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Chapter One

"You're bleeding!"

"I am?"

"It must have scratched you"

"Yeah, well maybe it scratched me or something."

Fiyero had played their exchange over and over in his head for hours after they had parted ways. Oh Oz, she must have thought him so brainless, but he was so caught up in her eyes, staring so intently into his that he had lost all logical thought. Then she had reached out to touch him, and he had bolted. It had felt like electricity as she brushed his temple with her fingertips and he panicked and just ran.

That had never happened to him before, he was so cool and calm around girls. Flirting was second nature to him - he could charm the feathers off a chicken without breaking a sweat. And yet this one girl, this green mystery, had made him stutter like a schoolboy. Now, just thinking about her, his skin tingled where she had touched him. What in Oz had this girl done to him?

Elphaba approached Fiyero's door with apprehension. She really didn't want to face him, but she really needed to see Galinda, and she couldn't find her anywhere else. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she got nearer. She could hear him moving around inside his room and had to remind herself not to touch him this time. Her fingertips still felt the buzz she had received when she had touched him earlier, but she knew in her heart that she was not the girl that gave him butterflies. She raised her hand, and knocked softly on the door.

The door was flung open almost immediately, making her jump. She knew he was inside, but hadn't realised he was so close and her heart started thumping so hard, she was convinced he could hear it.

"Yes...Oh!" He started. "Elphaba, um, what can I do for you?" He asked, trying to sound as calm as possible, and not at all like he had spent the last hour thinking only of her.

She smiled shyly at him, desperately trying to hush her deafening heart. "I was just wondering if Galinda was here."

"No, I haven't seen her all day, sorry." He tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice. So, she wasn't here to see him.

"Oh, ok. Um, I'll leave you in peace then, thanks." She turned to go, but he called her back.

"Elphaba?" She glanced over her shoulder at him "Are you ok?"

She nodded and smiled "Yeah, I'm fine. I just...I wanted to tell Galinda...I got a letter today from the Emerald City. The Wizard wants to meet me!" She couldn't stop the beam that spread across her face then, and Fiyero couldn't help but notice how pretty she was when her face lit up like that.

"Oh Elphaba, that's wonderful! When do you go?" He beckoned for her to enter his room, and she followed him, their awkward silence seemingly overcome.

"Well, he's a bit busy at the moment, so it won't be until after Lurlinemas. Maybe six or eight weeks? Which is good, because I've still got a lot to learn, sorcery-wise. Madame Morrible is a great teacher, but I really want to make the best impression I can with the Wizard. Maybe then he'll help me with the Animal rights stuff I'm working on. We can't go around snatching every Lion, we'd get locked up."

He chuckled and she smiled brightly at him, her excitement shining through. He sat himself down on his bed, and gestured for her to sit down next to him. She perched slightly awkwardly on the edge, and it dawned on him that she may have never even been in a boy's room before, let alone sat on their bed. So he did his best to put her at ease.

"So, what have you been working on then for the Animals?"

She proceeded to explain to him about the plan she and Doctor Dillamond had been working on before his dismissal to give the back the Animals in Oz their rights. He noticed the more she spoke, the more comfortable she became around him, and before long she was sitting right next to him, her back leaning against the wall. It wasn't until she said "Fiyero?" that he realised she had asked him a question and he started spluttering.

"Well, I um...I suppose that's the best...sure, um...what?" She laughed at him and he grinned apologetically.

"You zoned out huh? It's ok, I understand, it's not the most fascinating topic in the world."

"No! No, I want to listen, I was just thinking about earlier, that's all..." he saw her stiffen slightly.

"I'm sorry I dragged you into that. I didn't mean to lose it like that, but sometimes I just can't help it when I lose my temper."

"I...I wasn't talking about then."

"Then what?" she asked, hoping he wasn't going to talk about what she thought he was.

"I'm so sorry I left like that, it's just..."

She interrupted "It's ok, I understand."

"You do?"

"Yes, of course. You can't be seen hanging around with the green freak, I get that."

"Elphaba! Do you honestly think I'm that shallow?"

She shrugged "Well, why else would you run away?"

He hesitated, and she nodded "Yeah, that's what I thought." She moved to get off the bed, but he threw his arm out and grabbed her hand in his to stop her leaving.

There it was again, the spark, the electricity. They both felt it that time, he was sure of it, one look into her eyes, which were as wide as saucepans, confirmed as much. He pulled her back down, making her sit right next to him. Then he put his hand softly against her cheek, forcing her to look at him, although she avoided his eyes as much as she could.

"I left, because...because..." he couldn't find the words. How could he explain the feeling that came over him when he was in her presence? He couldn't, there were no words to describe it.

So he kissed her. Softly at first - he just pressed his lips against hers, and he felt her tense up even more, and then she pulled away. At first he thought he'd made the biggest mistake of his life, and was just about to apologise, but then he looked at her. She was staring at him, her eyes even wider than before and she raised her hand, touching her lips with her fingertips. Then she reached forward, put her hand on the back on his head, and pulled him back towards her. When their lips met the second time, it was like fireworks had gone off. It didn't take long before his tongue was pressing against her lips, begging for entrance. Although she was unsure of the correct procedure of kissing, she was sure this was normal, and so she complied, and it was wonderful.

Sometime later they broke apart, both panting slightly.

"Wow." Fiyero whispered.

"Yeah." She replied.

He took his hands away from her face, and instantly missed the contact with her. The feeling he got from her was like a drug, and he couldn't get enough. He put his arm around her and she leaned her head onto his shoulder.

"So that's why you ran away huh?"

"Kind of, yeah. Sorry about that."

"I'm sure I'll get over it."

Elphaba didn't stay in Fiyero's room much longer. They had been sitting chatting about anything and everything when it suddenly dawned on Elphaba that she had just made out with her best friends boyfriend. She panicked, and it was her turn to run away from him.

When she got back to her room, Galinda was still nowhere to be found, and so she changed into her pyjamas, climbed into bed, and when Galinda finally made it home, she pretended to be asleep.