Chapter 1: The Tape

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"Roxy. Come on. Open up. We need to talk"

Axel stood while knocking on the apartment door. There was no answer. Axel was an expert at his apologies since Roxas and he had had fights before. Axel was holding a huge bouquet of roses, since Roxas was a sap for them. Although, this fight was different than any of their other fights.

2 hours before,

Knock Knock. "AXIEEE", Roxas shouted through the apartment door. Roxas was in a good mood because he had a huge box of sea-salt ice cream and he wanted to share it with his boyfriend. "Come on, Axiiieeee! Lemme in! I have Sea-salt ice cream!", He yelled as he pounded on the door. He became slightly annoyed since he wasn't coming to the door."That's it. I'm coming in!" Roxas said laughing as he pushed the door open. He immediately dropped his box as he saw Axel...kissing Demyx. Axel was against the wall with Demyx in front of him.

"Demyx. Get offa me!" Axel pushed. Then, he saw Roxas. Axel's eyes went wide. "Roxy, this isn't what it looks lik-"


"Roxy! Seriously. Let me explain this."

"I've had enough of you "explaining" things. Am I not good enough that you go to this redneck hillbilly?"

"Hey!" Demyx said, quietly in his own defense.

"No offense" Roxas added, sarcastically.

"None taken" Demyx mumbled.

"Roxy. I wasn't doing anything. I was trying to push him off of m-"

"As you had your hands on his waist?"

"I was pushing him off me, Roxas. Do you think I would be with anyone else, other than you?"

"I guess so since it looked like you were trying to eat his tongue!"

"Axel was choking!" Demyx thought up quickly. They both turned and stared at him.

"Oh really?" Roxas crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows. "What were you choking on, Axel?"


"Me!" Demyx said without thinking. Axel wanted to punch Demyx so hard. Roxas picked up the closest chair and threw it at Axel.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?" Roxas spewed. He let his held in tears fall and ran out. "Never come near me again! Stay away from me as long as you live! I hate you!" Axel attempted to run after him but he gave up after he was hit with a glass bottle Roxas found on the street.

"He doesn't know what happened" Axel whimpered as he held his bleeding head.

"Roxy, open up please", Axel nearly begged. 'I need to tell him what happened. He needs to hear the whole story'Axel knocked once more. No reply. 'This is strange. Roxy either comes to the door or shouts through it when we have a fight'. He then opened the door and walked in. Everything was in order so Roxy hadn't left him. He walked all around the apartment. He wasn't in the kitchen, microwave, oven, bedroom, or living room. Except the bathroom. The bathroom door was closed and locked.

"Hey. What are you doing in there, Rox?" He knocked a couple of time. His face turned from glum to worry. "Rox! Don't do anything in there you'll regret!" He broke the door and lock and fell to the tile floor. He rushed over to the sink, where a tape recorder was. (A/N: old school I know) Axel's face turned pale. He could only imagine what was on that tape.

'Hey mom and dad. It's Roxas…well duh. I wanted to tell you that you are the best parents a kid could have. Sure you got on my nerves but everyone's parents do. I had a great life with you guys.' The voice was shaky and you could tell he was crying.

'Sora. My brother. You are really an ass sometimes. I even want to hit you at others but you and I both know I can't do that. You're my brother and I care for you so much. but here's some 'girl' advice. I know all the stories about you and Kairi and how she can be mean but she likes you, man. Ask her to the junior prom. She'll love it. –laugh-.' Axel had to giggle as well for he knew he was right.

'To Hayner, Pence, and Olette. You are all special to me. You guys helped me through my parents' fights and you all made me smile. Seeing you each day made me feel all warm inside. You are all the best friends I could ever have. We had some fun times and I wouldn't trade them for anything else in the world. But I guess that wasn't enough, huh?

And to my one and only... Axel. What can I say? Me living without you is like life without air. All those kids teased us but we didn't care. Your parents kicked you out because they found out you were gay but we found our way. Through all our hardships, we went through it together step by step. Sure our fights were ridiculous and stupid but we got over them and made up. We've been through it all and we were still great. Until tonight. When I saw you and Demyx, my non-existent heart shattered. It felt like it was thrown on the floor and broken into microscopic pieces. That's why I must let go. You can go on without me... fall in love again. Meet someone new. I love you, Axel. I don't know how I have this feeling of love but its real... I know it is' The tape clicked off.

Axel rewound the tape and listened the part dedicated to him over again. His swollen eyes hurt but his face was soaked. As he listened again, even more tears came out and they couldn't stop. Axel turned as he heard footsteps come from the bathroom door. Demyx was on the bottom floor to comfort Axel in case Roxas decided not to forgive him. He went upstairs to see why it took so long. He ran over to Axel and pulled him into an embrace. "Why would he do this to me?" Axel sobbed after a long time.

"Why would he do what?" Demyx said, confused. Axel pointed to the tape recorder and continued to cry. Demyx pulled him into a tighter hug but the funny thing was…he also smiled.

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