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I wake up screaming.

But what else is new, right? I always wake up screaming, and it kind of sucks. I roll over, and stare at my twin sister's blurry, sleeping face across the room.

She's mumbling in her sleep, but it is something Sakura always does. I snort to myself. Nothing wakes Sakura up. Nothing. She's so used to my screaming at random intervals in the night that it doesn't even bother her anymore.

I'd been having a nightmare. That's why I screamed. Because I get the worst nightmares. This one consisted of being dressed up in a tiny cat-suit-skirt-thing that was skin tight, and hooker boots. Me, in hooker boots and a skirt.

I shuddered to myself. I hate skirts. Hooker boots… well, I steal Sakura's pair all the time. I like boots.

I yawn, and grab my glasses off my nightstand, and I shove them on my face. The blurry room comes into focus, and I yawn again.

Getting up early to go to school really isn't a nice thing.

I walk across the messy room (two teenage girls; what do you expect?) and I prod Sakura in the shoulder, and when that doesn't work, I simply drag her out of bed.

She growls as she wakes up. "Get offa me Karin, I'm still 'sleep…"

"We're got school," I remind her, and she grudgingly gets up. Honestly, Sakura dislikes school too much for her own good. She's not stupid; she understands everything, but she's too lazy to do the actual work.

I shake my head to myself. And this is the girl that is going to be Valedictorian, without even trying.

I sigh, and slip into our bathroom to get cleaned up. Sakura could use the bathroom in the basement; it was her turn, anyways.

I know our parents have already left. We never see our parents. Our mother is some crazy important designer, and our father is a super-important executive in some huge law firm. Actually, considering, they're almost never home. Mother's always off in other countries designing (and honestly, it's mostly to get away from father, because she caught him cheating and uh… yeah, it was gory…), and father's off with his secretary (I hate that bitch so much, it's not even funny).

All this means is that Sakura and I grew up with basically no one except our nanny, and each other. We never had the inclination to be around other people, and there was no reason to be around other kids our age.

That is, of course, until we got sent to a private school for brilliant rich kids. Actually, it's not even for brilliant rich kids; it's just for rich kids whose parents don't give a damn. Thankfully, I don't have to wear a uniform.

I would probably murder something if I had to wear a tiny short skirt and knee socks.

Ten minutes later, I got out of the shower, and I ran my fingers through my bright crimson hair, letting it dry without caring about how it looked. My hair is pin-straight anyways, so what's the difference?

I look at my reflection in the mirror, and I think that it's a good thing Sakura and I aren't identical twins. We're fraternal twins, and we look very different. We still both share out family's signature red hair, although, it's in different hues.

I have this awesome bright red, and Sakura got stuck with a really light version of it, and it looks pink, doesn't matter what light we're in.

And basically, our mother forbade her to dye it. And Sakura hasn't gone against that, because then our mother would have our father cut off her credit card, and I think that Sakura would probably be very unhappy with that.

Shopping is one of Sakura's greatest joys in life. She loves it. I have no idea why.

Because, you see, Sakura and I are very different. She likes causing trouble, getting noticed, that sort of thing. Me, I like music (preferably hard rock or punk rock), writing, and hiding in corners.

The biggest thing we have in common in our love of video games.

Sakura's boyfriend, Sasuke, doesn't understand it. He's always over here, but that's probably because he's so busy being love-struck by my sister that nothing else matters to him.

It's actually kind of funny, the way they are together. He's your basic emo -black hair, black clothes, black eyes, and he has this weird love of suspenders and studded belts that Sakura seems to adore. And since Sakura's your basic prep -pretty, popular, too rich for her own good, there are a lot of things that I don't understand about their relationship.

Like how the hell they met each other, maybe?

I yawn for a third time, and slip out of the bathroom, leaving my misty reflection behind me.

I stared into my closet. What to wear, what to wear…

I grab a pair of faded, ripped, and extremely torn-at-the-knees-and-at-the-hems jeans, a black tank top, and my favorite army blazer, and I decide that today would be a good day to wear them. That, plus a pair of fingerless leather gloves that, at one point, belonged to my mother, and I was downstairs, looking for some food.

Our nanny was there, and she was smiling at me. She is old, our nanny, with wispy white hair up in a bun, and eyes that crinkle every time she smiles. She smiles a lot, and I love her for taking care of Sakura and me for so long.

She flips a couple of pancakes onto a plate, and then slides the plate down the counter to me. I sit down on one of the high stool-chairs that my mother has outfitted the house in, and I start happily munching.

I love pancakes.

As I continued to munch on the wonderful pancakes, my sister, still half asleep came crashing into the room. I blinked at her. "Want some?"

She nodded with a groan.

