It was light outside. That was the first thing that Shadow noticed when she came around. She groaned, and pulled herself onto her rebellious paws. "Duskpaw!" Mapletail came flying in. "You're awake!"

"Wish I wasn't," Shadow muttered, "My head hurts." She met Mapletail's eyes. "What happened?"

"You sent the rogues off, and then fainted," Mapletail replied, scanning Shadow.

"I didn't faint!" Shadow protested. "I just... fell asleep on my feet," Mapletail sighed.

"You're fine to go outside if you want, but let me know if you feel dizzy or anything," Mapletail nodded.

Shadow started toward the entrace to the den, but then stopped. "Is Mistcloud... did Mistcloud make it?"

Mapletail purred then suddenly. "Mistcloud's too stubborn to die," Mapletail's eyes twinkled, "She's just fine. She and Robinsky are barking orders while we clean up the camp." Mapletail flicked her ears. "Robinsky would make a good deputy."

Shadow looked at the MoonClan cats. There seemed to be fewer. "Who else is dead?" Shadow asked, fear growing in the pit of her stomach.

Mapletail sat down. "Willowstar took Sparrowfur and Illusion out with her first attack. They're not dead," She added hurridly, "But they will need some time to recover. Lightfeather is dead," Mapletail dipped her head. "She tried to protect Bird while she was manipulating those animals. A larger rogue got to her before ThunderClan arrived, and thank StarClan they did," Mapletail sighed, "We would have died if Shellpaw hadn't gotten them."

Shadow continued to listen as the death toll racked up. Lightfeather, Gingerclaw, Heat, and Goldenstar were all dead. Many were injured and recovering. MoonClan had suffered a hard blow.

"What about Leafpaw?"

"He and that she-cat he likes are being held. He swears that he regrets everything. Mistcloud's keeping a close moniter on his thoughts, but most likely he'll be rejoining MoonClan." Mapletail growled under her breath, and Shadow guess that she didn't approve.

"Duskpaw!" There was a shout from Mistcloud, and Shadow looked in joy upon the face of the MoonClan deputy. "Now that you're up and about, you can help us clean up."

Shadow left the Medicine den, or what was left of it, with Mistcloud. "So who's leader now?" She asked.

"Well, right now we're all just pitching in to clean up camp," Mistcloud informed her, "But I think I am."

Cleaning up the camp was exhausting work. The dens were utterly decimated, and there wasn't much that the clan cats could do.

Finally, Mistcloud called a halt to the clean up. "Look," She started, and every cat who was able gathered around to hear her speak. "Okay, we all know that Goldenstar is dead, so, I guess I'll be taking over as leader." There were mews of agreement. "Okay then," Mistcloud seemed heartened by the clan's agreement. In which case, I will need a deputy, and I think we all know who deserves that title."

One by one, all of the MoonClan cats turned to look at Robinsky. "What! Me!" Robinsky gasped.

"StarClan my you hear and approve my choice," Mistcloud mewed, "Robinsky will be the new deputy of MoonClan." Robinsky still looked shocked for a moment, but nodded.

"I know that I can't take Mistcoud's place, nor do I want to, but I will do the best that I can." Robinsky flared her wings.

"I know that this has been a crazy last few moons, but MoonClan will survive. We have new kits on the way whose powers may be unfathomable, but we will find a way to survive." Mistcloud met the gaze of everycat assembled, and Shadow felt a new courage fill her. "MoonClan will survive, I swear it to StarClan. And whatever comes our way next," Mistcloud looked up at the sun. "We'll be ready."

Two Moons Later...

"Easy Flashfrost, just breath," Mapletail advised the queen. The entire clan was gathered outside the ressurected medicine den, waiting to see what would happen. Robinsky and Miststar were inside with Mapletail and Flashfrost, overseeing the birth. Shellfur hopped anxiously from paw to paw. He was as nervous as the rest of the clan. Wavewhisker especially, as Mapletail had insisted, 'no toms.'

"Calm down Shellfur," Leafclaw warned his brother. "You're making the whole clan jittery." Leafclaw had pledged alliance to MoonClan and recieved his warrior name a moon ago.

"Sorry," Shellfur settled for lashing his tail. Duskwing was hovering above, circling, too restless to stand still. Duskwing hadn't seen any reason to tell the clan that she was, in fact, Shadow, and had gone through her warrior ceremony as Duskwing.

Suddenly from within the den there was the sound of a wailing kit. It was joined by another. The whole clan held it's breath. Mapletail came out, purring. "Two healthy kits," She announced. "One looks just like Goldenstar, and the other like Flashfrost." There was the sound of cheers as the clan rejoiced.

The clan slowly dispursed, talking to each other. Hawksong trotted over to Leafclaw. Not being a StarCat, Hawksong had gone to ThunderClan to learn to be a warrior. She had learned quickly, and was now teaching the StarCats with less offensive powers the attacks. "Two new kits, can you believe it?" Her eyes were wide.

