Summary: Warning, Slight A/U: The hunted always look for a means to run from the hunter; Kagome knows this all too well. Escaping to the Ningenkai from demon pursuers who want her for unknown reasons in Makai, she soon learns that blending in and living life as a human is more difficult than expected. In her life of bitter ice she runs across a kindred spirit known as Hiei, with a burning angry fire. A strange bond draws them to each other, and through a twist in fate her first seeming friend becomes yet another hunter as the Spirit Detectives are sent to capture her. Oddly enough, she finds it harder to resist capture as an odd companionship forged through blood and sacrifice forms with Hiei when her demon pursuers from Makai come once again to claim her.

Last Time: The plot to save Keiko is finally in action. Kagome pretends to be unconscious while the demons take both her and Yusuke to the demon world to meet the foe who has been pursing Kagome for almost her whole life. Once they arrive they find themselves facing a feudal era castle and inside, a demon who is known as none other than Naraku. He calls Kagome his miko, and a battle ensues between her, Yusuke, and the demon. Together Kagome and Yusuke manage to obliterate Naraku into nothing more than ash. Keiko is thankfully reunited with Yusuke and otherwise unharmed. The nightmare of her life seems over, until a mud-like doll is discovered.

Dark Angel

Chapter Four: Puppets

For a moment both he and Keiko froze in shock.

"What do you mean?" Keiko asked before Yusuke could.

Kagome's eyes fell on Keiko, and she took the opportunity to truly study the girl for the first time. The female had kind yet determined honey brown eyes, and her stance was hesitant but defiant all the same. It was obvious she had seen her share of trials, for that haunting gleam in her gaze spoke of unveiled naivety. Over all though, Keiko appeared normal and ordinary enough, but she felt familiar. The familiarity itself wasn't the usual acknowledging emotion of forgetting someone you know you've seen before; it was something different, like an echo of her own self, though she knew she and the girl shared no similar traits.

After an uncomfortable moment Kagome turned her attention back onto Yusuke and directed her answer to him instead, "It was only a puppet, a shadow of the true thing that still hides in the unsearched lands of Makai."

Yusuke frowned, "How do you know that?"

She held up the broken doll, "This." At both of their confused faces she explained, "It's a demon puppet, made of mud and soil. A piece of his soul was infused into it using a strand of his hair, which enchanted the doll to take on a human-like form and share a portion of his power."

"You mean…he could come back?" though she hid it well, Keiko's voice held a slight tremor.

Kagome shared her sympathies and grimaced, "Unfortunately there is no doubt that he will, and with how much power in store I haven't the first clue."

To be honest she was very disappointed at the knowledge of this truth. Her whole life was spent being forced to hide because this Naraku-asshole decided he needed her for whatever scheme he had planned. She had felt immense joy beholding his painful destruction, and the realization that her once possible freedom was snatched away felt almost unbearable.

Yusuke cursed, "This is bullshit! What kind of coward sends a puppet to do his dirty work?"

She shrugged, "Either a really weak one, or a really intelligent one. This whole thing could have been a ploy to learn our abilities."

"Damn it…now I have to tell Koenma about this and then listen to a fucking lecture on how I should have told him about this!"

Kagome shot him a glare, "Oh no you don't detective. Chances are he'll come back for me, not for you or your little girlfriend. Not a word to Koenma, I don't need him knowing about my magic appearance into the human world."

"What do I do then?"

She smirked, "Nothing. Go home and forget about what happened. I'll deal with…" the name hesitated to fall from her lips only briefly, "…Naraku." but it was enough that Yusuke noticed. Surprisingly he refrained from saying anything about what it could mean, which was good because even she didn't know.

Keiko tugged on Yusuke's hand. "Let's go home, please?" She stared at him imploringly. It seemed she felt that unless Yusuke agreed to Kagome's demands, they wouldn't be leaving any time soon. Smart girl.

Yusuke met Keiko's pleading, tired eyes and the change was instant. His expression softened and a small smile quirked his lips. "Alright, I'll leave this mess for you to clean up. But I hear so much as a whisper of this asshole, and all of Spirit World will know his name. Got it? Keep it quiet."

Kagome waved her hand passively, "Please, I live in the shadows. I can keep things quiet. Besides," she added, "You've never even heard about him until now anyways; fame doesn't seem to be his goal." then she shrugged, "Why would that change now?"

