Once again, written late at night. This time, I'm sick. Blah. This is an almost-half-continuation of the first part. It can stand alone, but it doesn't have to. Written to Fall Out Boy's first album, mostly to Grand Theft Autumn.

Disclaimer: Still not mine.

Dedication: To hypheniated and the tomato, because they both sent me prompts (of a sort =])

I wake up. But I don't scream. I haven't woken up screaming in a while.

Well, not a while, it's only been two weeks, because I'm on this new sleeping pill, and it makes me sleep better then usual.

I snort through my nose. It probably won't last; I have this annoying tendency to get a resistance to new sleeping drugs within a few weeks, a month at the most. It annoys Sakura and Nana to no end, because we're always going to the doctor for new pills.

Because, let's face it, mother and father don't care enough to give a damn whether I'm sleeping or not. Hell, they probably wouldn't care if I failed every single class!

Anyways. It doesn't matter. I have to get up, and start making some food. I'm hungry, and Nana's still away on her latest trip; she should be coming back in a week, according to the perfect one's (Sakura's) calendar.

Yes, my twin keeps a calendar. Don't ask me why. Perfection is her strong suit, not mine. I just like being the bane of her existence.

It's not that hard, to be honest.

I yawn, and I'm reaching for my glasses when the phone rings. I yelp, and grab at it. It's a Saturday, and if Sakura is woken up before noon on a Saturday, there will be blood. She's dangerous when she's angry, my twin sister is, and it's not a good idea to get her angry this early in the morning.

It'll raise her blood pressure, and no one wants that.

I yawn a second time, and slip out of our room. I pass one of the mirrors in the hall (there are mirrors everywhere in our house… Mother is kind of obsessive about mirrors. Don't ask me why, I don't know why both my neurotic parents do what they do.

I get into the kitchen, and the gleaming surfaces remind me that our cleaning lady is the best in the world, and that I probably ought to up her pay.

I yawn for a third time (because, damn, it's seriously too early to be alive), and I open the fridge door, fairly intent on rooting around in it until I find something edible. The fridge is always stocked, too, although that's because Sakura and I went shopping after school yesterday.

And the only reason we went shopping was because we had both realized, at the same time, that there was no food in the house. Anywhere. At all.

So we went shopping, and came back with so many groceries, we would probably be fine for a month.

Or, at least, we'd be fine until Sasuke and Naruto and Suigetsu decided to show up and clean us out entirely. It happens a lot, which is kind of annoying, because they're not the one paying for the food.

Boys are just so dumb.

I blink, my vision slightly blurring from the sleep still in my eyes, and I angrily rub the sleep from my dark green orbs. When I blink next, my vision focuses, and I let a smile cross my lips.

I've got cooking to do.

I'm halfway through cooking a chives-and-feta-cheese omelet when Sakura finally manages to drag herself down the stairs, and prove to the world that she is, in fact, a living being.

I grin at her.

"Morning, sunshine," I say, and she glares at me.

I have been calling her 'sunshine' for a week now, ever since our mother's last phone call (it was the first one we've had from her in what… a month? Two?), because during said phone call, mother decided to call Sakky 'sunshine'.

To say that Sakura was no pleased was an understatement.

I mean, seriously, even Sasu-chan's picked up on it. It's hilarious. He'll accidentally slip it into his speech patterns, and she freaks out, pounds him into the ground, and goes off in a huff.

Hinata and I find it highly amusing, especially when Naruto and Suigetsu go over and prod him, to see if she's killed him or not. Unfortunately, it never happens.

Don't get me wrong, I like Sasuke, but… Watching him get beat into the ground is amusing.

Actually, watching my sister beat anyone into the ground is amusing.

"Don't call me that," she mutters, annoyed with me.

"Awwwww, but Sasu-chan calls you that!" I cooed at her, my voice all high-pitched and squeaky, in an almost-imitation of Ino's.

Sakura twitches.

"If you ever imitate Ino again, I am going to throttle you. The weekends are the only time she leaves me alone! 'Specially now that she's preggy, like, for god's sake, all she does is whine!"

"Sakky, you sound just like her."

"…Shut up."

I roll my eyes at her, and I cut the finally-cooked omelet in half, and then I grin at her cheesily. "Want some?"

"Hand it over," she groans, and I comply, if only because she sounds like she's going to cry.

So we sit at the gleaming counter, and we eat our omelets, and it's silent, and it's nice. I like it like this, when Sakky and I aren't fighting, and it's just quiet.

I love Nana, but she does make life incessantly eventful, which isn't always the most fun of things. Really, just calm is nice, once in a while. I take a gulp of the orange juice sitting next to me happily. I love orange juice.