Sakura is not a morning person. Neither am I, but pancakes make everything better. Even terrible mornings where I have to go to school.

I checked the clock (it's an obsessive habit of mine, I dislike not knowing the time), and I poke Sakura. If she's driving, we better leave now. If I'm driving, we're fine for another half hour. School starts at nine, and it's almost 8:20… Yes, I do drive fast.

Sakura groaned, and muttered "Let's go. I'm not happy as it is, and your driving will just make me feel ill. And I have to deal with Ino today in Bio. Give me a break."

I winced in sympathy. Ino is… uh, I don't think there's even a word for what Ino is. Sluttish, maybe? I pat my sister on the back, and then her phone rings, and she glares at it. The ring tone is the Pussycat Dolls, courtesy of Temari being a bitch, because she knows how much Sakura hates them.

"They always got a plan to be her one and only man-" The phone sings at us, and she, in a sort of snarl-ish-pissy way, flicks it open, and groans "Hello?" into it.

Sakura's such a weirdo.

And now she's suddenly talking at a rate that most people can only dream of, and I take a probably-accurate guess that it's Sasuke. He's the only one she goes googley-eyed for, like the way she's going right now, so I'm probably right.

She snaps the phone shut, and send me a happy grin. Okay, where did her early-morning bad mood go?! Oh, yeah, right into the Sasuke-is-amazing-I-love-love-love-love-him section of Sakura's life.


It's not like I'm jealous, because I've never seen her happier, and it's a good thing, I guess. She doesn't whine to me as much.

And at least I mildly like Sasuke. I haven't been able stand her three previous boyfriends. First was Kiba, and I just spent the entire time they were dating wanting to throttle him. And then there was Lee, and he was just… scary… and then there was that period where she dated Shino, which was almost scarier then Lee. The kid talked to bugs. Need I say more?

"Can we go? Oh, and before you do, could you… I don't know, run a brush through that hair of yours? It looks like you purposely spiked it up in every direction."

I grinned at her. "Kind of like a walking disaster, huh? Yup, that was the look I was going for."

I continued to grin at her, and she groaned, in a sort of half-annoyed, three-quarters-amused. Don't ask me how that works, I don't know. But it does.

So we slip into the car, the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Audi that my mother had shoved at us for our seventeenth birthday (thanks, mom, you could send us a car, but not even a phone call?), my gaze flicks over my reflection the mirror for a second time.

Messy red hair, chunky black glasses, thick black eye liner… Yup, I think, you're a freak of nature, Karin. Good for you. Your mother doesn't give a damn, and she spends her time flying around the world trying to get away from your cheating bastard of a father. Your fucking grandparents are divorced, and they don't even remember your birthday. Well, they do, but it's usually a half-year late, and they don't get around to sending money 'til a few months after that.

Great familiar relationships to work with, huh? But it's actually pretty cool, because we send Nana (what we call our nanny… since… forever?) off on month-long trips three times a year.

During the month she's gone, Sakura and I have the house to ourselves.

Actually, one of those month-long trips is coming up, and Nana is leaving later today. I sigh in something like regret, because that means some slut is going to find out, and they're going to get this great idea we should host a party here!

And that means that Sakura and I and Sasuke will end up cleaning. Actually, it will mean that the …urgh, the bastard will be here.

I can't stand him! Everything about that stupid asshole just makes me so mad. And I mean everything. His hair, his eyes, and the freakin' way he dresses… He is so annoying.

His name is Suigetsu, and he's one of Sasuke's best friends. Well, since Naruto started dating Hinata, we don't see much of either of them, and so the bastard started spending more time with us.


Have I mentioned how much I hate him?!

Sakura has this crazy idea that Suigetsu and I are perfect for each other. We are not perfect for each other.

We met in kindergarten. Sak and I were four, and he had just turned five, along with a couple of the others, like… well, Ino and Sasuke, off the top of my head. The first thing he did was grab my one of my braids, and pulled it so hard that I started crying.

So I smacked him, and it basically knocked him out (actually, it knocked him on his ass, and I hadn't felt better in a long time).

And then I ran off into the bathroom crying, and Hinata and Sak and Temari came rushing after me, and they sent nasty glares at the boys for several weeks afterwards. See, this was still when boys had cooties, and Naruto and Hinata weren't together, and Shikamaru and Temari didn't have their… thing, and Sakura and Sasuke weren't about to run off and get married (I am expecting this to happen sometime in the next few weeks… It's actually scary).

And Suigetsu and I are kind of like water and oil. We don't get along, no matter how much one tried to put us together.

The last time I saw him a couple of weeks ago; at school (I have this tendency to leave the house whenever Sakura invites Sasuke over, because that invariably means Suigetsu is coming along too).