"Whatever," he scoffed, "I just want to forget this happened, and I don't want to worry that this freak will try to get Keiko again." In response Keiko's grip on his hand tightened. It seemed despite his words the experience with Naraku was rather traumatizing for the poor girl.

Kagome nodded in understanding, "You won't have to worry about that. He knows you're on my side, he won't try to use you again, not after tonight."

Something suddenly sparked in Yusuke's eyes, "And you're completely positive?"

"No," she answered simply. "He could be very spiteful and want revenge for your 'betrayal'. If that's the case though, it'll work to my advantage because it'll bring him closer to me." Then she sent Yusuke a wicked grin, "I'll kill him before he touches her."

The detective crossed his arms, "And you want me to trust Keiko's safety to you? Are you stupid?"

Kagome quirked a single brow at his sudden reluctance, "Are you so insecure in your ability to protect her yourself?"

"That's not the problem." He growled, "I can't be with her twenty-four seven!"

She also crossed her arms, "So are demon kidnappings a common thing for her then?"

"Enough! Both of you!" Keiko sent them each a glare, which had Kagome scowling at her. "I don't need to be watched all the time Yusuke, and you are already with me most of the time anyways! So shut-up and let's just go home now!"

Yusuke was thoroughly cowed; the desperate look and demanding tone Keiko had used on him seemed magical. Kagome couldn't help sending him a gloating smirk, which caused him to reply with a seething glare. The choke-collar Keiko had on Yusuke was most amusing, especially when the girl felt the desire to tighten her hold. The interaction was just another reason why she was happy she hadn't anyone to care for; such demanding plays of emotion and loyalty were constricting to her will.

"Alright, then it's all settled. Let's go home." Yusuke pulled out his communicator without further complaint, and held a hand up to halt Kagome when she stood, ready to spring, "Relax, I'm calling us a ride home from someone I trust. She won't ask questions."

On the small screen the face of a young woman with bubblegum pink eyes and cotton candy blue hair suddenly appeared, "Yes Yusuke? Oh hi Keiko!" the grim reaper's expression lit considerably upon sighting the other female beside the detective.

Yusuke himself merely rolled his eyes, "Nice to see you too Botan. Hey could you do me a favor and open up a portal for us back to the human world?"

She frowned, "Where are you guys?"

"Demon world, it's a long story but don't worry about it everything's been taken care of." He impatiently waved off her apparent concern, "Can you just open the portal and please not mention anything to the Toddler?"

Botan's eyebrows suddenly shot up, "This is serious, you said please and everything! Wow Yusuke you're finally learning some manners!" Keiko chuckled at the comment.

Growling in frustration Yusuke snapped, "Just open the damn portal Botan!"

"Yes, yes grumpy pants! Just hold on a sec I have to pinpoint your location." And the screen then went blank as she hung up on him. Huffing Yusuke shoved the communicator into his pant pocket a little more forcefully then needed.

Kagome watched the scene with curiosity. It was weird to see such obvious companionship, trust, and understanding between all three people. The interaction made her feel more isolated then before, and her betraying heart lurched at the mere thought of owning some of that companionship. She squashed it quickly before it became too compelling. That was a life she would never have, nor one she wanted. Though it gave strength, it also screamed of weakness and constraint. Her freedom would not be taken even more than it already had been.

Minutes later a portal suddenly opened and Botan, cheerful as ever, popped out from inside it, "Hey Yusuke! Hey Keiko!" she greeted with a playful two-fingered salute, "I heard you needed a door back?"

Grumbling to himself Yusuke crossed his arms, "About time!"

Keiko swatted him, "Be nice! She's doing us a favor you know!"

"Yeah Yusuke! I went out of my way and everything." Botan's gaze then moved behind Yusuke and onto Kagome, "Oh, and who might this be? The reason for your small adventure?"

Yusuke turned to stare at her as well, their eyes locking allowing her to portray a silent warning. "Never mind about her Botan, I promised no questions and she's one of them. Trust me, everything is fine. She'll be coming back with us."

Keiko gave the suddenly worried grim reaper a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, you can trust her."

Botan sighed and shrugged. "Guess I don't have much of a choice. Get in I can't keep this portal open forever you know." Despite her appearing annoyance a bright smile lifted her features.

Yusuke ushered Keiko in first, then he turned back to stare at Kagome, "You in next. It's safe, trust me."

