Pairing: Surprise
Rating: PG 13
Words: 187. A little more than a drabble, but... whatever!
Context: Immediately after the movie ended, the girls greeting the press, Kelly and Flash picking up the money.
Author's notes: This is just a drabble to introduce myself into the fandom. I am writing a very long St. Trinian's fic that is much better quality than this one. Just dabbling. Very bad. No character development either.

Annabelle and the others made their way back into the school building as the photographers started leaving.

"I can't believe it worked." Annabelle beamed as she and Taylor both carried the giant cheque.

"We're rich." Peaches yelled.

"And this is only the beginning. You see all those cameras?" Chelsea asked. "Celebrity Love Island, here we come."

"You did nearly kill us, Bloody Mary." The Chav sneered.

"You're lucky I got on that wire at all. I hate heights." Andrea defended.

"Even after all that, you two are still at each-others throats." Polly shook her head as she passed the rivals. "You were both lucky that Miss. Fritton had your back. Kelly would have killed you both."

"Eew, eew, eew, eew." The twins ran toward the group, hands over their eyes until they each ran into an older student.

"What is it?" Polly asked as Tara ploughed into her leg.

"It's horrible." Tania screamed.

"Tania, what's the matter?" Annabelle asked.

"It's Kelly." Tania started, cringing at the memory.

"And Flash." Tara added.

"Eeww." The twins chorused.

"Oh, shut up." Taylor shouted. "They didn't."

"It's about time." Annabelle smiled.