He and I started the biggest food fight in the history of the school, got stuck in a pointless detention together alone, had a few more screaming matches (two of which I won, and in this context, a few means 'three'. Ha, take that), and then I ended up throwing a huge, full-colour-picture dictionary at his head.

That was a satisfying experience, not going to lie.

I flick my gaze out the window at the slowly-passing scenery. Sigh. Fuck, Sakura drives so slow

"Sakura, I want to get to school on time, and I'm sure you want to see your precious Sasuke-kun, so could we please speed this up and get going? You're going thirty clicks under the speed limit!"

She sticks her nose in the air, but, to my great satisfaction, speeds up. She's still barely at the speed-limit, but we're getting there now, and I can see the roof of our school.

"Sakura, if I go home, how much trouble will I get in?" I ask.

She shrugs, and says "Don't you have Broadcasting today? You never skip Broadcasting."

I shake my head. "I have it first, so I'll go to that, and then leave. I'll be back to pick you up, unless you'd rather have Sasuke drive you home."

Hearts entered her eyes, and I had to restrain the urge to roll my own dark orbs. Another weird difference between Sakura and I that most people would never expect twins to have; my eyes are the darkest shade of green, so dark they're basically black, and Sakura's got this bright bottle-green that I'm sure comes from our crazy grandmother on my mum's side (the woman's been married four times, and each one of her husbands have just… died… from the strain of being married to her. The stick that's up her ass is stuck so far up; it's actually coming out of her throat).

Sakura parks after having her moment of Sasuke-kun-ery (I think that's what I'm going to call it from now on), and I jump out.

I'm going to hide in the Broadcasting room, and I know this without knowing it, because my feet trace the familiar pattern.

I don't care what Sakura does, because we're at school now, and most people don't even know we're related here.

I mean, we don't look exactly alike at all, and I hang out with the drama geeks and the art kids and the other Broadcasting losers with too much time on their hands, and Sakura is… popular.

Scary thought, huh?

The day passes, and suddenly, there's a party going on at my house on the weekend. I groan, and leave way early, to get Nana out of the house before it starts. She's leaving today anyways, and I don't want her to worry.

Before I leave though, I stick my head into the Art room, and find Hinata painting, as per usual, paint all over the place, wearing one of Naruto's old shirts as a huge smock (before, this simple act of wearing Naruto's clothes as a smock would have been blasphemy in Hinata's world. Yes, that is how much she adores him), and she's got… paintbrushes in her hair.

Okay, that's weird, but it's Hinata. I'm used to it.

"Hey Sunny, you wanna leave early?" I ask her, and she looks up, startled.

Hinata's this sweet, quiet artist girl, and so she spooks really easily. It'd rather funny. Halloween is never boring when Hinata is around.

And right now, she's wearing this deer-in-the-headlights-look, and I know she's going to refuse, so I smirk at her. "Naruto-chan picking you up then, I take it?"

She blushes, and nods. "B-But thanks a-anyways, Karin!"

So I leave, and pull the spare Audi keys out of my pocket, and unlock the door, and get in.

I pull smoothly out of the parking lot, and I drop the roof (god, how I love convertibles cars…), even though it's the middle of January, and it's cold.

The wind ruffles through my hair, and I speed down a one-way-road, in the wrong direction. It's the middle of the day, and no one cares anyways.

I get to the house in a matter of minutes, and I slip into the house. It's quiet when I get in, so I know Nana's already gone, and taken the demon-cat-from-hell with her. No, I'm not even kidding, this cat is from hell.

I check the clock (out of bad-bad-bad habit), and note that Sakura and the others won't be here for a few more hours, which means I have time to sit down and get some serious gaming done.

So sue me, I like video games! I'm a dork, not even going to deny it.

So I grab the controller, and shove Soul Caliber IV into my beloved X-Box, and pick Sophitia as my fighter. I'm a girl, but damn it, I'll save myself. I don't need no fucking knight in shining armor to save me, thank you very much.

I then proceed to beat the computer player into the dust, and am quite proud when it tells me I've beaten the high score.

In your face, Sakura! Suck on that!

While I do my victory dance, (the loud one, so I don't hear anything), Sakura and the others get here. I like my victory dance, even if it is really, really, really weird.

"Well, hel-lo there, pinky. What's my favorite little bitch doing?" a very familiar, annoying voice from behind me says.

I don't even turn around to give him one of my 'you-are-the-shit-on-my-shoe' looks, because he's not worth it. I choose Ivy without looking at him, and the computer picks Siegfried, and, once again, I beat him into the ground.

Suigetsu sits down next to me, grabs the other controller, and just as we're about to start a new, probably far more violent, game, yelling comes from the other room. It sounds like Sasuke. What the hell?

