AN : When I write Grimmjow, I have Patrick Bateman digging at the back of my skull. Strange? Yes. Logical? I tend to think he's capable of chasing a woman through an apartment complex with a chainsaw, completely naked and covered in blood.

Well, that and have you seen that body? Fuck me sideways.

"Holy shi-" I said, cutting myself off as I pulled the sheets up around my waist. Thank the gods that I had been self conscious enough to bring them along for the ride because Grimmjow's goddamn boss was sitting in the living room. Right there, on the couch that had my shirt draped over the arm rest. Inevitably, Grimmjow would be proud.

"You remember who I am, right? Right," the man said, not even bothering to let me speak. He plucked my tie out of the still-clean ash tray sitting on the coffee table and set the dish down on his lap as he fumbled around in his jacket for his cigarettes. "Do you like working for TerraTech?"

"Oh, well, uh-" I hesitated, not sure if I should sit down, go put on clothes or just black out and die on the spot. "It's a great place to work and I enjoy what I'm doi-"

"That's great to hear," he said, smoke deepening his voice as he glanced back up at me. "Listen, I'm going to need you to do something for me." It was at that moment that I realized something. This man, Aizen, his eyes scraped across my skin in a fashion that I'd never felt before. Grimmjow was right, this guy was out of control creepy.

It was, however, at that exact same moment that I had another startling revelation. Any woman would have killed to have this man look at her like that. Like she was a piece of meat that he was ready to absolutely devour. Hell, any gay man in the world would want the same. Aizen was everything that anyone could ever want: Power, prestige, money. Lots and lots of money. But me? I felt nothing. There was nothing there except contempt and disgust. Because I would never consider myself gay. I would never walk down the street and prefer to look at a man over a woman.

I had a strange feeling that Grimmjow felt the same way about life. Well, I hoped he felt the same way. I might be wrong though, I've been wrong before. He might be a closet homo, but with all his philandering, I had a feeling... well, what does it matter what feelings I have.

I ignored Aizen's comment completely, "Where is Grimmjow?" I suddenly asked.

"You don't know?"

"Nope, woke up and thought he'd be waiting out here for me, ready for- never mind. Where is he?" I mumbled half under my breath, half pretending to be lost in my own thoughts.

"He's not here because he's out trying to screw over everything that I've spent my life accomplishing," Aizen said, setting ash tray back onto the table, used and discarded. "I thought you would have know that by now, Kurosaki. Or is he still so violently bound by his ideals that he can't even share that with you?"

Was this asshole trying to get into my head? "I wouldn't really consider us close enough for him to divulge his life secrets unto me." These head shrink games were working.

"Well, that's why I am in need of your expertise."

"I'm not sure I follow?" I said, confused and desperately trying to get the sheet wrapped around my skin to stop heading south.

"Do I seem like a stupid man to you, Kurosaki? Don't answer that, I'm not an idiot. Apparently, however, Grimmjow assumes that everyone around him is deaf, blind, and stupid. He has been investigating- well, that may not be the right term- poking around me for months now. Looking for something, although I'm not really sure what it is that he could possibly be looking for."

I wished he would just get to the point, "So what makes you think he's going to tell me anything. I mean, I'm assuming that is what you want, me to find out whatever it is that he's been doing."

"You are a sharp boy, I can see why he hired you."

"Well, he's not going to tell me anything. I mean, have you met the man? He's a completely closed book when it comes to shit like his personal life," I laughed, turning to walk back into the bedroom. I just wanted Aizen to leave, maybe if I ignored him, he would go away.

Yeah, right.

"Did you know that he was engaged once?" the man asked, I could feel the cockiness dripping from his words.

"Doesn't surprise me, wouldn't surprise me if he's been married several times," I said, just barely loud enough that the man could hear me.

"She was killed doing humanitarian work in South America a few years ago. Drug cartel nabbed her, thought she was transporting for another cartel in their lands."

Whoa, what now? Grimmjow, date a girl that wasn't tits, legs and superficial glory? "Why can't I bring myself to believe you?"

