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To the untrained eye, the woman standing in the church pew could easily look like another parishioner; no one would know the trials she had endured in her short life in a simple glance. Study the behaviour between her and the man next to her as he gently places his arm around her shoulders, and you may be graced with more of an insight.

She turns her head ever so slightly, nestling into the crook of his neck, lifting one hand up to brush a stray tear off her emerald cheek. He rubs soothing circles on her back, standing tall as her pillar of support, always there, never wavering.

After what seemed like an age, she lifted her head up to gaze into his eyes. "Where's Liir?" She whispered softly.

"With Glinda. She's getting him ready for the service. Apparently she has bought him a new suit and was adamant she'd be the one to dress him in it first."

Elphaba smiled wistfully. "Sounds like Glinda." She tucked her head back into his shoulder, closing her eyes briefly, "Is there anything we need to do before it starts?"

"No, it's all being done. Glinda's put her best team on it and told them if things don't go smoothly, she's going to let Madame Morrible out of Southstairs. I think that did the trick." They chuckled quietly, Elphaba's gentle laugh hitching in her throat, giving way to a soft sob. "Fae, look at me" he whispered turning her to face him, the arm that had been around her shoulders came up to cup her cheek and her dark eyes glistening with unshed tears gazed up into his, understanding passing between them.

"I'm sorry; I don't mean to keep breaking down like this." She said, tearing her eyes away from his unwavering stare. "I just…I can't help thinking about how we got to today. I lost you, lost Liir, then everything with Frank… and Piera…"

"I know my sweet, believe me. I understand that pain, and it's ok to cry. But let us also think to the future, the possibilities that are awaiting us, so many more adventures for us to…"

At that moment, he was interrupted by a shriek of "Mamaaaa" from the door to the chapel, and Liir barrelled his way over to them. Elphaba wiped the last of her tears away and turned, smiling, towards her son. "My my, don't you look handsome today." she said as she swung him up into her arms.

"You look pretty too Mama." He replied, kissing her cheek, causing Fiyero to clear his throat, feigning hurt. "And you too Papa!" Liir giggled, earning a "I should hope so too" from the lips of his father.

"But Piera looks the prettiest of all. Doesn't she Mama?" He grinned down at the sleeping face of his baby sister, nestled comfortably in Fiyero's other arm, oblivious to the world around her.

"She certainly does" Elphaba smiled, "and so she should, today is her special day after all."

"She'll miss it if she doesn't wake up." Liir's parents laughed at his concern.

"I'm sure she'll wake soon, she won't be able to sleep once everyone's here." As if on cue Glinda entered, flanked by Fiyero's brother who had taken quite a shine to the blonde, "There you are! Sorry Elphie, he ran away when I turned my back."

"Glinda, you've been running around all day. Relax! Let Perix do some of the chasing, he's clearly very good at it." Elphaba sniggered as Fiyero teased his brother, watching his cheeks redden with embarrassment. "You've organised this whole day, I think we can deal with this little monkey." Liir squealed as his father tickled him.

"Fabulous! I'm off to meet guests then! Perix, you can help – come on." Glinda swished out of the room, Perix following closely behind, leaving the little family alone once again. Liir wrestled himself out of his mother's arms and plonked himself down in the aisle to play.

"Poor Perix, Glinda's got him wrapped around her little finger. I'm afraid he'll be lovesick when he goes back to the Vinkus."

"I wouldn't worry about him," Fiyero smirked, "He's a little heartbreaker himself."

"Must take after his big brother. I hope his nephew doesn't go the same way."

"Oh no, Liir will be noble and gentle, just like his mother. Piera however, she's going to be trouble, I can tell."

Elphaba ran her finger softly over her daughters' soft nose. "Oh, I don't doubt that. She's as beautiful as Nessarose was, I'm sure she'll be breaking hearts all over Oz." The wistful smile returned as she carefully adjusted Piera's christening gown. "I can't believe we nearly lost her Yero. I lost Liir, and then I nearly lost our daughter."

"Fae, my sweet, you must stop torturing yourself! None of this was your fault. We have been given a second chance at life; we must grab it by the horns and run with it! Let this day be a turning point for us; from now on we work as one, and nothing will stand in our way. We have two beautiful, healthy children, wonderful friends, a roof over our heads, and neither of us are made of straw. We can do anything!"

Elphaba laughed and kissed him squarely on the lips. "You're soppy. But I love you."

Just then, guests started streaming in through the door, causing Liir to squeal and jump back up into his mother's arms. She held him securely on one hip, linking her free hand through the waiting outstretched arm of Fiyero.

"So, my Fae, shall we go christen our daughter?"

"Why yes, my Yero, I can't think of anything better."


And that my friends, is the end of our long journey together. It's been emotional, lengthy, and (in the case of this last chapter) extremely cheesy.

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