Suigetsu and I look at each other, glare, and then rush into the other room. Sakura is on the ground laughing, and Sasuke is glaring at his phone. He throws it across the room, and it cracks open, and Sakura laughs even harder, so much so that she's basically crying.

"What's all this then?" Suigetsu asks, and I silently agree. This is not normal.

Sasuke, showing emotion, Sakura, laughing-so-hard-she's-crying on the ground, me, agreeing with Suigetsu… yeah. Not normal. Not normal at all.

Sasuke continued to glare at the already dead phone, but he muttered something under his breath that I didn't catch.

Sakura obviously did though, because she kept laughing, harder then ever before.

When this idiocy finally calmed down (yes, it took a while), Sakura told us what happened.

Apparently, Sasuke had just gotten a very whiny phone call from his older brother. Actually, maybe 'whiny' wasn't the right word.

"And then Itachi huffed 'I don't want kids yet!' and threw a mantrum, whiny crying and all." He threw a mantrum. A man-tantrum. Wow. Dude needs to grow some balls.

"So he got… Ino… pregnant?" I ask.

"Yeah, apparently." Sakura continues to giggle as she says this, and I find myself laughing, too, because the idea that Itachi is throwing a tantrum because he doesn't want kids is just really kind of lame. Funny, but seriously lame.

"Wow, that's kinda fucked up." I say, still laughing.

"I thought your brother was gay." Suigetsu says, and we stare at him. He shrugs.

Sasuke grumbles under his breath. "He is gay, and that's why it's so wrong," he mutters, and we all stare at him like he's an alien being.

"So why was he sleeping with Ino?"

"Deidara was away."

I find this particularly funny, because if Itachi was willing to screw a chick that looks like his man-lover, then it couldn't be good for Ino, or Ino's baby. And then, I think of something else, probably just as Sakura does, and we both continue to stare at him like he's an alien being.

"You're going to be an uncle!" she and I both yell, and then we high-five each other. Speaking in unison sort of becomes second-nature to twins after a while, and this was definitely the case here.

"Let's pinch his adorable cheeks," I say.

"I agree," says Sakura, but only she pinches his cheeks, because while this would be very funny, I need a picture of this for blackmail.

I take said picture with Sakura's shitty camera phone, and we slowly calm down. Although, once in a while, one of still lets out a snort of laughter at Sasuke's expense. Sakura sighs, finally, and says "Your poor, queer brother. He's going to be a father."

Another round of hysteric laughter follows this statement.

A few hours later, when we've all managed to stop laughing at poor Itachi (this takes a very long time, a lot longer then it should have, actually), and the four of us were sitting on the floor.

Sakura and I playing Tales of Symphonia on our Wii (yes, we have every game system known to man), happily beating the annoying Vanguard into the ground (BAHAHAHA. DIE ALICE, DIE!), when Sasuke suddenly decides that Sakura has had enough video games for one day, and that he ought to take her to do something more productive (like cooking him food. The bastard's hungry again. Rawr. And yes, he does this a lot).

And so, he basically picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, with my poor twin screaming all the while that Alice would never be dead without her assistance, and carries her off.

I swear loudly, and pause it.

I do, in fact, need my sister to help destroy the evil little bitch, (despite the fact that what they paint is an amusing picture), but Sasuke is already gone, the bastard.

I growl, and Suigetsu sits down beside me, and picks up the controller. I eye him, slightly wary.

He rolls his eyes at me. "I've grown up Karin, give me a chance."

I continue to eye him warily, but I flick the game off pause, and he and I go back to killing the annoying, and ever-so-evil Alice.

Ten minutes later, we finally do watch her (and Decus, for that matter) keel over, and I cheer loudly for no reason. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get to this point?! I jump up and dance around for a bit, pulling Suigetsu with me, pretending that he's not him. Or at least, that's what I tell myself.

Suigetsu laughs at me and my cheering, and I glare at him.

I'm not used to this new, somewhat-grown-up Suigetsu. It's slightly creepy, to be honest.

I throw my gaze back to the screen, where Decus tells Alice he loves her, and then dies, and then Mart-Mart kills Alice, and I cheer some more.

After my cheering is done, I hear Tenebrae say something along the lines of "For Ratatosk's sake, kiss her already!", and apparently, Suigetsu thinks this applies to him, and so he tilts my head up, and he's about to kiss me, and I do basically nothing to stop him.

His lips are soft and warm, and barely there, if only for a second, and I blush slightly when he pulls away.

And then my rational side comes back, and I aim a kick at his shin, which misses. Life be damned, I think to myself.

He grins at me, and sits back down, and pulls me with him. Jerk. He tosses me the first-player controller, and says "This isn't over, pinky. We've still got another game ahead of us," and I slowly nod, because I think he's right.

But at least, this way, we'll be able to play it together.