Aizen walked into the room just as I slid on a clean pair of pants that were mixed in with a bunch of Grimmjow's stuff. Standing right behind me, I could feel his breath creep down my neck, "How can you honestly believe that a man truly that wretched could have been born into existence. Oh no, devils like that are made and bent by the happenings of the universe around them. But, of course, I don't actually know any of this because Grimmjow is a closed book about his personal life." His sarcasm was biting, angry and cocky.

"What do you want with me?" I snapped, finally.

"All business and no play can make Ichigo a dull boy," the man laughed, removing himself from my bubble to sit on the bed. "But fine, you can be that way if you so choose. I need the favor. It's not even that difficult."

"What will I get out of it?"

"Who said you would get anything?" I just stared at the man sitting across the room from me, almost stunned into disbelief. "Fine, fine. I'll tell you what, I have a business proposition for you. If you find out why Grimmjow has been doing everything in his ability to get his hands in my dealings, I'm going to make sure that nothing happens to your adorable baby sisters, Karin and Yuzu."

"Fuck you, you wouldn't hurt them if your life depended on it," I said, trying to convince myself otherwise. Something told me that I was mistaken.

"Of course, they aren't really the only things that can be hurt," he said with a smile as he stood up and began to walk back to the chunk of room that I thought I had claimed as my own. I watched in the reflection of the massive, wall-sized mirror hanging opposite the bed as he let his feet carry him behind me, his brown hair brushing against my ear as he lowered his face toward mine. "No, I feel like your sisters aren't really the place to start."

I watched in a frozen stupor as he set a knife that rivaled most kitchen sets against the hollow of my throat and began to drag it south."I feel like there is a much easier way to get you to bend to my will, Kurosaki." I winced slightly as the tip of the sharp metal dug into my hip, I could feel the warm blood running down my skin. "You don't do this for me and I will strip you of everything you love in your life. Starting with a certain man that should be back any second now."

A car door slammed outside. The panic was screaming through every single synapse in my body as Aizen wrapped his hand over my mouth and glanced toward the front of the house. "Our lovebird is back. I'll just have to take my leave," he said quietly. "And I shouldn't have to say this, Ichigo, but this is between us. I will make you watch as I slaughter your family if you speak a word of this."

He let his fingers tear through my lips as he walked away from my body and toward the door that I could hear opening.

"Oi, Ichigo, you awake yet?" Grimmjow's voice came pouring through the house.

I could only stand frozen as Aizen stepped into the hallway and exchanged some sort of pleasantries with the man I spent the night fucking. I didn't really hear what they were saying, everything was just a strange sort of white noise. Before I could really comprehend what was going on, Grimmjow was standing in front of me.

"What the fuck."

"What?" I asked, snapping myself out of the blank stare I had been giving myself in that massive mirror.

"Why was he here?"

Instinctively, lies came pouring off of my tongue. "He didn't realize that we were here, said he thought it was someone named- well, I don't really remember. That's not the point though."

"And I leave you in perfect shape this morning and now you have blood running down your leg, not suspicious as all," the blue haired man said, sarcasm dripping off of every word.

"Oh, I dropped a glass earlier and I'm a klutz-"

"Shut up," he said with a laugh, shoving his hand in the air and began to walk from the room. "I'm not a fucking idiot, Kurosaki. Maybe you should stop blankly staring at yourself in the mirror and actually take a good look at what's staring back."

I was Kurosaki again, something was wrong. I glanced back into the mirror and it all started to dawn on me. I had three of the biggest love bites I had ever seen in my life running across my chest. That Grimmjow forgot he left on me.

Fucking asshole.

"Dumbass!" I screamed through the house as I heard him banging around what sounded like fine crystal. Drinking. Again. At ten, eleven, whatever time it was, in the morning. "You really think that I'd be interested in that ?"

I pulled the blood soaked pants off of my body and tossed them to the ground as I walked out of the bedroom, toward the sound of that expensive crystal slamming against a wall. "Everyone is interested in that, he's the fucking CEO," Grimmjow was screaming as I stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and stared at him. "God dammit, Ichigo. Put some fucking clothes on."

"No," I said, stretching my arms across the doorway above my head to block the way. "Fuck me."

"What? After you spent the morning fucking someone else?"

"Only one way to know for sure, fuck me now or forever hold your peace."

