"Master Yoda", said Hermione out loud. "Master of what?"

"The Force, young one. Similar is it to the magic I feel all around you."

Ron mouthed to Harry behind the muggle protection veil, "The Force?" Harry just shrugged. He seemed perplexed.

"What exactly is The Force, Mister Yoda?". Hermione was beginning to soften, noticed Luke. He wasn't sure if this was the female friend of this Potter kid they were here to rescue, but she seemed friendly enough. She was just scared. Luke tried to use The Force to calm her down, but Hermione immediately felt the amateurish attempt to control her, and shrugged it off with self taught occlumency.

Yoda looked sternly at Luke. "Forgive him. The Force is what binds all life together. It is the product of all the ambient energy in the universe. Some of it is still a mystery, even after thousands of years of scientific study. I believe your magic is but one aspect of the Force."

Hermione was still unconvinced. "Prove it."

Yoda pointed behind her with his gimer stick. "I can see through the Force, a black haired boy and a red haired boy. The first is Harry Potter I presume."

In a sudden burst of panic, Ron shot a spell from the protection of the invisible barrier.

"Stupefy!" he yelled at the green looking elfish creature. Was it an alien? Ron didn't care, he was all about survival instinct.

Fortunately, Yoda had seen this happen before it actually did, and he blocked the spell quite easily by raising his left hand to absorb it. He then levitated Ron to the ceiling of the tent.

"Ah!" shouted Ron. "Let me down!"

Yoda obliged, and then shifted his weight upon his stick. He sighed, but out of disappointment rather then exhaustion.

"He didn't do it with a wand Hermione!"

"I've told you a million times Ron! House elves run on different magic!" said Harry, as Hermione could not hear him due to the silence spell.

"Is this the best time to be fighting? I mean, we could be dangerous bounty hunters, um snatchers, or something", suggested Luke.

They magic trio all looked at Luke intently. "You guys don't have a battle plan, do you? My master and I just came here to protect you two and Harry Potter. We're not the bad guys."

"Would you be willing to take some veritaserum to prove it?", asked Hermione.

Luke looked at his Master. Yoda nodded.

"What's veritaserum?"

"It's a truth telling potion. I assume you know what a potion is, right? You people obviously aren't muggles. Unless wizards don't come from the planet you're from?"

"Well, no. I've never heard of muggles before, is that an epithet or a species? Master told me just before we got here that magic is just a certain way of using the Force, and usually it leads to the Dark Side."

"The dark side? You're not not familiar with the Death Eaters, are you?" asked Hermione.

"Yeah, like the guy trying to kill Harry Potter. Is that Harry?" He pointed at the exact point in time and space where Harry was standing, hiding.

"What's the jerks name again? Volde-"

"Don't say it!" shouted Ron, still behind the veil, silent to anyone not trained in the Force.

"Oh, yeah. Right. Cursed name." Luke looked embarassed. "How can a name be cursed though? The man who killed my father is one of the most powerful people in the galaxy, and I have no problem saying his name."

"You sound a lot like Harry, mate." said Ron.

"So why's he hiding then?"

"You know, you never answered whether you would take the potion", said Hermione, still pointing her wand at Luke.

"Sure, why not?" Luke looked at Yoda. He nodded in agreement.

"I'll have to hold your hand, since you are technically not a wizard. You too Mister Yoda."


Pulling the vial out of her magical bead bag, Hermione handed it to Luke and told him to drink the entire thing.

"Bottoms up" said Luke, and drank fully. "It tastes a bit like milk really."

"You have milk where you're from?"

"Yeah, why? Does yours taste different?"

"Probably" said Hermione. "Where are you from again?"

"Tatooine, on a moisture farm near a small town called Anchorhead."

"And how did you find out about us?"

"Yoda told me about you, a little more then a standard hour ago."

Hermione considered, is there wandless magic? Of course she's heard about it on her summer vacations spent at the muggle library, but she's never heard of any related to the Death Eaters. She also heard of demon attacks in the US. They were summoned by something called the Lament Configuration just a few years ago. She also heard of someone called "Freddy Krueger" who could invade people's minds. She's never heard of the Force though. If Luke and Yoda were telling the truth, then it might exist here too.

"Mister Yoda, would you mind taking some when I have time to make more?"

"Nevermind." she said calmy. Yoda was eating the bowl of roots and mushrooms she made.

"Your root stew, delicious it is."

Ron said, "Help yourself, I can't stand it."

"Want a ration bar?", offered Luke.

"Thanks mate.", and he took the bar out of Luke's hand. "I just got back from a sort of extended vacation" said Ron, putting quotation marks on the tenth word with his mouth full of food.

"What's that?"

"Oh this?" said Ron. It's the horcrux we found and destroyed."


Harry got upset too. Ron was giving up all of their secrets and security to a couple of strangers. They could easily be shapeshifters or golems or who knows what the hell Voldemort has working for him. All in all, the wandless magic used against Ron made Harry very unhinged. But this Luke bloke was apparently telling the truth, so who knows what their motives are. They might even be conquerers for all he knows. He noticed the flashlight looking thing on Luke's belt.

"Are you sure you're not a muggle? Electronics don't work against magic pal."

"Oh, this?" Luke unclipped his lightsaber and set it on faster then the eye could see. It's blueish glow suddenly appeared in front of Harry's face.

"It's actually plasma based."

It was an inch from Harry's face. He gave a nervous laugh, and asked him to turn it off.


"The Horcrux you say, what does it do?" asked Yoda to Ron.

"Keeps You Know Who alive."

"Why would people be scared of a name?" repeated Luke.

"Because he's one of the most evil people in history?" replied Harry

"Because he's totally evil and wants to take over the world?" said Ron redundantly.

"Big deal. Darth Vader rules a galaxy that's bigger than this one. This is the Milky Way, right? He even blew up a planet just to make my friend Leia give up military secrets."

"What?!" shouted Hermione, looking up from a book on quick potion making.

"Yeah, and I'm supposed to be fighting him. Like I said, he killed my father. And then he had people kill my aunt and uncle. Now he's torturing my friends apparently, but my Master won't let me go." The mood of Luke's face turned suddenly more dour.

Harry Potter looked upon the stranger, who seemed not much older then him, with confusion and worry. He still didn't trust these two, but Luke's story was too close to his, and the expressions he made seemed too genuine. From what he knew about veritaserum was that it only worked on those not prepared to take a counter potion beforehand, but Harry just wasn't feeling that Luke was lying. He told him:

"Protect your friends! We really don't need your help. Go back where you came from."

"Yoda says that making a wormhole jump here wouldn't effect time from when we made the jump, so I think they're safe. Always good to end on a hopeful note for a change." Luke smiled. "Besides, I don't feel the same danger I felt in the Force. I feel something different, like we ought to be going somewhere soon."

"Actually, we were planning to go to see someone who might help us" said Harry.

"Who?" said Luke.

"Xenophileus Lovegood."