The word caught her off-guard; it had been a long while since she last trusted anyone. Even during her fight with Naraku she hadn't trusted Yusuke to stay and fight with her - in fact she fully expected him to leave. Such kindness was foreign, and the idea of trust stranger still. Yet, gazing into his warm chocolate stare and urging gesture, she dared to believe perhaps, this once, she actually could.

Seeing her hesitance Yusuke added, "Don't tell me you're afraid? Keiko went in already, are you saying a mere human has more guts than you?"

That did it. Walking towards the portal she roughly shoved Yusuke aside, "Please, don't insult me detective." and then, without pause, walked straight into the wall of magic back to the human world.

Yusuke shook his head and sighed, "Jesus, she's just like a girl version of Hiei! Never thought I'd see another one. Maybe it's a short person thing to be grumpy?"

Botan shrugged, "You got me?"

Yusuke stuffed his hands into his pockets, "Who knows? I just want to go home." And with that last idea he entered the portal followed by Botan barely a second after.


In misery Kagome flopped onto her bed, completely spent and despising the idea of waking up two hours later for school. For a moment she debated on the advantage of going, and then thoroughly decided there were none. Today she'd take off, one wouldn't hurt her and she figured she deserved it after tonight. Glancing at her mocking alarm clock that red five in the morning, she sighed and closed her eyes.

Whoever said demons needed less sleep then humans were clearly incompetent, for demons had to sleep just as much as the next daytime creature. Ok, maybe they would function better on a mere three hour sleep then the average human, feeling almost refreshed, but after a time it still wore greatly on them. She unfortunately, was at this point. Sleep was a must, sadly.

Yet the knowledge that Naraku knew where she lived greatly disturbed her and kept her from needed rest. Not even a week in the human world and he already had found her and plotted a plan of her capture. In such a short time he also managed to weave the detective under his manipulating thumb like a desperate dog who performed tricks for their favorite treat. She hadn't a clue as to the power of her foe, and now it seemed that he had magical ways of gathering all sorts of information. Just how much did he really know about her?

Something she didn't apparently. His need to obtain her was years in pursuit, and she knew nothing overly special about her other than her unique miko abilities. How could that benefit him? She hadn't a single clue. She knew it had something to do with that though. She based this on the fact that he liked to call her Miko - like it was a title she went by or something. How the hell did he even know what those powers were? Mikos in this time were all but extinct in place of beings with powers like Yusuke's. It disturbed her, the way he purred the title like a sick joke only he understood.

One thing she was certain of was that staying here was no longer an option. The anonymous safety the house once supplied no longer existed, now that her enemy knew where she slept. Not only that, but now that accursed detective knew her whereabouts. Thoughts of ambush both from demons and from Spirit World tormented her more paranoid side, an ingrained part of her personality created by years fearful of capture. If it weren't for heavy exhaustion and the logic that a strike against her person wouldn't happen so quickly after encountering her foe, she would be packing her bags and all but fleeing from the current area.

The idea did seem overly tempting though…how was she so certain of her safety?

With a frustrated sigh she heaved her tired body from bed. Sleep would not claim her while she rested in such a dangerous spot. Somehow she would have to sell her home and find another, though she couldn't help but wonder if she'd be any safer. The sudden notion halted her movements, and she frowned, mulling the realization over.

Would she be safer if she left?

No. No she would not.

Clearly this demon had ways to find what he wanted, and so long as she was bound by human laws of owning property (if you called renting owning), she was certain he would find her time and time again. Leaving her cozy set-up would prove useless in the long run, even if she wanted to at least hide from the detective. She was positive that if Yusuke really wanted to find her for whatever reason he would, and the thought irked her to no end. It wouldn't be hard for the detective either, unless she somehow legally changed her name. She doubted that would deter Naraku or Yusuke for long. Damn her luck! Damn the stupidity of humans, making it so horribly difficult to be unknown in such a modern world! Damn most of all her lack of knowledge about said modern world! Sure there were ways (hence her current life set up) but they were not known to her and her previous contact was currently off-grid.

With a growl she flopped back onto her bed closing her eyes, intent to fall asleep despite her obvious paranoia.

Damn everything! If either of them sought her she would meet them in hell!