Miststar emerged from the den and climbed up to the leader's perch. "Today we welcome two new kits to the clan. A ginger she-cat, who's name is Falconkit, and a brown tom, who's name is Thornkit. They have shown no abilities yet, but often the abilities do not manifest until apprenticeship. We will be anxiously waiting to see what it is these cats can do."

Shellfur flicked his tail. Yes, it certainly would be interesting. As far as he knew, no kit had ever grown up in MoonClan. These kits were going to have an interesting future indeed.

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Leader- Mossstar- tortiseshell she-cat

Deputy- Brownclaw- Dark brown tom
Apprentice- Pigeonpaw

Medicine Cat- Grayleaf- older gray she-cat


Rippedtail -Gray tom with long scars running down his pelt
from a badger attack when he was a kit (Former SunClan)

Firefur- ginger tom

Spottedfur = lightly spotted tom

Silverstorm- pale gray she-cat (SunClan)
Apprentice: Alderpaw

Blueleaf = Blue-gray she-cat

Emberheart = ginger she-cat.

Dawnburst- golden she-cat

Foxtail- ginger tom

Fleetfur-Ginger tom

Flickerfoot -Tortoiseshell she-cat


Pigeonpaw- light gray she-cat

Alderpaw- brown tom with blue eyes (SunClan)

Queens and kits-

Heartflight-tabby she-cat
Kits- Whitekit (white) Duskwing (MoonClan)


Flight- ginger striped she-cat


Leader: Blossomstar- white she-cat

Deputy: Clifffoot- pale gray tom

Medicine Cat: Amberdew- ginger she-cat


Frogfoot- dark gray tom (Former SunClan)

Nightshadow- black she-cat (SunClan)

Micarush - pale gray she-cat with darker gray stripes.

Oakstripe- dark ginger tom

Lilywing- white she-cat (SunClan)

Pinetail- brown tom


Whiteheart- white she-ca
Kit- Redkit (red-brown)



Blacktooth- dark gray tom


Leader: Creekstar- gray tom

Deputy- Ripplefur- blue gray tom

Medicine Cat- Splashwing- tortoiseshell she-cat


Stonefur- gray tom (Former SunClan)

Wildwind- striped tom. (Former SunClan)

Rapidfoot= dark tabby tom

Hazedream- ginger she-cat (SunClan)

Boulderpelt- gray tom



Streamtail- ginger she-cat


Gullpelt- very pale gray she-cat


Leader- Galestar- gray white she-cat

Deputy- Falconheart- brown she-cat

Medicine Cat- Breezeflight- White she-cat


Gailstorm -longhaired pale gray she-cat.

Gleampelt - dark cream she-cat.

Lionflame- ginger tom
Apprentice: Frostpaw


Frostpaw- dark gray she-cat

Stormpaw- drak gray tom



Curlfoot- pale brown tom


Silverstorm and Alderpaw of ThunderClan
Lilywing of ShadowClan
Lionflame and Frostpaw of WindClan
Hazedream of RiverClan


Leader- Mistcloud- blue gray she-cat who can read minds

Deputy- Robinsky- Light brown she-cat with brown and copper wings

Medicine Cat- Mapletail- golden and brown she-cat who can heal


Flamefoot- ginger tom who can shoot fire out of his paws

Iceshadow- white she-cat who can freeze things

Sparrowfur- gray tom who can create translucent inpenatrable shields

Illusion- gray stripped white she-cat who can create convincing illusions. Former Tribe cat.

Wavewhisker- tortoiseshell tom who can read emotions

Spruceclaw-dark brown tom who is super fast.

Bird- blue gray she-cat. Can control animals.

Shellfur- cream tom. Mutated to swim and breathe underwater.

Leafclaw- golden brown tom. Has control over plants.

Duskwing/Shadow- gray she-cat with blue eyes. Adapts any power she comes in contact with.

Hawksong- white she-cat. Not powered.


Flashfrost- pretty brown she-cat who can teleport
Kits- Falconkit (ginger) and Thornkit (Brown)


Swiftbreeze- Black and white she-cat (SunClan)

Skyfire- Light brown she-cat. (Former SunClan)

Timestar- gray she-cat

(Supposedly) Willowstar- white and brown she-cat

Goldenstar- ginger tom who has life power.

Lightfeather- pale gray she-cat who glows with white light

Gingerclaw- ginger tom who can find things

Heat- red brown tom. Can hypnotize cats.

Cats Outside Clans

Eagle- brown and white tom (Former SunClan)

Dogclaw: Black tom with large, white front paws. Former deputy.

Frost- light gray tom. Leader of Rogues.


Life- golden she-cat. Power over all life.

Time- brown she-cat. Power over all time.

Soul- black tom. Power over all spirits.

Storm- gray tom- Power over all weather.