How on Earth did the Twins get enough money to open a place on Diagon Alley? Did they steal it or something? Ron thought after the twins had made their "Great Escape". The whole school was buzzing about it the next week.

Ron was pleased that the subject was discussed between him and his friends later. But he still could not believe that Harry had just given Fred & George a thousand galleons! He read through his letter home again.

Dear Mum,

I know you're angry at Fred & George, but don't take it too hard, Our new favorite teacher Was making us feel even more welcome than 'ol Sunffles Mum did this summer. I've been given permission to inform you where my brothers got their start-up money. Didn't you womder what happened to the Tri-Wizard winnings? Apparently Harry thought it'd be brilliant to invest in a Joke Shop. And if the student's behavior the past few days is any clue, they'll make millions in no short time.

I'd better go,