Koenma frowned, eying the portal record with slight confusion. Maybe he was paranoid, but he was certain he didn't remember approving an opening from Makai to Ningenkai earlier this evening or even later, if it had been an emergency that couldn't wait for his attention. In fact, if it weren't for the automatic recording system he wouldn't have even known of its occurrence at all.

Normally he probably wouldn't have even noticed one single out-of-place portal, brushing it aside as a forgotten admission since so many portals between the worlds were approved constantly throughout both the day and night. With recent events however, he was more cautious, watching for any abnormalities that would breathe the slightest hint of his current concern.

He eyed the aura signature of the reaper who had made the rip, raising both eyebrows upon realizing it was Botan, his most trusted soul escort to the Netherworld. Now he was really curious; Botan always reported any regulated activity to him. What in the hells was that girl up to?

Drumming his fingers along the soft oak top of his desk, Koenma rested his chin in his palm, contemplating on what he should do. He was sure if he confronted Botan she wouldn't lie to him, but at the same time he loathed the realization that she wasn't forthcoming in the first place. She of all people he knew would report to him about anything important. If he couldn't trust her then who could he really depend on?

Pushing the red button of his intercom down he growled out, "George, send in Botan right now!"

On the other end he heard a crashing of paper, having no doubt surprised the poor ogre, before a stuttered, "Y-Yes Lord K-Koenma sir!" affirmed his command would be carried out.

He had to only wait half a second before a knock sounded on his door.

"Come in, Botan."

The grim reaper cautiously opened the door, peeking in hesitantly before opening it fully, "You called Lord Koenma?"

"Yes, please take a seat." He instructed with a wave of his hand, "There's something I wish to discuss with you."

Botan's usual cheerful nature wasn't present as she silently entered the room, taking a seat at the chair just in front of his desk. Her expressive pink eyes avoided his deep cinnamon brown, a sure sign of her nervousness. He frowned, taking note of how her hands played with the fabric of her outfit, and how her teeth teased the bottom of her lip. The girl was a wreck of tense agitation in front of him, the realization only furthering his wariness of the situation.

Clasping his hands together and setting them atop his desk, he peered straight at her, forcing her gaze to meet his own. "Now Botan, I'll only ask you once: is there something, anything, that you think you should tell me? Something that you perhaps forgot to mention because some errand distracted you?"

He watched the girl hesitate, and prayed that she would fess up. By doing so it would erase his worries of further deceptions, restoring the trust he hoped to have in her. Botan was his most important reaper, which was why they were having such a conversation in the first place. Any other would have already received trial and punishment. It was only Botan that he would supply both a chance to speak, and an excuse to use.

"Well I…opened a portal without permission." She started slowly, again adverting her eyes from him, "It was between Makai and Ningenkai. I thought a human was on the wrong side, someone told me they had a suspicious reading so I thought I'd check it out." She shrugged with a helpless smile, "Turns out it was nothing, and since it wasn't important it slipped my mind to tell you."

He was silent for a moment, watching her carefully, "Alright," he spoke finally, "that'll be all. You are dismissed."

With a nod she rose, leaving the room a little too quickly for his liking.

He knew that she was lying to his face. However, due to some emotion he wouldn't admit to, he refused to press her further and instead chose to believe that her answer was sufficient enough. A portal issue wasn't worth sacrificing her services over. Besides, it wasn't a big deal and at the very least she admitted to opening one in the first place, that meant at least something. Whatever reason for her secrecy on the subject however, he knew it had to be important at least to her to choose to withhold it from him, otherwise he would already know. He trusted her, he had to because he had no one else he trusted more, and he doubted that she would betray that trust. The girl herself was already too trusting, so surely he couldn't be betrayed by someone like that.

Crossing his small arms Koenma sighed, turning his chair slightly to gaze back at the ominous dots over Tokyo. Annoyance and a rising pang of panic flooded him at the sight. He had sent Yusuke and the rest to disburse the demons harmlessly, though they were forced to slaughter them all because they discovered the demons were crazy, muttering something about a call and refused to leave. That had only been two days prior. Seeing more accumulate so soon, even at the stench of blood that surely still remained at the sight, was disconcerting to the young Spirit Ruler. He had a feeling the reason for this abnormality in demon behavior was already hiding safely tucked away in Ningenkai.

Still, he wouldn't send a search out until he was certain. It was illogical to send the team out to find someone who may not even exist yet. He had to be positive first, and for all he knew this odd behavior was linked to some strange artifact residing in the area. Maybe he'd send another team out to investigate? Team Lopal were probably bored and this would pike their interest immensely.

