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Shellpaw stuck his head out of the stream, recognizing the bank as the ThunderClan territory he and Robinsky had visited earlier. He climbed out of the water, and shook out his pelt, noticing that storm clouds were gathering above. Dark clouds, surely indicating rain. He trotted toward the camp.

A ThunderClan cat stopped him before he could get too far. "What are you doing here?" A large ginger tom demanded.

An older gray tom emerged. Long scars ripped down his pelt. "Sheath your claws Firefur," The tom mewed evenly. He's a MoonClan cat."

Shellpaw nodded. "I need to talk to Mossstar and Brownclaw."

The ginger tom lashed his tail before whipping around. "Come on Rippedtail. Mossstar won't be very pleased."

"I apologize," Rippedtail murmured to Shellpaw as soon as Firefur was out of earshot. "He's a bit rough around the edges, but his intentions are good. Why are you here?"

"No one's going to like it," Shellpaw murmured, and that was all he would say on the matter.


Shadow slammed back to her body. She gasped and stumbled, wings flaring before she relaxed. Mistcloud looked at her, eyes curious. "What happened?"

"Goldenstar's dead," Shadow gasped, "And I'm supposed to save MoonClan."

"Oh," Mistcloud muttered, "Nothing new. So who are you?"

"I'm Sha- Duskpaw," Shadow stuttered, "I'm from ThunderClan."

Mistcloud sighed. "I can read minds you mousebrain. Very interesting though, the whole rebirth. So that's what happened to Willowstar. Willowstar!" She gasped, "We have to get to MoonClan!"

"What will we do with Leafpaw?" Shadow asked, eyes wide, looking at the golden-brown apprentice.

"He's going to have to keep up," Mistcloud snapped. "We can't have him running back to Willowstar."

"But what if he..."

"He won't kill us from behind," Mistcloud sighed, "I'll keep a close ear on his thoughts. What I'm more worried about is MoonClan. Even though we all have powers, even Flamefoot will be out-numbered at about twenty to one, and picking up on Leafpaw's thoughts, there are a lot of cats storming MoonClan. And not all of us have offensive powers..." She trailed off.

Shadow's ears drooped. "We'll cope," She mewed softly, "And we'll have help."

Mistcloud waited a second as she read Shadow's thoughts. "Lifekin..." Mistcloud whispered, "Great StarClan." She looked at Shadow. "You have a lot to talk about when this is over."


Obviously the ThunderClan cats had been alerted to his arrival, because everycat was out of their dens when Shellpaw came into camp. Alderpaw caught Shellpaw's gaze and winked at him. Shellpaw nodded at the SunClan cat. He caught a pretty light gray she-cat looking at his fins and gills. Shellpaw paused to look at her for just a heartbeat.

How pretty she was. Robinsky was pretty too, but her aura was a strong independent thing. This cat gave off the aura of a sweet frail cat, but knowing ThunderClan cats, she could probably give him a beating. Still, Shellpaw felt drawn to her. She seemed to notice him looking at her, and purred softly. Shellpaw jerked his head away.

Mossstar was up on highrock. "Why have you come MoonClan cat?" She asked.

"I have come for reasons that I do not wish to discuss with the clan watching," Shellpaw dipped his head. "If I may speak to you alone..."

"Of course," Mossstar nodded, "Brownclaw, Grayleaf, come into my den."

"How is Duskpaw?" Heartflight inquired as he passed her.

"She's doing fine," Shellpaw assured the queen. "Already has an important role in MoonClan."

"I wouldn't expect anything less of my daughter," Heartflight said proudly.

"Hey," Shellpaw stopped, "Um, who's the light gray apprentice?"

"That's Pigeonpaw, Alderpaw's sister," Heartflight murmured. "Why?"

"No reason," Shellpaw meowed, and continued after Mossstar.

Shellpaw flicked his tail as the group of four cats arrived at Mossstar's den. "Alright MoonClan cat, what is it?" Brownclaw asked.

Shellpaw had to swallow his pride before he answered. "MoonClan's in trouble," He finally mewed, "Willowstar's back for reasons that I can't go into now, and she's leading an attack force of rogues to MoonClan," Shellpaw took a deep breath. "We need your help."

Mossstar looked confused. "You're MoonClan cats. You've got powers. Can you take them yourselves?"

"If it were a one on one thing," Shellpaw mewed, "Yeah, we could, but we're talking maybe five on one or more. And not all of our cats have offensive powers. I mean, Flamefoot and Iceshadow can't take them all. Mapletail heals, Lightfeather glows, Wavewhisker can read emotions. I have gills for StarClan's sake!" Shellpaw nearly exploded at the end, but took a deep breath and continued. "I mean, there's not much we can do with these powers. That's why we need you."

