an author's note:

uh. hi. it's been a while.

i can't believe i found the old account info for this, holy shit.


though i'm practically a decade late, i'd like to thank you all for coming here, and reading phazon madness, because i was twelve when i wrote it. literally. twelve. the fact that it's apparently been enjoyed by so many since then is honestly, really heartwarming. there's a review for this from 2016? 2016? really? bless.

but i'm also a whole-ass adult now and knowing this stuff is online makes me wanna throw myself into the nearest sun. so. i am going to be deleting this fic, and the rest of the ones on this account.


it'll be up for a little bit longer, mostly because i'm too busy right now to really go through and prepare everything for its viking funeral (i will be making copy of my old fics to save to my computer, so they won't be lost to the void, but yeah ill be deleting the fics after i do that, sorry), but this is just as a forewarning to anyone who is actually still consuming content that's been produced by this account. (please stop reading these fics, i'm begging you.)

i apologize to anyone who was hoping for a conclusion to this fanfic; honestly, i have no idea where i was going with this. if i tried to re-write it now, it'd be a mess, because let's be honest this thing was kinda haphazardly constructed to begin with (again, i was twelve.)

if i do make another metroid/halo crossover fic, which i kinda want to do (i'm just too busy for it right now), i'll post it on this account. because even though it's been a decade i'm still complete garbage and invested in both of these series. it's just, halo has much more worldbuilding than metroid and on the scale of hard vs. soft sci fi is definitely harder, and that means that you gotta be careful when crossing stuff over because of consistency issues, and though i keep telling myself that i can just play fast and loose with canon for my own purposes i swear i'm gonna be like charlie from the pepe silvia seen of it's always sunny if i actually start writing a fic-



TLDR: hi im an adult now and i love you all but im im deleting all of my old content soon because i don't like it. if i decide to re-write/revamp stuff i'll repost here if anyone is genuinely interested in it. thanks for coming, please stop reading the fics on this account.