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Cullen's gone crazy chapter 1- Emmett's Obsessions

Edward- 48

Alice- Sister pyschic23









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EmotionalOutcast: I feel so un-loved

Hey! I know!..i'll just sing to pass the time….I can't control myself, cuz I don't know how ,and they love me for it honestly I'll be here for awhile. So give them blood, blood gallons of the stuff, give them all that they can drink but it will never be enough, so give them blood, blood, bloooo-

Sisterpsychic23:What r u doing?

EmotionalOutcast: well I wasn't singing blood if that's what u were thinking…..

Sisterpsychic23: well I wasn't..but now I think that u were

EmotionalOutcast: damn..fine ..i WAS..happy now?

Sisterpsychic23: wow..i wish that Edward would be this easy to crack…lol

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EmotionalOutacst: heyyyyyy ...wazzzup?

Imaflirt101: n2m man…how r things going in relationship city?

EmotionalOutcast: wtf? Oh…uhhh fine..i think..Alice honey? How are things with us?

Sisterpsychic23: I feel hurt that YOU of all people are asking me

how things are going between us..if you must know

Emmett..everything's fine thank-you. Oh and make sure u don't ask jasper again…he probably won't know.

Imaflirt101: kewl

EmotionalOutcast:Hey! I'm not that bad!

Imaflirt101: I LIKE WAFFLES!

Sisterpsychic23: Ok?

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Sisterpsychic23: hey Edward how r ya?

48: I'm fine…Alice do u have to ask that EVERYTIME we sign in? It's really annoying.

Sisterpsychic23: well excuse me for being nice. and if it's annoying..good! that means I'm doing my job as a sister.

EmotionalOutcast: don't worry man..she's mad at me too!...speaking of which..i'm gonna go now before I do anything else to make her madder….bye guys!

Edward and Emmett: bye man…..by the way….run! Alice has a base-ball bat!

Siterpsychic23: oh no! r not getting off that easy!

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Sisterpsychic23: ohhh he's sooo dead now…oh and I'll be back for you guys later;)

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48: wow that was really akward…

Imaflirt101: yeah….but on the plus side…NO CHICKS!

48: true dat my brother!

Imaflirt101: I LIKE WAFFLES

48:uhh Emmett..u can't even eat waffles..how can u actually like them?

Imaflirt101: duh1 I know that I can't eat them…but Carlisle looks really funny while he's covered in waffles and syrup…..he smells gross! Lol

48: oh no! please tell me u didn't….oh no! u did?! If anyone asks..i had NOTHING to do with this!

Imaflirt101: of course u didn't..it was me and jasper…ur wayyyyyy too nice for that kind of thing…!

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Sexywerewolf236: too nice to do what?

Imaflirt101: dump waffles and syrup on Carlisle

Sexywerewolf236; that was so much fun..it was hilarious!

48: oh my Carlisle…Jacob helped you….?mutt

Imaflirt101: 'course…by the way….I LIKE WAFFLES

Sexywerewofl236: we don't care ..shut up!

Imaflirt101: ur mean..but waffles rock!

48: for once I agree with the mutt..SHUT UP!

Sexywerewolf236: hey! I am not a mutt!..i am ur son-in-law!

48: no ur not….and u never will be

Sexywerewolf236: ahaha but u see Edward..i already am….cuz I'm sleeping with ur daughter..*in a weird darth vador voice* "Edward I am ur son"

Imaflirt101: wtf?

48: that doesn't even deserve a comment

Sexywerewolf236: oh! But that already is a comment..OWNED BY TECHNICALITY!hahahahaha

Imaflirt101: oh shut up! Nobody cares!

Sexywerewolf236: oh but Edward will…cuz I have his Volvo..and Bella…..and I'm sleeping with his daughter!

48: if u have my Volvo..ur sooo gonna die

Sexywerewolf236: wow! More worried about his car than about his wife

Imaflirt101: oh snap! He's got u there

48: I'm more worried about my car only cuz HE has it..and Bella van look after herself..she's a lot stronger than he is.

Imaflirt101: this is true….GO GET UR FREAKING CAR….oh and u get me some more waffles while ur out?

48:…uhhh I guess so..oh and Jacob..if u actually HAVE my car..u will die the most painful death I can come up with ok?

Sexywerewolf236: sounds fair :P

48: meh!

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Sexywereolf236: that was sooo funny!

Imaflirt101: do u actually have his car?

Sexywerewolf236: of course not..well yes I took it if that's what u mean..but I put it in mike newton's garage!

Imaflirt101: wow! that's pure genius!

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Imaflirt101: hey man…how's Alice?

EmotionalOutcast; she CAN'T know I'm here…I've been running from her all freaking morning!

Sexywerwolf236: wow tough break….doesn't Carlisle look funny with waffles on his head!?

EmtionalOutcast: you mean he hasn't washed it off yet?

Imaflirt101: nope..he's been looking for us…u know to yell at us…the he will go and wash it off!

EmotionalOutcast: ur kidding!

Sexywerewolf236: no he's not..it's hilarious

Imaflirt101: oh Jasper! We were just discussing Jacob's latest evil plan..!

EmotionalOutcast: oh really? And what might that be?

Sexywerewolf236: I stole Edward's Volvo and put it in Mike Newton's garage!

EmotionalOutcast: wow that my friend is pure genius!

Sexywerewolf236: I've been told that!

EmotionalOutacst: lol

Imaflirt101: rofl

Sexywerewolf236: lmao

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Everyone but Carlisle: oh no! RUN!

66: you guys are in so much trouble! Do you think this is funny?!..don't answer that! Esme won't even come in 10 feet of me because I smell disgusting.

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: They are sooooo grounded when I find them again!..ugh! but for now..i'm gonna go take a shower and get these waffles off of me!

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So what did u think? Don't worry everyone else will come in the next chapter….Also if ur wondering. Alice does forgive Jasper and does stop trying to kill him….just so ur aware…the next chapter will be really random. Bella's name is gonna change so don't worry. Review please!