I blink and look up and stare at my sister when she says my name. She is holding her cell phone up to her eyes, and is squinting at it. "Say what?" I take another gulp of orange juice.

"Have you ever wondered which, if any, of our friends are gay?"

I swallow the juice (which means I manage to resist the urge to spew it all out of my mouth), and then I say "Not really. I mean, there's Itachi, but…" I take another gulp of orange juice, although I'm suddenly not sure if I should, lest she say something to make me spit it out…

"More specifically," she says, completely ignoring my previous sentence "Have you ever wondered if Sasuke's gay?"

This time I did spit it out. I stare at her, totally incredulous. "Have you seen the way that that boy looks at you?! There is nothing gay in that look."

"Well, yes, but it's just th-"

"No, Sakura, don't start this with me. If he's gay, then both Hinata's boyfriend and mine are in trouble. And it's also saying that you're technically a guy."

This shuts her up, and she goes back to squinting at her cell phone. She is obviously analyzing a picture, but then again, with Sakura, you never know.

"Hmmm… maybe it was Sai, then… Yeah, probably…"

"Sakura, what are you thinking up now?"

She grins at me, and I am scared. When a girl grins like that, one should get as far away as possible. Empires fall when girls grin like that. Seriously, I bet you Elizabeth grinned exactly like that just before the Spanish armada fell…

So sue me, I know my history, all right?

"Well, it's just that yesterday, I could have sworn I saw someone-who-looked-remarkably-like-Sasuke shove someone-else-who-looked-remarkably-like-Naruto into a weird little broom-cupboard-thing… And then proceed to thoroughly choke said person with their tongue."

I stare at her, deadpan. "And just where did you see this?"

She looks away sheepishly. "Right by the Exit Sign at school, in the left wing."

I sigh. How can someone as smart as Sakura be so dumb?! Naruto and Sasuke? Together?! Please! "Stop and think. Who looks like Sasuke?"


"Itachi, stupid. And who looks like Naruto? Blond and gay and is currently dating Uchiha Itachi?"

She just blinks at me, and it dawns on her. "Oh, right! Deidara!"


She turns faintly red, and I smirk at her. "Naughty-naughty, sister of mine. Ought to I tell Sasuke that you thought he was cheating on you? And, besides, you said that whoever said person was making out with looked like Ino. Even if he was cheating on you, he still would have been straight."

She gasps, her cheeks now the colour of a fire-engine. It clashes wonderfully with her hair. I snicker.

"I did not think that!"

"Uh-huh, and the Pope is named Ernest."

She continues to be bright red, and just as she's about to retort, her phone rings, the chorus lyrics from the techno remix of 'Fer Sure' dances through the room. I snicker again as she rolls her eyes. Temari may have picked the last ring-tone (the terrible, evil, horrible Pussycat Dolls), but techno is my pick. I love techno.

Actually, I love techno almost as much as I love orange juice. SQUEEE. TECHNO! Okay, I've had my moment of temporary insanity, and Sakura is staring at me oddly. How she manages this, while screeching at whoever it was over the phone. It sounds like Ino.

How Ino got Sakura's cell number is a mystery to me.

"Have you lost it?! Techno, for Ino?!" She squeaks at me, after she's snapped the phone shut with unnecessary force. If she breaks it, I refuse to allow her to splurge on another one.

"Sweet-heart, saying I've lost it implies that I had it at some point."

She grumbles at me, and I smile sweetly. I so love annoying her. "So, what's the agenda for today?" I ask.

She shrugs. "Basically, whatever. Sasuke's coming over, because he's all pissy that I was ignoring him yesterday because I thought he was cheating on me with a guy, and I think Hinaru's coming with him, too. And Sui-chan is coming, as well."

"Hinaru? And I resent your use of Suigetsu's name like he's a whipped little baby." I blink at her. Hinaru? That's a new one… Is she trying to make Sasuke jealous with a chick?

"Oh," she blushes as she says it. "It's just that Hinata and Naruto, they're always together. And it's way easier just to say 'Hinaru' in reference to them both, then to have to say both their names. And you call Sasuke Sasu-chan all the time! How is that fair?!"

I snort. "Great idea, I'm sure Sasuke's gonna love teasing Naruto about it. Make sure you use it around him lots. Of course, Neji just might blow a gasket if he hears it… Wait, actually, yes, use it lots! I want to see Neji's brain 'splode! And it is fair, because Sasu-chan is whipped to the stars!""

Sakura gives me a dirty look. "You like picking on him too much. Actually, you like picking on the both of them too much."

