All of them entered the soccer fields and walked up the bleachers' stairs. They sat down together at the same time, on the top row seats. Alicia pulled out her bag and handed them each a binocular. Massie noticed Alicia was one binocular short.

"Where's the fifth one?" Massie asked Alicia.

"Um…I forgot Claire was coming. She can share mine. No biggie." Alicia said with a wave of her hand. Massie didn't feel reassured this time, but she put it past her when she saw the boys taking the field.

"GO TOMHAWKS!" Kristen screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Beat the other team!" Dylan shouted.

As Derrick walked into the goal, he looked up at the stands and wiggled his butt for Massie. She smiled and gave him the thumbs up. They had to win this game. This was the opening game.

"Go Cam!" Alicia shouted. All three of them turned to stare at her in surprise.

"What? I can't cheer for a friend?" Alicia asked nervously. Dylan and Kristen turned their attention back to the game.

Massie kept staring at Alicia. Her amber eyes were flicked dangerously. Alicia tried hard to avoid Massie's glare, but it burned holes in her side. Massie turned to look at Claire, who was running up the bleacher stands. She smiled as Massie patted the seat between her and Alicia. Claire sat down happily, greeted her friends. Then her attention turned to the game. Josh was dribbling the ball forward, towards the other team's goal.

Cam placed his hands on his head when he saw the Leopards score against Derrick. Derrick slammed his fist on the ground, but passed the ball up to Cam, for him to start the game again. It was the second half. The score was 1 to 1. There was only a couple minutes left in the game. As soon as the ref blew the whistle, Josh passed it off to Cam, who then cut by one guy and layed it off to Kemp. Kemp then booted the ball over to Josh. Josh cut by one guy and all was left was one defender. As Josh neared the left hand corner, he crossed the ball over in the air. Cam leaped up in the air, and headed the ball towards the goal. The goalie jumped for it, but missed! The ball landed swiftly, inside the net.

"Tomhawks scored!" The announcer screamed.

Cam ran up to his team as they cheered him on. They were going to win. And Cam had scored the winning goal. He looked up and saw Claire and her friends cheering for him. The weird thing was he was watching Alicia the most. She waved at him so he waved back and smiled at her. The ref blew the whistle, indicating the game was over. They had just won their first game of the series. Cam, Josh, Kemp, and Plovert ran over to Derrick and jumped on him. The all laughed and cheered. They stood up when they saw the girls jogging towards them.

Claire was trailing after the girls, walking with Layne. Massie hugged Derrick and congratulated him. Kristen and Dylan watched the two talk. Cam turned to look at Alicia.

I watched as Alicia ran towards Cam. That was weird. Since when where they friends?

"Claire, are you listening?" Layne asked me.

"No, I'm sorry what?" I asked her, as I turned to look at her.

"Woah." Layne said as she stopped dead in her tracks. She was staring ahead of her, looking shocked.

"What is i-." I tried to say as I turned to look at what was so interesting.

I stopped dead in my tracks, copying Layne. I was speechless. I couldn't believe it. Tears threatened to fall down my face. I shook my head a couple of times and I felt my body go pale. This wasn't happening. No, it couldn't be. But it was. My Cam Fisher was kissing Alicia Rivera. And they were enjoying it. I stood there frozen, wanting to run, but I couldn't. My feet were glued to the ground. I wasn't the only one watching. Everyone around us was watching. I watched as Alicia pulled away from Cam.

"Ca-a-m?" I barley choked out.

Everyone turned to look at me. Alicia's smile fell and so had Cam's. My eyes felt watery and I'm sure they're probably red. I wiped the new formed tears before they could fall. I was not weak. Well, at least I couldn't show it.

"Claire." He said softly.

I walked away, no I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I started sobbing loudly as I ran. I heard Layne calling after me, but I didn't care. I needed to get out of there. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I didn't care anymore.

I heard footsteps coming from behind me, but that didn't stop me. I kept running. Until, a hand pulled me back, that is. My hurt blue eyes were met with a pair of greenish, bluish eyes. I quickly looked down.

"Claire-." It started to say.

"Just say it already."

"Fine. I want to break up." He said softly. I refused to meet his gaze. I kept looking down, before I turned away.

"If that's what you want…" I said, while trying to hold back the tears, but they kept falling.

"It is." He said before turning my body back towards his. He tilted my cheek up.

"Claire, I'm so-." He tried to say.

"Save it for someone who cares."

And with that, I yanked his hand away from my chin and turned on my heel. I started walking towards my house. This would be a long walk.

Yeah, so that was the prologue. The rest of the fic is most likely to be in Cam's POV. In the next chapter, it's one year from the break up. And that's when it's going to be more interesting. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so please review. The next chapter should be out shortly!

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