I decided to start a J-League fic with a love square with Bats, of course. He's the guy with just too many dangerous girlfriends and that's why he's perfect for this.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Justice League show, 'cause if I did, Catwoman would've shown up somewhere along ther and Green Lantern and Shayera would've gone back together. Also the show wouldn't even have stopped.

Okay I'll shut up now. Here it is:

He was looking ravishing tonight, well he always did. Eyes like ice daggers, baby blue. Dark as night hair too perfectly fixed. 6 feet 2. Black tux, though I did miss the grey spandex. It accented his great physique much better. And the bat symbol. My claws just couldn't keep away from that thing: tracing it hoping to feel him flinch under me. He never did.

I watched as he walked past tables in the fancy-schmancy party penthouse and flirted with every girl in sight. Winking. Talking innuendo. Thank god he didn't do any more than flirt with the bimbos or I just might've gotten up and ripped their throats out. He was mine and only mine...for no matter about the two other prissies he was considering: Wonder Priss and Backstabbing Sweety Tweety Terrorist Gal, he had come to this one instead of the others. That proved something didn't it? Well I was about to find out.

He gave one last wink to the red-head bimbo in a revealing yellow dress then turned away to reveal his real stoic face. Wayne was gone, only some warped kinder version of the Bat was here. I couldn't wait until the day I saw him for who he really was, normal, witty, and charming Bruce. No facades. He looked straight at me, our eyes met, and started walking toward me in that sauntering Wayne fashion. I liked it how he legs would gallop with grace when he chased me, but this was different. It was like his was floating over the floor toward my table. The only other time I saw this was when he wore that ghastly cape of his that gave me twice the thrill and all the mystery.

He grabbed a chair and sat. We were the only ones at the table. Other idiot socialites were either getting tipsy or gossiping like over-anxious sheep.

I set the full glass of wine I had. "At least you have the decency to take of that mask for me." My arms crossed while one of my classic flirty smiles came on.

"That's all you've got to say. No 'Handsome' or 'Good Looking'. I thought you'd be serenading me with flirty insinuations all night."

"We're pass that already." And we were, though it was fun bantering with handsome. A thought came to me. "Besides, I don't flirt with womanizer Bruce Wayne. I'm mostly interested in the Bat and the man behind his mask." As I said those words with a teasing tone, I reached out to his cheek and stroked it, as if to feel for an imaginary cowl to pull off.

He grabbed my hand, like he had a million times. His touch was as light as feather, like I was the most delicate thing in the word, yet he had a firm grip that wouldn't let easily. It was the same situation I'd repeated many times with him. Sometimes I felt as if his grip would slacken just a smudge, then go back to tightness just as fast, but I still felt that reluctance. He wanted me to know, so many times, he had.

As much as Handsome had tried to resist me and not react, he sometimes always gave it away in some small motion. It was small, but I knew I had entered. He had let me in. I was up there with Ratgirl and Los Dos Birdies. I was etched in with the rest of his girls, but I was in the top three and in the lead. Again, he had come and he knew I'd be here.

His hand dropped my frail wrist back to the tabletop."What are you doing here?!" He was leaning toward the angry bat growl, and I loved it. He sounded so sexy in that even deeper baritone voice. Even better was the Bat glare he gave me. It was intense, the one he gave to all criminals who then peed in their pants. For me, I'd never fear those eyes. Because no matter how hard he tried to hide it, I could still see the desire in them. Desire that was reserved for me. Not even the princess and eco-terrorist girl could get that look out of him.

"You know why. I just came to say hi and all that."

"You said you wouldn't be here."

"Come on Handsome! You know me. Sometimes the cat got my tongue and things just get twisted." His glare didn't intensify, nor decrease. There was a twinkle in his eyes I hadn't seen before though. He was lightening towards me. Without his mask, Handsome was an open book to me, though he still had many stoic moments of inscrutable readings.

"I do know you. And I did know you were coming, but this doesn't mean anything Selina."

"Of course it does. You didn't pick Ghoul-whatever's thing and ya didn't choose Princess Prissy's nation's meeting. Who else is there but me? Why'd you come here then?" I asked with not a tone of accusation, I was just teasing him, warming him up for the big finale.

"The nightlife was tiring and I didn't want to make a trip out of town. This party was the only place I could go without straining a muscle."

Ever the escape artist, I would've said and immediately Handsome would've none I was starting to flirt. Our history was a long one. That line would have given us both nostalgia. But I bit that one back. I needed to play it off cool. "I believe you. Thanks for showing up, Handsome." I blew him a kiss and walked away, hips swaying as usual, but only for the Bat. Hey, I was still the sexy seductress, and I wouldn't stop 'til he came to me.

"Oh and one last thing." I turned to see his, again, stoic face. "Might want to watch out. You've fallen deep into a ditch and no matter how much higher you climb, you'll still be in deep. We're all dangerous no matter which one you pick. Me. Wayne and Catwoman get together, and the Bat's rogue gallery will be wondering what happened between us, the Bat and Cat. It'll arouse suspicions and identities will be in danger. Pick Ghoul-head and you'll have to deal with her Daddy Dearest and company. Lastly the Priss. What'll her Warrior Queen Mommy think of that. Think about her sisters too. That'll be a shame. Also there'll be a field day for the press. Secret identities are hard to come by when you're as pretty as a goddess. Remember pick one and the other two will get ya. Ghoul will set her ninja buds on ya. Queen Hippo will slash you to pieces herself. Me... well we'll see. It's not my fault you picked such dangerous woman. I guess you've always have to a challenge."I said the words with a cautious, warning, concerned tone though I wanted to put as much venom as I could into them. I couldn't hide the threat entirely. I couldn't help but release some of the cooped up venom in the words dangerous and challenge.

This was the exact speech I had prepared for him. When I finished, he gave me a grim smile. He probably would have said something if it weren't for the Bat Signal lighting up the sky. I turned, but glanced back. He was already gone. Just like the bat to do that.

I finally turned and walked away with determined steel in my eyes. I was playing with Bat's heart. It felt dirty, but it had to be done.

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