"We can't fight powered cats to any affect," Brownclaw brushed a piece of moss off of his fur.

"You won't need to," Shellpaw mewed, "You'll be fighting a bunch of untrained rogues. MoonClan will take care of the powered cats. We can take them."

"Why should we help MoonClan, a clan that suddenly shows up out of nowhere, and has caused us nothing but trouble?" Mossstar asked evenly.

"Out of the goodness of your hearts?" Shellpaw asked, and when all he got were stony stares, he snapped, "Look, frankly, you owe us one for the Willowstar problem. We saved your butts, and now we're asking you to return the favor. Is that too much to ask?"

"If our cats are injured?" Grayleaf asked, and everycat looked at her in surprise as she spoke up.

"Mapletail will care for the injured," Shellpaw mewed.

Grayleaf looked at Mossstar. "I say, as your medicine cat, that we should help," The gray she-cat flicked her ears toward Shellpaw, "If we don't help them, by the sound of things, the cats will be massacred. There are former ThunderClan cats in MoonClan. Robinsky, Spruceclaw, Goldenstar. We can't stand by and let them die." Grayleaf walked over to Mossstar and looked her in the eyes. "And we do owe them."

"And possibly we could discuss some sort of alliance between our two clans," Brownclaw nodded, beginning to agree.

Let's not get carried away, Shellpaw thought. But the input from her deputy and medicine cat swayed Mossstar. Grudgingly, the gray she-cat nodded. "Fine. ThunderClan will come to MoonClan's aid."

Shellpaw sighed in relief. ThunderClan was coming.


Leafpaw obediently ran alongside Mistcloud as Duskpaw flew overhead. He wondered when things had started to go so badly, and when he had made such a horrible mistake. Suddenly there was a screech and a cat shoved Leafpaw over on his side. "Get up and run," Hawkpaw hissed, and together the two apprentices took off. Mistcloud snarled, and Duskpaw screeched as she tried to follow them by wing, but couldn't fly through the densely packed tree trunks.

"Thanks," Leafpaw murmured.

"Willowstar wondered why you were taking so long," Hawkpaw snapped. "She sent me to find you. What happened?"

"The good news is," Leafpaw started, "Goldenstar is dead. The bad news, I can't use my powers."

"What?" Hawkpaw skidded to a stop. "Why?" She gasped.

Leafpaw gritted his teeth. "Mistcloud put up some sort of mental shield around powers. I never knew she could do that."

Hawkpaw looked worried. "This isn't good. Willowstar's not going to be happy."

"No kidding," Leafpaw murmured.

Hawkpaw was right. When Leafpaw and Hawkpaw met up with Willowstar, the she-cat wasn't happy. While the news that her brother was dead pacified her, she still strode, fuming, away from two apprentices.

They entered MoonClan territory soon after. Leafpaw could smell the difference in the air. When they reached the place where the camp should be, they stopped. The camp was gone.


"Duskpaw!" Mistcloud called up to Shadow. "Quickly. Fly back to MoonClan and let them know that Leafpaw has escaped."


"I'll catch up!"

Shadow only nodded, and dug in. Her wings beat furiously as first, until she found a new rhythm that allowed her to go faster easier. It was kind of like switching between walking and running. Shadow reached MoonClan camp in record time, and then nearly knocked herself out on the invisible barrier she found. In confusion, she landed on the barrier, and gasped at what she saw. On the other side of the barrier, Willowstar, two apprentices, one of them was Leafpaw. And then she saw herself, or, rather, Willowstar. They must have been fooled by Illusion's illusion. Shadow purred in spite of herself, but then was faced with a dilemma. How was she going to get in?

"Umm, hello, um, I need to talk to you guys," She murmured. When no one answered, she climbed toward the top. Maybe there was an opening up there. But then there were screeches the abruptly shut off from inside the invisible dome that Sparrowfur had created, and the dome and illusion surrounding it faded, and Willowstar and her rogues stormed the camp.


The ThunderClan cats were running with Shellpaw in the lead, hoping desperately that he remembered the way back to MoonClan. It had been a short matter to get everycat ready to fight. A few warriors had stayed to protect the camp with the queens and elder, but everyone else was pumped and ready for battle.

Shellpaw thought right then that maybe it would have been nice to stay a kittypet. He was scared to death, anticipating this fight. There wouldn't be much that he could do. If he died... well, if he died, defending his clan was a nice way to go.