Yes, it would for it was very interesting….


Kagome squinted as the clouds shifted to allow the blaring rays of sun onto her eyes. It only took her a moment to adjust to the new light levels, but it was still annoying. Kicking a stray pebble she mulled over again the information she acquired, still finding nothing that would alleviate the situation at all. It was annoying how nothing was working in her favor, like her damnable luck that would never change. Even sleep was a stolen luxury that was taken after a mere four hours of rest.

As if her day couldn't get worse, the sudden wail of a sobbing child now assaulted her acute ears. Grumbling she turned in the direction of the crying boy with obvious annoyance, hoping her glare would somehow silence the blusterous child. No such luck. Looking away she tried to ignore it, but as minutes passed and no one came to quell the hysterically sad kid, she sighed with resignation and strode over to him. At the rate things were going she'd be deaf!

It was a rather pitiful sight the boy made. He had a mud smear on his cheek and a rip in one pant leg at the knee. His clothing looked to be as if they were simply strewn about his frame, no orderly fashion to them, though hints of their prior condition before the day's events shone in places. The boy himself was sitting on the sand of a near-by playground, though the play area was deserted since most kids were in school. His small fits were squashed against his eyelids, as if the appendages could somehow stem the consistent flow of tears. The boy appeared no more than four or five, with coal black hair and semi-tanned skin.

Kagome's nose twitched slightly at the scent of tears, and she sighed remorsefully. Lowering to rest on her knees, balancing on the balls of her feet (an instinctual pose of self-preservation, allowing her to flee at a moment's notice), she eyed the boy with a single raised brow, chin resting comfortably on her balled fist.

"What's wrong?"

The boy paused in his bemoaning briefly, sniffling as a single deep green eye peeked out to study her. Upon realizing he had no idea who she was, the boy went back to crying pathetically, and she rolled her eyes.

"Hey bud, I'm talking to you." In all honestly, she should have just walked away after that, but for some reason she felt compelled to try one more time. Briefly an image of a different young boy flared in her mind before blurring out into nothingness.

Understanding now that the strange girl wouldn't leave him alone until he acknowledged her, the boy hiccupped and peered at her cautiously, "You gonna pick on me now too?"

"No." she stated, eying him with humor. "You honestly think you're special enough for my time and effort? Insulting children is below me, it's much too easy to do and rather pointless."

The boy blinked at her odd answer, he didn't know what to say to that.

Smirking she ruffled his head, "Listen kid, I don't have all day so why don't you just tell me what's wrong?"

Tears filled his eyes again upon remembering why he was crying in the first place, "I'm lost!" he moaned, and it didn't take long for those trickles of water to turn into a full-blown storm of emotion.

"How'd you manage that?" she asked, hoping to distract him from his embarrassing display of sorrow.

Still crying he managed to stutter, "T-These kids t-took my backpack so I-I chased them and got l-lost on my way home!" taking a shuddering breath he added, "And I-I've been trying to find m-my way back for h-hours!"

At a particularly loud wail, she winced, resisting the urge to plug her ears, "Alright alright! Calm down, crying won't make you any less lost you know!"

The boy tried to even his breathing, tears still streaming relentlessly down his pudgy cheeks, "T-Then what will?"

"Doing something, obviously. Did you even try to figure out where you were?" she raised a single eyebrow, noting how the boy stilled and shied away from her gaze, "I take that as a no." she shrugged, standing up with a small stretch.

The boy craned his neck to watch her, "Are you leaving?"

She shook her head, "Not yet, karma will hate me if I leave you here alone." She sent him a small rueful smirk.

"Good!" the boy beamed, standing also while grabbing her hand, "Where are we going?"

She flinched from the contact, but the boy didn't seem to notice, "To find your parents, I guess." Her voice was neutral even though she wanted nothing more than to flee from the open trust and affection the stupid child was giving her. What possessed her to help anyways? She hated being touched but she couldn't just punch the kid like she had Yusuke. Pointedly retracting her hand would probably make the boy cry again. Her abused ears couldn't take much more of his pathetic moans.


She glanced down at him, "So where do you last remember seeing them?"

Before the boy could say anything, a female gasp drew her attention away. Green eyes, so much like the boy's own, focused upon the child with obvious relief. A woman who appeared in her early thirties rushed past the chain-linked fence into the park, deep black hair billowing behind her.