"Do you blame me?! They are robots! I dunno how you and Tenten can stand dating them…" I say, and I send her a brilliant, cheesy grin.

She rolls her eyes at me. "Don't grin like that, it makes you look evil."

I continued to grin, because I know it makes her mad.

She groans, and drops her head into the crook of her arms so that she doesn't have to look at my cheesy grin anymore. I laugh, and then I force her to help me slowly start loading the dishwasher.

When the rest of everybody decides to show up (at around noon… pfft, losers), Sakura and I are happily blowing aliens to pieces on Halo Live. And we are screaming loudly at the other players (most of who are probably wincing at the pitch of our voices), especially when we win, and they lose. Bahaha.

I love winning.

We both freeze though for a second, though, when we hear the front door open.

It's always the same.

We're freakin' gluttons for punishment, Sakura and I, the both of us. Suigetsu and Sasuke, they don't understand what it's like, when all your parents do is fight, when all they can ever do when they see each other is barely restrain the urge to rip each other to pieces. Some would say its pent-up sexual tension.

It's not.

Our parents just hate each other.

Our parents just really hate each other. But since it's nothing new, it almost doesn't bother us anymore.

Of course, we're not lying. Of course not. Note my sarcasm.

When Suigetsu and Naruto shove themselves into the room with plenty of loud complaining about how there was no food in this house, Sakura and I both know that it is time to leave X-Box Live alone, and to feed the bottomless pits that are our friends.

Hinata is trying to get Naruto to calm down, and he is, actually, as soon as she asks him to. Aww, they're so adorable, you just want to rip your eyes out before they burn from all the cuteness. I roll my eyes. and I try to leave, but I find that I'm being restrained by a pair of arms. I growl.

"If you guys want food, I suggest you go wash your hands. Dirty fingers are nasty," says Sakura, and then pulls Sasuke from the room like he was on a leash. Of course, with him, it's damn well questionable.

I move to follow, and I try to leave, but I find that I'm being restrained by a pair of arms. I growl. "Suigetsu, let go of me, if you want any food, any time soon."

"No," he says, and he nuzzles his nose softly against the back of neck, right in the thick mass of bright red that is my hair.

I roll my eyes behind my thick, chunky black glasses again, but I let myself relax into his grip. The others, either sensing a private moment, or realizing that they were all, in fact, really hungry, they left the room, and left us to our own devices.

Suigetsu pulls me towards the couch, and tosses me on it. I land with an ungraceful 'thump', and I glare at him, my glasses sitting crookedly on my nose. He is so dumb, and so I tell him this.

"You're so dumb."

"Yeah, but you love me for it."

"Who says I love you?!" I am panicking. Or dear, not good at all. Panicking tends to complicate things.

He grins down at me. "I say you do."

My panic changes to annoyance. Of course he would say that. It's Suigetsu. I grab one of the overly-stuffed pillows my mother so adores, and I thwack him with it.

He falls over.

I roar with laughter, and I grab a second pillow, while throwing the first at his head. It impacts with an even more ungraceful 'thud'.

I continue to roar with laughter.

He sits up, and looks at me, an evil grin on his lips, and a malicious glint in his eyes. Uh-oh. Gulp.

"You know, of course, that this means war."

I grin back at him. "Of course."

And so it begins.

We build forst and throw pillows, and we laugh like loons, and I realize that I have not had so much fun in a very long time, and that it's probably a good thing I have Suigetsu around, once in a while.

Of course, when one of his unnervingly accurate throws knocks my glasses off my face, I do not quite appreciated that fact, and I thoroughly swear him out, and call a Time until I find them.

When I finally manage it (actually, he found them; but I never would have lost them if he hadn't thrown the bloody pillow at me in the first place), I thrush them back onto my nose, and the war resumes.

They are feather pillows, meant for nothing harder then everyday handle, and careful handle, at that, so I can hear the seams ripping.

And then there are feathers everywhere, white and fluffy and soft, like warm snow. They are floating about the room, and the settle on everything and anything, and I start to laugh.

I laugh and laugh and laugh, and I collapse on the couch, laughing like the crazy loon I am. Suigetsu crumples next to me, and we laugh until we are both out of breath and exhausted.

We stare up at the floating feathers in something like wonder, because the sun is pouring in through the windows and it's illuminating every single feather, so it looks like a million little balls of light. A strange, whimsical sense of calm washes over me, just as Suigetsu wraps an arm around my waist, and pulls me close.

I whisper, not wanting to break the magical silence. "We're a weird pair, aren't we, Suigetsu?"

"That we are, Pinky; that we are."