Ok, so if you are one of my loyal fans (If you are I worship the ground you walk on), you've probably noticed that THIS WAS NOT HERE BEFORE. After staying up all god damn night reading the Halo Encyclopedia, I realized the mistakes I made with my Halo information. And looking back at my writing, I realized I could have added SO MUCH MORE detail, so I'm beginning to redo the chapters, for the sake of safety. And I have a correct timeline now..

Metroid: Takes places three weeks after the end of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Adam is her AI still. Because I'm a bitch.

Halo: Takes places a week after the end of Halo 1. Master Chief is with what is left of the Blue Team (with William as an addition), the awesome SPARTAN-II group. That includes: SPARTAN-104: Frederic, SPARTAN-058: Linda, and SPARTAN-087: Kelly, SPARTAN-043: William, and SPARTAN-051: Kurt. I'm going to pretend that the Onyx incident hasn't happened yet, for all our sakes. :P Halo is owned by Bungie, and Metroid is owned by Nintendo. I own the plot, though, so that you can't steal. Twilight sucks.

Chapter I: Player 1 – Samus Aran

Target: Samus Aran

Description: Bounty Hunter

Location: Somewhere in Hyperspace...

K2-l, Galactic Federation Mining Colony, lay in ruin. Fires blazed as Space Pirate gleefully ran about the place, collecting ore and slaughtering all the colonists. Residents of the colony run for their lives, only to be sliced apart by blissful Pirates, blood spraying violently. Though all this chaos lies a small child, clutching a rabbils, hiding behind a fallen sheet of metal, crying softly into the rodent creature. Sitting there for hours, the girl peers out, rubbing her eyes as she found herself staring a huge dragon.

His wings were leathery and huge, folded up against his hard armor, and the Space Dragon was listening to a Space Pirate, who was giving him a report on their progress. Childish ignorance took over as Samus Aran, only a few weeks over the age of three, crept out of her hiding place to see what the Space Dragon wanted. Sensing her presence, Ridley spun around, almost taking off her head with his tail.

"What's this?" He said to himself, looking down on the insignificant child that was before him.

"I-I'm Samus Aran," She stammered to the large reptile, who examined her closely. "Wanna be friend? W-we make l-look different, but we can be friends, r-right?" It was obvious that she was terrified of him, but Samus did her best to remain brave.

"Sorry," Ridley said, amused. "We can't." Samus pouted at this.

"Why not?" She asked innocently, a little confused and disappointed.

"Because," Ridley spoke calmly, before raising his voice into a bellow. "YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE!" Samus gave out a yelp of fright as she stared that the dragon in horror, who prepared a burst of plasma to burn her to a crisp.

"SAMUS!?" A woman shouted, Samus' mother, Virginia Aran. Shoving her daughter out of the way, she took the blast herself. Samus watched in horror as her mother was engulfed i-

Samus Aran woke up with a start, screaming at the top of her lungs. After a moment, she realized it was a dream and quited herself, panting heavily. Rubbing off cold sweat, her eyes narrowed with annoyance.

"Stupid dream." The bounty hunter muttered, slipping out of her bed. Stepping out of her small bedroom, she emerged in the main cockpit of her Gunship, which was traveling though Hyperspace. Stretching her arms, Samus walked over to the pilot's chair, and sat herself down, crossing her legs in the chair. A cup of tea was poured by a small, white rabbit-squirrel creature, identical to the one from Samus' dream. It was Pyonchi, Samus' childhood companion, who had joined her again when she finished killing Mother Brain. He brought over the tea and nuzzled Samus, comforting her.

"Thanks little guy," She said, a small smirk forming on her lips. Taking the tea, she drank it appreciatively, the warm liquid soothing her physically and mentally.

"Lady," A male, computerized voice then rang out. "We're receiving a transmission." It was Adam, an AI based off the personality of Samus' old CO, who now was in her ship.

"Receiving?" Samus asked, raising a golden eyebrow. Sometimes Adam went out of his way to grab transmissions floating around.

"I admit," The AI confessed, "That it was not directly sent to us. But it is a distress call, even it is from someone, or something we have never encountered before. Not Space Pirate, Federation, or even Chozo or Luminoth" Sighing, Samus put down her tea, letting Pyonchi hop into her lap.

"Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to do with you, Adam," Samus exclaimed, "Oh well. Play the distress call." Truthfully, she was curious to who the call came from.

"This is Cortana," A female voice said over static. "Broadca-KZZTKZZTKZZTKZZTKZTTT-crypted UNSC channel." Samus frowned. The message was garbled.

"Adam, clean it up a bit, will you?" The blond woman told her computer.

"It is cleaned up." Adam replied.

"SPARTAN Blue T-KZTKZZTKZZTKZZTKZZT-immediate pickup. I repeat, immediate pick up. The Covenan-KZZTKZZTKZZTKZZZT- more forces. Str-KZZTKZZTKZZT- radioactive stuff everywh-KZZTKZZTKZZTKZZT- new enemies to-KZZTKZZT- I repeat, can anyone read me?" The woman's voice continued, then Adam shut it off. Samus stared into space, confused.

"SPARTAN? UNSC? Cortana?" Samus asked. "Never heard of anything like this before. But I don't see the point, it'll only take away time from getting to Daiban. The Federation has a new mission for me."

"Lady, I've tracked the signal to its planet, which isn't on any of the charts." Adam said. "And I'm getting tons of Space Pirate feedback from the planet. Whatever these people are doing down there, the Pirates will tear them apart." He stopped, giving his Lady time to take in that information. Her gaze hardening, she put down Pyonchi and stood up.

"Set a course. If there are Space Pirates there, that means that there's trouble." Without responding, Adam did as he was ordered, and Samus went into her bedroom again. Grabbing her ZeroSuit, she stepped into the bathroom and stripped off the white clothing she was wearing for sleeping in. Then she stepping into the shower, hot water instantly streaming out and covering her body in steaming liquid. Most people would find it too hot, but the bounty hunter found the intense heat relaxing. Her blond hair plastered to her back, Samus stood in the show for a few minutes, her eyes shut as the water washed away her emotional problems for the day. Then, after cleaning herself, she stepped out, dried herself with a warm towel, and slipped into her undergarments and Zero Suit. The thick, rubbery material was a comforting feel for the woman; she wore it most of the time. Then, pressing the glowing symbol on her breast, Samus was encased in a glowing light, and on formed her Varia Suit.

She then stepped out of her bedroom, and sat down in the pilots chair again. It took only thirty minutes for her to prepare for the oncoming battles she knew she would be in, and set to checking her weapon systems. After rummaging around for a week, she had managed to get back most of her upgrades, so she was fully loaded, from Super Bomb to Ice Spreader, Super Missile to Grapple Voltage. The only tech she didn't have was that of the Luminoth; she returned it when she was done on Aether. Sadly, she went and did her bio-scan. Her ship scanned her quickly, and then provided her with the results.

Status: Corrupted

Phazon Level: 75%

This was still a problem. After Phaaze and Dark Samus had been destroyed, all Phazon was supposed to be rendered inert. Apparently not though, as the Space Pirates were still possessed (including Ridley), except for a few that escaped, and were now following his rule. But, all Phazon was inert, unless they were Corrupted. Being Corrupted was painful, but it had its perks, such as Hypermode, which had Hyper Missile, Hyper Ball, and Hyper Grapple. It still bothered her though.

"Lady, we have arrived at the planet. Beginning descent." Adam said, derailing Samus' train of thought. Staring at the ships in orbit, she quickly pointed out the massive Space Pirate fleet, all with Phazon-infected ships, and on the other side, were ships unlike any she had seen before. They were sleek and purple, and were engaged in a massive firefight with the Space Pirates.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend," Samus murmured, looking at the unknown ships. "Hopefully." The ship began to rumble as fiery streaks could be seen at the cockpit; Samus then put over the protective plating, to shield her Gunship's window. After waiting what seemed like hours, the rumbling finally stopped, and Samus disengaged the plating, revealing a lush, forested landscape.

"Where are our friends in need of assistance?" The bounty hunter asked, preparing to depart. Pyonchi nuzzled her in farewell, and sat in her chair.

"I'm uploading the coordinates now," Adam replied, and her 3D-terrain map revealed the last known location of them. Smirking underneath her opaque green visor, she stepped out of her ship as it landed, and set off in the direction, having little idea of the general mayhem that would occur do to her actions.

Bah. It was short, but it makes more sense.