Title: As you erm … wish?

Rating: PG 13

Warning: some poking

Word Count: 100

"Malfoy!" shouted an irate Hermione as she huffed down the long corridors of Malfoy Manor.

"Hermione Granger… soon to be Malfoy." murmured Draco. "What can I do for my bride to be?"

"Get me out of here! I can't take dress fittings any more! Your father smirks, your mother sniffles, our parents agree to disagree and Blaise finally told me about the strippers at your Bachelor party." Hermione poked Draco's chest. "Malfoy, show me how much you love me."

"As you wish." Draco grinned and pulled her towards him. He gently lifted his bride and carried her to their room.

A/N This was posted for the Round 3: Challenge 1 on dramione_ldws on lj.