Title: Buried Deep

Author: Always an Angel

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, own nothing. If I did, Peter would be in my bed every night.

"Where's my brother?"

Part of Peter, the part that still has unfailing love for Nathan, wants to scream, "I am your brother!" But that part of him is gone, buried under layers of pain and cynicism. He isn't that Peter anymore. He isn't innocent, naïve and trusting and filled with unconditional love. He's cold and hard. He's a killer. But being faced with this Nathan, the Nathan that hasn't betrayed him, the Nathan that still loves Peter, brings the old Peter a little closer to the surface, even if it's just for a few moments. Peter wants to shout how much he loves Nathan, how much he misses him, that he's sorry, that he's still Peter and why can't Nathan love him too? Instead, he speaks in his normal tone with no trace of his true feelings.

"I don't know. I'm looking for him too."