I just wanted the feeling of that man's hands off of me. I wanted his smell to leave my nostrils and I wanted the blood running down my thigh to be smeared across Grimmjow's perfect skin. I needed some reminder that I wasn't bat-shit insane and that I wasn't dreaming up all of this ridiculous nonsense.

"Get out of my way," he snarled, standing in front of me. I didn't even have to look to know how hard he was.

"Fuck me in front of that mirror so I can watch you sliding in and out of me," I said, dropping my voice as he drew closer to me.

"You're no better than a common whore, are you?" he smiled, dragging his drink to his lips slowly.

"If that's what you want from me, Sir."

He brought his face down and nearly set his lips on mine. "Spend the rest of the day calling me Mister Jeagerjacques and I'll fuck you however you want."

"Please, Mister Jeagerjacques?"

He tasted like blow and scotch as he set his teeth down on my lips suddenly, almost violently. I was already hard before his lips touched mine, but he was just pushing me further down the spiral as he refused to touch me at all.

"Touch me, please," I begged against his mouth. Suddenly, painfully, he broke away and took a step backward.

"If you want me to fuck you, you're going to play by my rules. And right now, I want you to fuck yourself," he said with a grin, moving backward to topple into a kitchen chair. I watched as he threw his feet on top of the granite tabletop and shifted his weight backward. "I'm waiting."

Quickly and without another word, I wrapped my hand around my cock and began to pump it slowly. Much needed relief washed over me almost instantly, the urge of satisfying my filthy desires were at least halfway being fulfilled. I stared right back at him, ignoring the fact that he had a smug smile across his features as a tiny moan escaped from my lips.

What the fuck was wrong with me.

"Come here," he said, throwing the rest of his drink back before slamming his hands down on his thighs. Quietly, hesitantly and without ending my terrible bout of self-gratification, I let my legs fall on either side of his. Grimmjow wrapped his arm around my skin, right below my ass, preventing me from ever considering sitting down.

What the fuck was I doing.

"Tell me what you want, Ichigo," his voice slid across my skin as his teeth cut into my chest, leaving another trail of love marks that he would be bound and determined to blame on someone else. Fuck, his fingernails were leaving marks in my hips. Fuck, he hadn't shaved and his stubble hurt my skin.

"I want you to believe me when I say I didn't fuck him," my words came out in near-gasps.

"Yeah, well, neither did I."

"Don't fucking lie to me, Grimmjow," his eyes shot up to meet mine, "I'm not an idiot."

"You're the one making such a big deal about it." He stood up suddenly, the chair falling to the floor with a loud bang against the granite floor. "Guess we'll just have to prove it, now won't we?"

His fingers wrapped through the hair on the back of my head, yanking hard enough that I could feel the hiss of pain seep through my teeth. Quickly and with little to no warning, he pulled my thigh up and around his waist. I wouldn't have been able to stop his fingers from pushing their way into my body if I had even bothered trying. As he shoved his way inside of me, pleasure absolutely ripped through my body. Shit.

He honestly seemed baffled and confused as he pulled his way back out of me. Nothing. He found absolutely nothing. No cum, no blood, no lube. Nothing.

"I fucking told you I didn't bang him," I snapped at him, my face still bent backward at an awkward angle.

Anger shot through his features mere milliseconds before I was slammed against the wall, my head cracking the drywall with a disgusting thud. "You fucking whore, you shut your mouth," he started, pressing his forearm against my chest, dangerously close to my throat.

"Make me," I could feel the devilish grin tracing my own features.

My back hit the granite floor before I could think. "Oh, I will. And I'm going to enjoy forcing you to watch yourself as you choke on my dick." His hand wrapped around my ankle and as he dragged me through the house with no regard as to what parts of my body were hitting door frames and furniture, I realized something very startling.

Both of us were after the same absolution. We both needed the feeling of that man wiped from our memories and for some reason, I was completely alright with it.

It only turned me on more, watching myself as I gagged on his cock. I couldn't decide if it was because he was completely humiliating me or if it was due to the fact that the look on his face was better than anything I'd experienced thus far.

Yeah, I'm going to have to fuck with the lights on more often.

I slid Aizen and all of his bullshit out of my head. Since he didn't really give me time lines, I could just ignore him for at least awhile until I could think of something, right?

Yeah, right.

AN: Not dead. Crazy shit, I know.