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Akito was standing at the edge of the ocean the waves hit the rocky cliff begging Akito to jump. Akito was now 18 and he didn't grow much, only his hair grew out. He wore his orange straight jacket and his white pants with the hooks on them. His hair blew in the wind as he looked up at the sky, wondering. Nothing mattered any more, he didn't matter. He didn't have a purpose not like Agito. Agito had a purpose, he had a meaning. Ikki, the one he love, told him how much he hated him and wished he'd disappeared not Agito. He didn't blame him. Tears fell from his eye, the other being covered by his eye patch. Akito was going to disappear. There was nothing left for him but this throbbing pain in his chest. "I'm sorry, Agito." He said still looking up at the sky. His eye still looks at the starry night sky. Then it fell shut slowly. Akito was now gone.
A shaky hand came up and switched the eye patch over. Agito opened his eye, tears were now flowing from his eye. Agito looked down at the ocean, sadly. He had begged Akito not to go and told him that he did have a purpose and that was to stay with him. It was too late now Agito was alone, but not for long. Agito turned around and backed up so his heels were touching the edge of the cliff. "I forgive you Akito." were the last things he said before he fell to his death. Akito/Agito's body was never found having been swept away by the ocean.

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