Story Title: Another Life

Chapter Title: Unwanted Baby

Author: Jessica (Jess88)

Chapter: 4/?

Rating: K

Ships: James/OC

Disclaimer: JKR owns everything.

Author Notes: So sorry it took me a long time to post, I haven't had a lot of inspiration to write.

"Mum, dad, this is Steve Brown and Steve this is my mum, Mary Clark and my dad. Dave Clark." Myra introduced everyone. The four had a lovely time together, and James told them that he made the team he tried out for called the Maple Oaks. They were all happy for him.

"I have some new of my own….. I'm pregnant"

James dropped his glass of champagne to the floor.

"You're...?" James began to say but he could not finish. Myra looked at him and so did her parents. James realised that he was now trapped; he would have to stay with Myra and his child, but what about Lily and Harry? James shook his head and forced himself to look at Myra and smile. He knew he would never love her, but he could be happy with her. He needed to move on because going back to his old life was not an option, not with Lily being dead.

Myra smiled back at him, but she knew there was something wrong, is it his other woman; or was not happy about their child. She didn't know what it was but she fully intended to find out. She looked at her parents to see that they were happy they were finally getting grandkid whether she was married or not. The dinner went on nicely after that, or so it seemed. When Myra and James got home, Myra rounded on James before he could take another step to the bedroom.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Myra snapped at him while James just looked blankly at her.

"What do you mean?"

"The way you reacted when I told you I was pregnant. You looked shocked and unhappy."

"Look Myra the night we slept together I was drunk so I clearly wasn't in my right mind. The day we met, I was told that my wife and son had died in a horrible accident. I left London and came here to get away from everything. I couldn't face anything. I'm still in shock. So you see I'm not ready for a new relationship or another family. I'm sorry Myra right now I can't do this." James said and walked out of the flat. Myra stood there looking at the door. She was shocked, she hadn't expected Steve to admit that his wife was killed and it certainly explained a lot. She wasn't happy however that she was pregnant and would have to be on her own. She was angry at Steve for that.

James walked out of the flat and went to the street. He had no idea that sleeping with

Myra would lead to a child; of course he knew that it could happen if one wasn't being responsible but he was drunk of course that was no excuse. He was still not ready to raise another child when he had just lost his own. James decided that it would be easier to leave the magic world but he was already on the team so he couldn't just leave that and going back to the ministry to be an auror was not an option either, that would raise a lot of question of who he was which was the last thing he wanted. He apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and stepped into Diagon Ally, he knew that all the stores would be closed but Gringotts however would be open, it was always opened.

James went to his vault and took money to spend the night at the Leaky Cauldron. He sat in his bed after he checked in. He thought about Lily and Harry and how he would never see them again. He had no idea how he would be able to raise a child that should have been Lily's with someone he didn't love. He would have to, that much he knew. He fell asleep thinking about the child that would arrive in nine months, the child he didn't want.

The following morning James woke up and remembered that he had Quidditch practice and headed to the stadium. When he got in the air on his broom he felt very much himself and free. He didn't think about Lily, Harry, and Myra, which was better considering that he needed to focus on his training, He did very well, he scored five goals on the keeper. His coach couldn't decide however if he was bad for only getting five goals or that his keeper was really good. He would have to wait until a game to find out. James headed back to the Leaky Cauldron to find a letter on the night stand from Myra.

Dear Steve,

I may not understand the pain that you are in and what you feel but I want to know if you're still going to be the father of my child and help me raise it, I can't do it on my own, not when I want to be a healer. I know you won't have a lot of time when Quidditch training and games pick up but I would like you to be able to give me a hand. I am not asking you to love me, for you made that clear. I just wish you told me from early on, because I wouldn't have tried to become lovers, and I wouldn't have slept with you. However what is done is done and there's no looking back at the past now, we can only move forward and I would like to stay in your life. Think all of this over and let me know.

Love Myra.

James read the letter over and over again, he knew he was going to stay and help Myra raise the child but he didn't want to get married. He took out a quill and parchment and wrote a letter back to Myra.

Dear Myra,

I have read your letter over and over again, I understand what you have said and I agree with you on the fact that we can only move on, but I do not want to get married, as of right now I am still grieving and am not ready for love just yet. I will stay and help you raise our child, because it is the right thing to do, I know it won't be easy for either of us but we can give it our best to do what is right. I will come back to your place tomorrow as of right now I am too tired to leave my room. We should start looking for a bigger house as the two bedroom flat will not do at all. We need at least three bedrooms. I have an idea where we might find one. See you tomorrow.

Love James

James sent the letter and lied down and fell asleep. The following morning he got up and headed back to Myra's place. He walked into the flat to see her making breakfast, she turned around and looked at him and smiled, she was happy that James came back. James smiled at her and sat down. After eating they headed out to look at houses nearby. Myra kept looking for big houses because she assumed James could afford it, which he could but he didn't want a big house because he was didn't want to stand out. Not to mention, the money was his and Lily's, not Myra's. So he pretended that he could not touch his inherence until he turned thirty, which disappointed Myra and James could tell, which made James' mind up about marrying her, and he sure as hell would not have any more children with her either. After five hours of searching for a house they finally found one.

The house had red stone and had a pond around the front, with trees. They went inside and looked at every room. They loved everything. The area was perfect too because there was a huge yard and lots of space and no close neighbours which James liked because he could practice his Quidditch without anyone seeing as they were in a muggle town. Myra and James immediately put an offer on the house and it was theirs. They went shopping for furniture right away, James often got annoyed with Myra because she was being so stubborn with what furniture she wanted, not to mention she tried getting the most expensive things she could find, but James refused every time which caused Myra to get annoyed, and James was glad that he was not ready to marry her, and he hoped they never would.