The crime scene was surrounded by bystanders everybody wondering how this young man was brutally beaten laying awkwardly on the ground near an old willow tree. A women pushed through the crowd telling the police officers who were present she was a special officer from the FBI.

They nodded acknowledging her while pushing back the crowd and putting up yellow tape across the crime scene.

The man was laying on the ground writhing in discomfort of his broken arm.

"Shhhh" The Women soothed gliding gracefully over to him. 'About 5 foot 7 inches, near my height, age around 17/18, young, broken arm, looks to also be a few broken rips.' She mentally noted kneeling next to him.

"Shhh, Baby, it's alright, what's your name?" She moved his bangs from his eyes so he could see her easier.

"Eric" He gasped for breathe. 'Yep his rips are most likely broken.'

"My name is Emily, Eric, calm down and breathe" Emily said holding his cheek in her palm. Emily called for an ambulance to get him on a stretcher.

"?" An officer called running over with a knife found near the victim. Emily sprayed forensics spray on the knife and pulled out a UV Flashlight. She stared at the knife in question. 'This isn't possible, there is, no impossible; this person who beat Eric is good really good.' Emily smiled as she turned the knife around. There was no trace of blood on the knife but Eric had a knife cut through his left thigh. Emily shut off the UV Flashlight and pocketed it and bagged the knife carefully into a sandwich bag. Emily heard something crack above her. She looked up seconds to late when a body fell on her knocking her lithe body to the ground. She did the most girly thing ever, she screamed. "!" Officers yelled running over to her pulling the decaying body off her. Emily involuntarily shivered when she saw its face. "Oh My God" The youngest officer gagged letting go of the body running past the crowd to the nearest garbage and vomited like no tomorrow. The other two officers laughed at his tactics. Emily stood up and brushed herself off before studying the body. 'Female, 5 foot 2 inches, around 15/16, deceased, dead for approximately 3 to 5 days to the least.' Emily noted sadly looking for a license or something to tell her identity. Soon she pulled out a card. The card said: Name- Audrey Hamilton Age- 15 years of age Phone # - 788 834 1283 Address- 206 N. Lansing St. A picture of a striking dirty blonde was in the picture, The girl; Audrey had huge gray eyes that shimmered as she laughed. Emily bagged the card into a different bag from the knife. Emily told the officers to put the body into a body bag for later inspections. "Emily?" A single dark angelic voice made Emily turn her head towards her older sister; Amanda, she owned the FBI, Emily only got a job because of her. "What happened?" Her voice unemotionally as usual. "Possible gang violence, maybe murder, but the knife that was found near the victim has no blood or anything on it." Emily updated her sister. Her sister nodded and stalked off to talk with the man in charge. Emily stood gazing into the cobalt sky trying to figure this puzzle out. 'No blood on the knife, Body in the tree, brutally beaten, card still on female's body, man still alive, huh, I don't get this at all.' Emily continued staring into the sky helplessly. Something clicked in her mind. Eric he must know something that will help.