Kagome instantly dropped the boy's hand, watching in silence as he rushed to his mother with clear joy. The two embraced, and the mother smothered the child with thousands of kisses, before releasing him to lecture him about scaring her. The child subdued slightly, ashamed for causing such concern, but then the mother sighed and hugged him tight, her frail body shaking with relief. Something in her heart stirred at the sight, something she refused to name.

After a moment the women with midnight hair looked past her son and met Kagome's frosty eyes, a happy smile lighting her face. "Thank-you." Her voice was full of pure earnest emotion; truly she was thankful to the depths of her very soul.

Unsure of what to do, Kagome silently nodded.

Standing the mother stretched her hand out to the boy, who eagerly took it in his own. Chattering endlessly she led the boy away, who easily kept up with her non-stop babble with his own. Just as they two were about to turn a corner out of sight, the boy looked back, grinned widely at her before waving, and then disappeared.

Without her notice a small smile lifted her lips as she continued to watch the corner, picturing the boy there with his wide grin as if a duplicate had stayed behind merely for her to gaze at. She stood alone now in the park, but not even the chilled wind could break the brief moment of...something that had welled up inside her.

It was only a moment though, and then it was over when reality crashed painfully on her.

Out of sheer survival reflex, she rolled to the side when the hairs on her neck rose, alerting her subconscious to an attack on her person. A blast of wind-like energy decimated the spot she was in seconds prior, blowing her some distance away from the left-over force that she wasn't quick enough to escape. Slightly stunned she stood, drawing her hidden blade as her conscious mind tried to assess what had just occurred.

Blades that seemed to come from nowhere suddenly appeared, and she was only just able to block the blows that continued to push on her sword. The force of the attack moved her back slightly, and she scowled upon noting that the blades were made of energy, the same wind-force that had attacked her earlier. With a growl she was able to angle them safely away from any possible casualties, before jumping some distance behind her onto the top of a slide. She wanted height, a chance to view her surroundings and regain her bearings.

Gazing at the park in search of things out of place, her acute gaze saw nothing but the smoldering hole in the ground. Miko senses however, hummed angrily against a demonic presence that lurked in the unknown. She attempted to pin point it, allowing the pure energy to sweep in giant waves throughout the clearing. She had found someone, but they disappeared the moment her energy pressed against their presence. Damn but it was such a waste! Cutting the power she felt the physical drain that always accompanied its use.

With a frown her eyes searched, body tense for another attack. It happened too quickly, all she saw was a black blur before she felt herself falling off the slide. Her eyes involuntarily closed as the wind rushed around her hair. She felt warm arms wrap tightly around her, and started to panic, struggling relentlessly against the iron grip that refused to release her. She was caught.

Seconds later a loud crash forced her gaze open to the source, and surprisingly it was behind her captor to the slide she was previously on, now completely decimated. Finally looking at her abductor, who landed softly on the sandy earth below, she felt immense surprise (and some relief) upon realizing it was the strange demon who she had first met upon entering Ningenkai.

Ruby eyes looked down at her with annoyance, before he promptly dropped her. She landed hard on her butt, but thankfully the sand cushioned the blow it could have been. Glaring she stood, re-gripping the blade that had attempted to flee from her hand during all the excitement.


Even she was slightly surprised by the word, and a quick glace in her 'savior's' direction told her he was too.

"Hn." He crossed his arms and glared towards the heavens, "You really are just a hopeless onna."

Anger bubbled inside her, but she stemmed it. Her rage could wait for a time when her life wasn't being threatened. "Whatever."

When her 'hero' didn't respond she glanced back over at him, noting how he had yet to look away from the sky. Curiosity caused her to look as well, and her eyes narrowed upon sighting a figure far up in the sea of blue, floating on a….feather?

The unknown female smiled, allowing a fang to graze over her crimson lips.

Adrenaline coursed through her blood, heightening her already acute senses, causing her heart to beat abnormally fast. She had never seen the demon before, but the sight of her brought back a cold echo of fear…and uncontrollable rage.

The demon brought a folded fan up to her lips, tapping the flesh thoughtfully, "Hello Miko, we meet again and joy is just jumping inside me." A wicked expression twisted her face, "Allow me to reintroduce myself: I am Kagura, Kagura of the Wind."


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