Shadow could hear Robinsky begin barking commands, and fire started lighting the ground beneath her as Flamefoot leapt into action. That was when the sky opened up and ran began pouring down. That was when ice began to appear, Iceshadow freezing the pelts of the wet rogues. Bird, illuminated by Lightfeather, practically glowed, as badgers and foxes lumbered into camp and began attacking the rogues. Spruceclaw was darting around, striking blows wherever he could along with Flashfrost, who zapped from place to place.

Shadow could see that the MoonClan cats were fighting as best they could, but they were badly outnumbered, and Willowstar hadn't even started fighting yet. She stood calmly with Leafpaw and a white she-cat at her side, watching MoonClan lose.

Shadow swooped down to hover next to Robinsky, who was still shouting orders in a futile attempt to keep MoonClan alive and fighting. "What can I do?"

"Swoop down and see what damage you can do. Don't let them snag your wings," Robinsky mewed quickly, before shrieking, "Flamefoot, behind you!"

Shadow nodded, but Robinsky was too preoccupied to notice. She folded her wings into a dive, tearing a large piece of fur off a rogue. He screeched, but Shadow veered away before he could hurt her. Shadow repeated this maneuver so many times that it seemed like all the rogues had patches of fur missing from their pelts.

Suddenly there was a loud snarled, and the battle almost halted as a huge group of cats assembled at the entrance to MoonClan camp. Shellpaw was there with Mossstar. Shadow's heart lifted. It was ThunderClan!

"ThunderClan! Attack!" Mossstar roared, and the entire mass of ThunderClan cats poured upon the rogues. It was like rain upon a wildfire. It quickly became obvious which group knew what they were doing.

Shadow swooped down on Shellpaw. "Thank StarClan you brought help!" She cried.

"No problem," Shellpaw gasped, "I didn't think that we were going to make it in time!"

"Well thank StarClan you did!" Shadow licked Shellpaw's ear, and flew back up to see what she could do.

The battle seemed to be turning in MoonClan's favor. Willowstar's gaze tightened and she started forward. That was when Shadow saw a gray paw land on Willowstar's shoulder.

Willowstar whipped around, and Mistcloud went flying into a tree. "Mistcloud," Shadow cried, and dove after the MoonClan deputy.

Mistcloud wasn't moving, but when Shadow landed she opened one eyes. "Hello Shadow," She murmured.

"Mistcloud, are you..."

"Doesn't matter. Someone has to stop Willowstar." She looked at Shadow. "Shadow, absorb my power." Shadow's eyes widened.

"You mean you want me to do the mental shield thing with the powers?" She squeaked.

"Only you can. You have to save MoonClan, remember?" Mistcloud purred. "Now take the powers."

Shadow nodded, and taking a deep breath, put a paw to Mistcloud's shoulder. The wing's sucked into her back, and Shadow was suddenly overwhelmed by the thoughts running through everycat's head. "Get to Willowstar," Mistcloud murmured, and closed her eyes.

Everything in Shadow wanted to stay here with Mistcloud, but she had a job to do.

Shadow combed the battlefield for Willowstar, and saw her not too far away. Shadow ran, and put a paw on Willowstar's shoulder, and, almost instinctively knowing what to do, pushed her mind into Willowstar's.

Willowstar's consciousness bucked under Shadow's and she snarled. So you're not dead, she hissed.

No, I'm not, Shadow snarled. Ready to die?

Shadow searched through Willowstar's mind, even as the she-cat tried to fight her off. She found a glowing orb, which she assumed to be the source of Willowstar's powers. She tried touching it, but the shock nearly sent her rocketing back to her body. Instead she started building mental shields around it. Willowstar's consciousness felt like a moss covered rock on a rainy day, but somehow Shadow hung on until the deed was done.

With a shock she was back in her body. Willowstar was snarling at her, and she realized that she could no longer hear the thoughts of everycat around her. Instead she felt an incredible power rushing through her veins, and she knew that before she's broken away, she'd absorbed Willowstar's power. Shadow purred, and focused. All of the rogues suddenly froze, and then rose into the air.

A large white tom, probably the leader snarled, "What's happening?"

"I'm happening," Shadow snarled, "And unless you plan on all dying, you might want to listen to me." The tom looked like he might snap at her, but then thought better of it. "Leave the territory, and never return," Shadow intoned. "If you do, I will show no mercy. That I swear on StarClan. Now go, before my common sense gets the better of my mercy." She dropped the rogues, and after a shocked pause, they all took off. Shadow sighed in relief, sinking onto her side. The rain let up, and the sun started shining through.

Illuminated in one sunbeam was Willowstar, and Shadow swore that she could see Life. "Willowstar will never bother you again," Life purred, and she and Willowstar vanished as the sunbeam faded.

That was when a cheer when up from the MoonClan cats. Shadow was too tired to celebrate. Her eyelids drifted shut, and she passed out.

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