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It had been about three months since I had run away with Edward. We were currently staying at his house in Forks. All I can say about Forks is that it is cold and rainy and dreary and dull… yet, I've never been happier.

Edward's parents are lovely. They both welcomed me into the family instantly, although, I do think Esme was a little annoyed at losing a customer.

I called Alice a while ago. She was happy. She told me that Jasper had proposed on what was supposed to be my wedding day and they were now married and living with Rosalie until they can find their own house.

As for Emmett and Rosalie, only time will tell what will happen to them, although, the way they're going they may be happily married with children in a year at the most.

She told me what happened at the wedding. She told me as best she could about Mike's expression as she announced that I wasn't marrying him. She told me what happened after it- Jasper's proposal and their wedding- in great detail.

Edward and I are happy. We're going to the same school (Forks High) and when we graduate, we're going to Dartmouth apparently. I don't know what Edward or his parents did to get me in, and frankly, I'd rather not know.

We plan to get married one day, but not now. Not after all this drama.

In such a small town as Forks, it's incredible to believe that there are so many interesting people! There's Angela Weber, she is the nicest person you will ever meet in your whole life! There's Lauren Mallory, who reminded me of Tanya and Jessica back home. Then there's Jacob Black. Edward has issues with him. I'm not sure why but Edward hates him. He seemed kinda nice… Oh well.

Life was perfect now. I couldn't complain about anything. I had a wonderful man who loved me, two loving parental figures and my whole life ahead of me. After all the drama and shit, life seemed to finally be working out…

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