A New Start

It's been 2 Years after the death of Kira and the news of the Death Note. Light's soul was put on trial in the Shinigami world. He won and so his soul got another chance to live, but as a Shinigami with his own Death Note. The only condition was he could not use it to start another Kira epidemic on earth. Light agrees to these terms, but figures a way to bring Kira back to earth without being persecuted, the same way it started the first time.

-on earth-

Itoru Hitsune, an close-to above average high school student and a genius in chemistry. His schedule is the same everyday, until he found a strange item on his way home from school, a Death Note.

Itoru: "What's this?" he asked him self as he picked up a black notebook that was just on the ground. "It's a Death Note?" answering his own question. He opened the notebook and reads it to himself. "How To Use: The human whose name is written in this book shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing their name. Therefore, people with the same name will not be affected." he giggled. "What a load, a book that kills people." he said with both disbelief and intrigue. "Hmm, I guess a little test couldn't hurt, but on who? I think I'll try it out tomorrow." he said as he turned to his house.

-in the shinigami world-

Light: "Someone picked up the Death Note, my rein as god begins anew."