Love Buzz

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Part One – Classroom Blues

Shepherd stared at the piece of paper in his hands, and laughed at what it said. Another one DJ's attempts to get them back together. A love poem now, saying how much she missed him and wanted him back. Even by DJ's standards it wasn't very impressive or persuasive.

Shepherd sighed and got the rest of his papers into his briefcase and left the school. He checked his watch and realised that he could still get to the Buzz offices. He needed to make DJ see that they were finished. He had liked her for a while, maybe it was even love, but they had fallen apart.

DJ had gotten more obsessed with Shepherd. And yes he may have been flirting with a few people. Ok, a bit more than a few, but that was what happened when Shepherd felt cramped. They had had fights and arguments almost every night, and then one day he realised she had kicked him out. It took her a few hours before she realised that Shepherd had been telling the truth and that she had kicked him out of his own apartment.

He walked into the cafe below the office and saw some of the kids sitting at the tables. It was amazing how long Noah and Rebecca had managed to last. He saw them sitting under the window and wished that he could find someone who could be his friend and not just in love with him.

That was what had happened with DJ. She had loved him too much. What was that poem? "He loved not too wisely, but too well." She had crowded him, and had wanted to make him all hers. He couldn't take that. And she had finally left him.

He got in the elevator and reached the floor quickly. Looking around he remembered all the crazy things that had happened here. The original kids here had all left, but more had come to take their place. And they still visited. The cafés' shakes still brought them back.

He crossed the room, calling out greetings to everyone he knew. A boy at around 14 came up to him as he reached DJ's door.

"I wouldn't go in there yet, Shepherd. She's on the phone to the big boss, and I don't think its good news."

"Really? Thanks for that, Stevie. I might go get something to eat," Shepherd, half to himself.

"Yeah, well, would you stop calling me Stevie! It's Steve," said the kid. But Shepherd wasn't paying to much attention to him now. He had wandered off to the kitchen.

"See you later, Stevie," he called over his shoulder. Steve sighed and rolled his eyes, then went to get on with his work.

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