"Luke. The Force is an infinite mystery. Know you must, what I have recently experienced. Further training I have for you,field experience."

"We've barely started, what could it possibly be master?"

"A new manifestation of the Force, recently learned. A wormhole it is, took me to a far away planet steeped in the Dark Side."

"A new planet? In the Unexplored Regions?"

"An archaic planet, far away. A strange type of Dark Lord, consumed by power, rules there".

"How long were you there?"

"Mere minutes, but I sensed the destructive power of the Dark Side. Fear, prejudge, a lack of hope except in one."

"Huh?". Luke was confused.

"Harry Potter is his name", said the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi. "He has the power to stop the dark lord Voldemort. He however, is young. Younger then you were when you began your Jedi training". Obi Wan and Yoda explained the nature of the Wizarding world on Earth, and why aiding Harry Potter in his mission to destroy Horcruxes would be good experiance for his future battle against Vader.

"But what about the alliance?"

"The nature of this power, benificial it is. Leave we will, then come back, depends not our time there, and be in the exact same place, in the exact same time we will be."

"So I'll still be able to help Han and Leia?"

Yoda nodded

Luke certainly had a bad feeling about this, but something, probably the Force itself, was pulling him to go on this mission.

Yoda began to meditate and a wormhole opened up(was this a light side version of a Force storm?), and he proded Luke to step into it.

"Ok, here it goes.",said Luke with unconfidence in his voice. Yoda climbed on his back, and Luke stepped into the great unknown.


The trip through the "wormhole", which it really wasn't, felt unlike anything Luke experianced before. He was spinning, and he felt like he and Master Yoda were going all sorts of contortions of the body. They landed in an environment more similar to Endor then Dagobah, though Luke wouldn't know, he never visited. It was a very wooded area containing many different kinds of trees.

"This is Earth? Is it always this nippy?"

"Dementors you feel, they bring and sense of dread and despair."

"They are quite similar to the Force wraiths", Obi Wan added.

"If you were only here for a few minutes, then how do you know so much about this place."

"Came into contact did I, with opposers of Lord Voldemorts regime. Xenophilius Lovegood was his name."

Watching the three travelers in a strange land were a group of low level snatchers. They were heading through the woods, in a desperate search for Harry Potter. Ironically, they wern't that far behind.

"Look! A house elf, a ghost,and a muggle! Get them!"

A few seconds later, the shouting man and his posse were walking away in a daze, with broken wands.

"Who were they? Bounty hunters?"

"Yes",said Obi Wan, "but here they call them snatchers".

"So this kid Potter, where is he?"

"The Force will guide us to him. Now we must hide",said Yoda.

Meanwhile,downriver, the trio of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were setting up camp