Cullen's gone crazy chapter 2-Jacob is in trouble

Disclaimer: I own nothing….*tear..anyhoo on with the story. By the way all the names will stay the same..well except Bella's.

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Sisterpsychic23: hey guys, how r ya?

ClumsyHuman43: I'm good..kinda bored though

48: same…hey Bella?

ClumsyHuman43: yea Edward?

48: why is your name clumsy human?'re not clumsy. Or human anymore.

ClumsyHuman43: oh shoot! You're right…one sec.

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Sisterpsychic23: wow..that was akward!

48: how so?

Sisterpsychic23: as if u don't know :P

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Sisterpsychihc23: hey hun

EmotionalOutcast: hi..uhh baby? Can u tone down the excitement? It's really strong right now!

Sisterpsychic23: oh sorry


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48: guys that's nasty! Oh man…not in my c- oh never mind!

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48: oh hell no! I'm leaving right now!

Sexywerewolf236: why? Do u hate me that much?

48: yes

Sexywerewolf236: why?

48: cuz ur sleeping with my daughter!

Sexywerewolf236: well that's a good reason..i think

48: u actually

Sexywerewolf236: that's mean

48: oh I know ;)

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Sexywerewolf236: hey Bells

48: hi love

Whysoserious?: hey guys what did I miss?

48: oh nothing too important..

Whysoserious?: why do I not believe that?

Sexywerewolf236: cuz Edward is a total STICK IN THE MUD….yea I went there

48: I'm a stick in the mud? Wtf?

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Whysoserious: hey sweetie

SparkleyHuman01: hey mom, dad, Jake

48: hey

Sexywerewolf236: hey ness! Did u hear from Emily lately?

SparkleyHuman01: no why?

Sexywerewolf236: just wondering

48: actually he was hoping u didn't talk to Emily..only cuz she knows what the pack did today….and since the dog won't tell u..i will..first the pack went on a major sugar rush….then they went panty-raiding. Then they egged Jared's house (no Jared wasn't with them)

Then they tp'd Seth and Leah's place.

Sexywerewolf236: gee thanks so much

48: anytime ;)

SparkleyHuman01: YOU DID WHAT!?

Sexywerewolf236: uhh…what was that Sam? U need me to watch the southern end? Ok I'll be right there!

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SparkleyHuman01: mom, dad is it ok if I kill Jake?

48: can I help?

SparkleyHuman01: no he's MINE! the way mom..where is the base-ball bat?

48: ask Alice

SparkleyHuman01: ok…..bye guys

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48:hey guys

Whysoserious?: hi Emmett, rose how r u guys?

Imafllirt101: good…guess what?

Everyone but Emmett: what?

Imaflirt101: I LIKE WAFFLES

TheBestDamnThing; idiot *slaps Emmett*

Whysoserious?: ok then

48: yes sir!waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit..not Carlisle again?

Imaflirt101: no..Esme

48: yes sir, yes sir…who helped this time….?

Imaflirt101: same as last time

Whysoserious?: hey rose? R u following any of this?

TheBestDamnThing: nope

48: uh-oh Jacob's in enough trouble already..he is so sleeping at Quil's tonight!

Imaflirt101: exactly..that's the point!

48: that my brother is pure genius!

Imaflirt101: speaking of which..u never did tell me…..did u find ur car?

48: MIKE NEWTON'S FREAKING GARAGE…and do u wanna know what was written on it? Well I don't care cuz I'm gonna tell u anyway… "Werewolves rock" was written ALL over it..i spent six and a half hours scrubbing my freaking car!

Imaflirt101: hahahahahahahahahahah


Imaflirt101: 'course

48: u had better to be able to run faster scared then I can angry..and since I'm ur brother I'll be nice and give u a 10 second head start…ready?

Imaflirt101: I'm not scared of u eddie –kins:P

48: 1..2…..10!

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Whysoserious?: what did u do?

48: I just hit him where it hurts!

TheBestDamnThing: did u burn all of it?

48: yep

Whysoserious?:all of what?

48: all of Emmett's Hannah Montana stuff


TheBestDamnThing: oh c'mon can't be that bad

Imaflirt101: yes it can

TheBestDamnThing: ok how 'bout this we'll go and buy u some new stuff ok?

Imaflirt101: really?

TheBestDamnThing: sure

Imaflirt101: thanks rose..i love ya

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Whysoserious?: Are u really gonna get him new stuff?

TheBestDamnThing: of course not…his obsessions with Hannah Montana are really creepy..i should go and make sure he hasn't already left…bye guys

48: bye

Whysoserious?: bye rosie!

TheBestDamnThing: only Alice can call me Rosie!

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48: well love I guess it's just u and me

Whysoserious?:nah! It's just u

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48: no way! No freaking way!

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So what did u think? I'm a little stumped on what I should do the next chapter on..or hould it be this one? I don't know..give me some idea's si vous plais..or please if u speak English. Review!