Dear all loyal readers,

I am so sorry I left the story here without an ending. 'deeplyshallow' just asked me whatever happened to this, so I thought I'd send you out a heads up.

I got to the stage where I felt the story didn't have much further to go, and I was having to tie up loose ends. I was losing inspiration quickly, and my enthusiasm for writing it kinda dwindled. I know leaving it 3 years was unfair on all of you who were following it so intently. Everytime I get into a story and it finishes without an ending I get so frustrated then have to kick myself and remind myself that I did the very same thing.

So I promise you all this. There WILL be a final chapter. Right now I'm so bogged down with uni work that I won't be able to fit it in, but you will get an answer. (I'll have to re-read it, cos I barely remember what happens myself…)

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, I will do my very best.

Fae xxx